Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pro-White Group "Victory Forever" Launches National White Power Music Distribution Campaign With Ads In California And Indiana School Newspapers

An innovative new pro-White group called Victory Forever has initiated a nationwide campaign to promote the distribution of White Power music CDs by placing ads in various school newspapers around the country. The basic story was published on November 16th by an anti-White source, Chattahbox.

The primary stated purpose of Victory Forever is to disseminate White resistance music as widely as possible around the world. They decry homosexuality, mass immigration, and the demonization of White people, and consider the Jewish-dominated media to be instrumental in conditioning Whites to become self-hating. But Chattahbox, without providing any objective verification, is insinuating that former National Vanguard Director Kevin Alfred Strom is behind this effort. There is no indication on Strom's website that he is involved with Victory Forever; furthermore, he disgraced himself with the WN community when he pleaded guilty to child porn charges back in 2008. He has since explained that he pleaded guilty because he was afraid he would continue to be hit with an endless array of charges until he was bankrupted, and then would have been put away for a long stretch, denied the opportunity to counter the malevolent parenting of the evil witch Elisha Strom, his estranged wife. A plausible explanation, but insufficient to warrant his re-entry into the WN community at this time.

Since this post, the Indianapolis Star reported on November 23rd that an individual named Mike Shields acts as a spokesman for Victory Forever. Shields told the Star that the website operates within the U.S. and has volunteers in many states including Indiana. The group is in the midst of a campaign to recruit "white youth all across America to fight for the survival of the white race," Shields wrote. He rejected labels such as white supremacist when referring to the website, saying it is motivated not by hate but a desire to survive. Victory Forever picked Carmel High because it is one of the largest in the state, he said, and its newspaper is one of the best, both highly respected and widely read. Those factors, Shields said, provided "us with a great opportunity to spread our message."

Victory Forever's distribution efforts have already garnered media coverage twice. The most extensive coverage was of a promotion effort in San Francisco, reported by the San Francisco Chronicle and KTVU Channel 2. Victory Forever took out an ad in the Lowell High School student newspaper. The ad said "Free Music Downloads" and included the website address of Victory Forever in a small box below an Arby's ad inside the paper. The ad cost $30. The Chronicle also reported that an anonymous e-mail containing several misspellings and grammatical errors reportedly from the Web site's authors sent to local media said the advertisements were placed in student newspapers across the country to appear Friday and would be running through next week and in the future. An e-mail sent separately to the Chronicle stated "San Francisco was selected because it has long suffered the ravages of liberal insanity, vile degeneracy and criminal vicitmization of it's citzens by the very 'diverse' populations it seeks to embrace".

The Chronicle also stated that the e-mails appeared to originate at a computer at Idaho State University, but that's meaningless, because if I had the technical know-how, I could make it look like I'm sending a message from any computer in the world. Hasn't the Chronicle ever heard of "proxy servers"? YouTube video of KTVU coverage embedded below:

The second more recent incident took place at Carmel High School in Indiana, about 15 miles north of Indianapolis. WXIN Channel 59 reported that Victory Forever took out an ad in the Carmel High School HiLite newspaper. FOX59 sanctimoniously refused to identify Victory Forever by name, even though the name of the group is a pertinent element of the story. This shows that when it comes to pro-White activity, the wall of separation between journalism and opinion is arbitrarily and frequently breached.

Victory Forever not only provides links to a host of free White Power music MP3 files, but also to a number of online references such as Mein Kampf and My Awakening. They are a welcome addition to the growing number of online pro-White resources.


Anonymous said...

This seems to be the cache of books and records left over when "Anthony," the Mexican running "Panzerfaust," got busted for drugs and shut down. Due to the strong William L. Pierce emphasis, Kevin Strom (operating through an anonymous proxy) would seem likely to be behind it (since he keeps vowing to make a comeback from his child-pornography conviction, but is clearly rejected) or at least involved, insofar as he was a big Pierceman, before he got dumped and set up his rival (defunct) "Vanguard."

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Just what we need for young White people. Crazy and screaming skinhead music that is about like the Native music you hear on King Kong movies.