Thursday, November 12, 2009

National Alliance Cincinnati Coordinator Robert Ransdell Fires Back At Northern Kentucky University Paper Over Cancellation Of Resistance Records Ad

National Alliance Cincinnati Unit Coordinator Robert Ransdell has fired back at Northern Kentucky University's newspaper, The Northerner, over their sudden cancellation of an ad for Resistance Records that had been placed two weeks ago and was suddenly pulled after pressure from politically-correct students. That issue was described in my previous post and first surfaced on Natallnews.

This is not the letter to the editor that Ransdell promised; it has presumably been sent, but not yet published. Instead, Ransdell published a series of four comments in response to the pathetic apology published by The Northerner's editor, Tim Owens, in order to explain his position. Because of the possibility that Owens may choose to delete the comments, I'm cross-posting them below, but leading off with one other comment which levies a false accusation against Ransdell:

Your name Wed Nov 11 2009 21:51
Robert Ransdell, the local representative for Resistance Records, is already bragging on the Resistance Records forum that he will fight the Northerner's refusal to print his advertisements. Perhaps the paper should have checked Mr. Ransdell out. He has an extensive criminal record in Ohio and Kentucky and is well known by police in the area for promoting neo-Nazi, racist activities. Nonetheless, this seems like an honest mistake by the paper and I applaud the editor taking responsibility for, and correcting, the error.

Ransdell's first comment is in response to the comment above:

R. Ransdell Thu Nov 12 2009 17:04
Whoever claimed I have an extensive criminal record is engaging in slander. I have spent not a day in jail in my life. Whoever finds it prudent to go on websites spreading slander about me is also probably capable of working through channels to get websites they disagree with knocked offline. This happened multiple times when we had ads running. I am not going to say much of anything more here, I will be posting a letter I wrote to the paper that pretty much says all that needs to be said on NatAllNews. The media cooked up this outrage as they always do, in response to the complaints of a few individuals.If you listen to groups like Skrewdriver, No Remorse, or Saga, you will see that the music simply looks to promote identity and pride in the hearts and minds of white people. You had a rapper appear at that school a few weeks back that have made negative statements against whites, there is some hypocrisy there I would say.

R. Ransdell Thu Nov 12 2009 17:09
Oh and just to let you know, hacking and knocking websites offline is classified as a felony, so that might be something to think about the next time you try. Goons like Mark Potok at the SPLC would be who I would assume would monitor our forums and then go and slander people on website comment boards, they would also have no qualms about engaging in illegal behavior online. And of course you hide behind the cloak of the internet, while people like myself post under my name, here and on our forum.

R. Ransdell Thu Nov 12 2009 17:16
Finally, yes I am most probably on an FBI watch list or what ever for simply standing up for the ethnic majority in the same fashion that minority groups stand up for their people and their rights and interests. I have a TV show here that promotes our message in NKY and have for years been active. Of course this makes on a supposed threat in this day and age. But as Skrewdriver once wrote in a song "When the capitalists and the communists co-exist, if you love your country you'll be on their list." I love my country, what it was truly envisioned to be by the founders, I love the culture and history of my people even though we have not always been perfect and believe we deserve to control our own destiny based on what is best for us. I also believe other groups have the same right to do so. If I am "dangerous" because of this then let them put me on a list, I could care less.

R. Ransdell Thu Nov 12 2009 17:23
Once last point should be made. I never said that I was going to fight the decision of the paper to pull the ads, this is backed up by the letter I wrote to the editor upon hearing about all of this. It is also mentioned in another smear-job article in the Enquirer today, it says quite plainly that I had no plans to fight the decision. Lies and slander revealed to be such.

The referenced Enquirer article is published HERE in the Kentucky Enquirer, which appears to be an extension of the parent Cincinnati Enquirer. According to this article, after The Northerner decided to stop running the advertisement, the paper's advertising manager sent an e-mail to Robert Ransdell, who paid for the advertisement. Ransdell replied with a lengthy e-mail saying he disagreed with the decision but he understood. Ransdell understands the newspaper's position but said throughout the e-mail that he meant no ill-will toward the newspaper. Ransdell had paid $120 for the first ad, but still owed another $120. Tim Owens said the paper will return the check for the first ad and does not want payment for the second. As of this post, 32 comments have been appended to the story; registration required to post comments. No comments to the story by Ransdell were identified.

Additional stories have now surfaced on WCPO Channel 9 and the Cincinnati Beacon. Robert Ransdell has opened up a discussion thread on the Resistance Forum. Since this post was published, three more related stories were published on Natallnews:

-- Resistance Music: They Smear What They Fear, November 13th
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