Saturday, November 07, 2009

NSM's "America First" March Against Illegal Immigration In Phoenix Proceeds Without Incident; As Many As 100 Patriots Show Up

Other photos of rally posted on this VNN Forum thread

The first media report of the National Socialist Movement's "America First" march against illegal immigration on November 7th, 2009 has been posted by KSAZ Channel 10 in Phoenix. Although KSAZ claimed than only 50 patriots showed up, offset by at least 150 counter-protestors, KSWT Channel 13 and KNXV Channel 15 reported that the number was closer to 100. A large police presence ensured no flare-ups between the groups; there were no arrests. The Arizona Republic has now published a story.

Interviewed by KSAZ was an effeminate-sounding Fernie Ramos, who typified the counter-protestors. Ramos sounded like a stereotypical fruit. In contrast, national socialist spokesman J.T. Ready was articulate and decked out in a suit and tie. NSM member Steven Boswell said, ""We've got completely wide open borders and politicians who will bend over backwards for Mexicans or anyone else who is not American". And to further underscore the significance of this event, NSM Commander Jeff Schoep was there in person.

KSAZ video embedded below:

KNXV news video also embedded below:

KSAZ also published the following statement by the National Socialist Movement:

Statement by National Socialist Movement: This is the first rally in a series to come if our politicians do not meet the following demands:
-- We demand that all foreigners are immediately deported if they did not enter our country legally.
-- We demand that English is adopted as our official language.
-- We demand our children's classrooms no longer cater to a foreign people that refuse to assimilate.
-- We demand our government no longer caters to a foreign people or government that refuses to respect America as a sovereign nation.
-- We demand that our European culture and heritage is respected.
-- We demand all foreign aid is halted and foreign aid laws repealed until a true border and barrier is constructed on our nations borders.
-- We demand that the American people have a chance to vote on foreign aid, then giving approval or denial for American tax dollars to be handed over to foreign nations.

Since this post, anti-racist hate blogger Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times has posted a story about the rally. He reveals that one of the NSM activists driving a rental car collided with a truck at 7th Avenue and Van Buren. The NSM activist was taken away in an ambulance for an injury to his leg, and the truck's driver was arrested for not having I.D. and proof of insurance. Lemons also disclosed that Cliff Herrington was present at the rally.

Read Stormfront discussion thread HERE. More information and links will be posted later when available.


Hooch said...

Good message they have there.

Dropping the swastikas and getting the word Socialist out of their name and they may actually get something done.

Anonymous said...

How is screaming at non-White protestors on street corners paving the way to a White political victory?

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Hooch said...

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Harry L. Hughes III said...

That Steve Lemons is a one of a kind. He wore that same yellow shirt again and was seen next to his sidekick Dennis Gilman. I posted my blog with a few pics I took of the event:

Anonymous said...

And what the hell did they really accomplish? If they wanted to remove scum they should started by all of them committing suicide!