Friday, November 06, 2009

National Socialist Movement To Hold Simultaneous "America First" Rallies In Austin, Minnesota And Phoenix, Arizona On November 7th

It's doubleheader day for the National Socialist Movement on Saturday November 7th, 2009. The NSM will be holding two rallies against illegal immigration simultaneously at different ends of the country.

First, the NSM's Minnesota Unit will be holding an "AMERICA FIRST" rally at the George Washington statue on Main St. in Austin, MN. Contact information listed on the main page of the NSM website. This is a continuation of four months of sustained activism by the NSM in Austin.

But it's the proposed rally in Phoenix, Arizona that's attracted the lion's share of public attention. The NSM proposes to hold an America First rally at the State Capitol building to send a strong message against illegal immigration. After the rally, NSM members and their allies are invited to a social event to be held on private land, featuring live bands (including Enforcer & others to be announced), and including other typical festivities. Most likely this will include a classical swastika lighting.

The Phoenix rally is receiving huge publicity from the local media. Stories have already been published by the Mesa Independent Examiner, KNXV Channel 15, KSAZ Channel 10 (includes two news videos), and NSM Commander Jeff Schoep told KTAR that the focus of the march is illegal immigration, saying "I think we've progressed as a movement. I'd like to get away from the word `hate' or neo-Nazi and anything of that connotation." Schoep also said he likes the policies of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but that he is not endorsing the sheriff. He further stated that his group has a strong following around the Valley and that he expects at least 100 of them to turn out for the Phoenix march.

But the most vitriolic criticism directed towards the NSM has come from anti-racist hate blogger Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times, who has literally worked himself up into a manufactured frenzy over the rally and has spewed his venom on numerous posts HERE, HERE, and HERE. But NSM Captain Charles Wilson told Lemons that he and his fellow activists will begin the march on Saturday at 2 P.M. from 12th Avenue and Washington to the Capitol, where they will have their rally. The Phoenix Police Department will be providing an escort to ensure that anti-racist activists can't stir up trouble. On October 23rd, Lemons revealed that organized anti-racists put out the call for antifa to show up on November 7th.

Comments posted to the KNXV Channel 15 story indicate considerable support for the NSM. At least one-third of comments either directly support the NSM, or are sympathetic towards their objective at the rally. Another one-third see no difference in concept between the NSM and other advocacy groups like La Raza and the NAACP. Here's a small sampling of comments:

desertbird - 11/06/2009 9:10 AM
Tell me how I can sign up for the movement. I support equal rights for whites; mexicans and africans are taking over the jobs, welfare, and commit the most crime. Fact.

proudirishman2 - 11/06/2009 3:41 AM
ok yeah they are part of the nsm but i'll be god damned if jessie jackson, al sharpton, and the damn la raza movement can't hold demonstrations and be called heros, but let a white group hold a demonstration and we are called racist i for one am sick and tired of everywhere i go everything is in spanish now billboards are in spanish, hell you can't even order food in english at any fast food restaurants without the ppl that work there looking at you like you've offended them buy not speaking to them in they're native tongue. i for one am sick of the government letting them flood across the border and not doing anything about it, our economy is bad enough and we as a country need to start focusing on on the well being of our citizens, not someone who is only here because they can outrun a border patrol agent or they paid 5 grand to be smuggled into this country.

how is it i was born here but couldn't get on acchess or food stamps when i really needed it, but i'll be god damned if every mexican that couldnt speak a damn word of english that was in that des office got everything they asked for im sick of it and everyone else that is sick of they way this country is bending over backwards for ppl that aren't even here legally need to rise up and start letting the representatives that WE elect that we are tired of being treated like second class citizens in our own country.

Jim Cooney - 11/5/2009 11:39 PM
Me and my organization along with Sheriff Joe and Stormfront are doing what we can to fight the Mexican take over of our country. Newsjunkie you have it right we need to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!

Additional information and discussion posted on Stormfront and Occidental Dissent.


Hooch said...

"""NSM Commander Jeff Schoep told KTAR that the focus of the march is illegal immigration, saying "I think we've progressed as a movement. I'd like to get away from the word `hate' or neo-Nazi and anything of that connotation."""

Doesn't sound that bad but maybe they should get away from the classical swastika lighting as well. They won't get away from anything if they light a swastika.

Anonymous said...

The NSM are using old archiac tactics and slogans. America First doesn't apply anymore. Race is first, not terroritory. White Civil Rights, we aren't equal to non-Whites and don't want to be lowered to their level.

apollonian said...

Christian Unity Is Necessary Theme Against Primary Jew Enemy
(Apollonian, 7 Nov 09)

"Anon" at 2:12 above, u're following "Hooch" Jew and the other Jews' strategy to (a) ISOLATE white folk against everyone else, and (b) getting the gentiles fighting one another, diverted fm the OVERWHELMING Jew problem.

Christian unity against Jew is necessary goal and objective, Christians stressing topmost Christian virtue of HONESTY and concomitant virtue of racial separatism. Honest blacks and other races understand these necessary Christian virtues.

CONCLUSION: Note Jews' COUNTERFEIT machine, the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see,, and for expo/ref.), can still put out HUGE, incredible funding, funding such as NSM and other groups diverting fm the necessary Christian unity. It doesn't even matter if NSM is consciously following Jew paymasters. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

It is those very few psychotic freaks like yourself that are desperately attempting to """(a) ISOLATE white folk against everyone else, and (b) getting the gentiles fighting one another"""

But I don't think it is working for you Apolo. I would be willing to bet that most don't want to join up with the niggers and spics as you do.

"""Christian unity against Jew is necessary goal and objective... Honest blacks and other races understand these necessary Christian virtues."""

Do you ever stop professing your love for the negro and "other races"?