Thursday, November 19, 2009

National Alliance Activist Don Smith Does Three-Part Interview With Eastern Illinois University Newspaper, Pans Musuem Of Oppression As Anti-White

The Daily Eastern News, the official newspaper of Eastern Illinois University, has just concluded the third story in a three-part interview featuring Don Smith. Smith is a former professor of education at EIU who is now retired, but is also a member of the National Alliance. One of the main subjects of the interview was the university's "Museum of Oppression" (the title has a Marxist ring to it).

Triggering the News' interest was a February 7th, 2009 article and ADV broadcast published by National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe, entitled "Museum of Oppression Returns to EIU". In the article, Gliebe criticized the museum as promoting subversive propaganda against the White race. Gliebe wrote how the museum's Race Machine, a device that changes a student's face into six different races, weakens white students' positive racial identity.

And so the Daily Eastern News launched their three-part series on September 18th with an article entitled "The Art of Inhumane Hypocrisy". In that article, Don Smith agreed with Erich Gliebe's characterization of the museum. "What I see in this is a broader movement by education and the media to criticize the heritage of white males," Smith said. "We are considered to be homophobic, sexist, patriarchal, racist. Anything that is considered negative today, we are the cause of that. All races have been a part of atrocities, and I think the white race gets its fair share of criticism."

But Quiana Stone, chair of the social justice and diversity committee of Housing and Dining, said that the museum does not focus on these accusatory issues. "The Museum of Oppression, more often than not, has the majority of the exhibits affecting more than just one group of people," Stone said. "Of course, there are some that are really specific. We talk about body image, that is more of a humanistic thing. We talk about ablism and homelessness, which are across the board. There was also a veterans experience with all people of different backgrounds shown." Surprisingly, Stone didn't launch into a hysterical tirade denouncing the National Alliance as "white supremacist", but instead reaffirmed Smith and Gliebe's right to their way of thinking, and even said it is "great" for Gliebe to have his own opinion.

The second article in the series, entitled "Political Movement has Dark Origins", was published on October 15th. The subject of this article was the National Alliance as an organization, to include its origin and composition. Don Smith discussed one of the main goals of the National Alliance, which is to preserve the White race and Western culture. He said Whites are a minority in the world and will soon be a minority in the United States. Part of this push for race pride, according to Smith, was in response to how Blacks do not have any great cultures in history aside from possibly Egypt. Smith also said in all the studies he has seen, Whites have a 15 to 20 point Intelligence Quotient advantage over Blacks.

But Dr. Don Holly, professor of anthropology, does not support Smith and Gliebe's stance on Euro-Americans having superior cultures due to intelligence. "The idea of linking skin color to intelligence doesn't make sense as if you link one's height affecting the color of your eyes or earlobes. They are totally independent traits. This is a discredited idea and no anthropologist of any credibility would support this. Anthropologists know skin color to be an adaptation to sunlight", said Dr. Holly. He also said, "Race is a social construction. There is no basis genetically."

But in response, Don Smith said in terms of genetics, he is not against President Barack Obama for being a mulatto, but later he said that Whites marrying Blacks or Hispanics would "bring down the gene pool." This implies he believes in natural eugenics, which is a part of social Darwinism.

Finally, the third article of the series, entitled, "To Segregate or not to Segregate", was published on November 19th. Discussion focused upon how the National Alliance, which promotes racism, segregation and natural eugenics within the greater concept of white pride, is attempting to promote the goal of segregation into society. Don Smith weighed in once again, saying that people are naturally separated and do not voluntarily interact with one another. "I think everyone will be happier if we go with our own cultures," Smith said. Smith also explained that while the National Alliance joins in necessary activities with other races, they do not participate in an abundance of interaction. He also asserted that the National Alliance is not a hate group, saying that the group is concerned with the White race and not ceasing to exist as a minority in the world. Smith also said he thinks the Museum of Oppression encourages Whites to perform self-flagellation.

But Dr. Craig Eckert, chair of the sociology department, questions this notion. He thinks the Museum of Oppression is an academic exercise, not an attack on whites. "When scholars and thinkers do an assessment of the minority experience in the United States, can't one do an honest assessment of the way non-whites have been treated historically in the United States?" Eckert asked. "Why can't there be good, academic scholarship? Why can't there be a real search for the reality of a minority? Can't you be seriously interested in what people are feeling without it being self-flagellation?"

Eckert also said segregation is a backward thought, and claims that sociological studies show the positive aspects of racial integration. Of course, he's assuming that everyone values diversity and that everyone wants integration. That's the problem with the elite - they think that what they want is good for everyone just because it has been "good" for them. Eckert concluded questioning Smith's claim of keeping the white race pure. He said that due to intermarriage, travel and conquest invasion around the world pure race is not going to found anywhere. Of course, with the increase in miscegenation, that's likely to become a true statement at some point in the future if we don't stop it.


apollonian said...

Primary Necessary Strategy: Not Mere Defense Of Whites, But Attack Enemies Of Whites And All Gentiles, Especially Jews
(Apollonian, 19 Nov 09)

AA, as so often for u and ur site (which isn't bad site), u don't very well advance analysis of the real issue: the continuing advance of the Jew World Order (NWO) by means of the take-over of the white Christian nation known as USA made by and for whites, this take-over perpetrated and enabled by means of lies and propaganda as put forth by this putrid "Museum of Oppression" which is anti-white, designed to be so, and anti-Christian, and typically and un-doubtedly philo-semitic.

So AA, the proper question then is the correct sociologic analysis, especially as it addresses whatever particular Jew-friendly lies put forth by the "museum." And this analysis then must be reduced to the basics which is, obviously Jew vs. Christian, the implicit anti-theses being then truth vs. lies, and the other more abstract dichotomies (objective vs. subjective, determinism vs. "free" will) which then tell us most about the cultural warfare.

The object then is to ISOLATE JEW ENEMY against all others, esp. gentiles in general, gentiles led by heroic, magnificent white Christians. Of course the practical task is to attack at the weak point(s) of Judeo-conspiracy, the nexus with their primary gentile allies and suck-alongs, but esp. the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was "Jew" (hence Talmudist).

Of course, AA, we see it's great problem for u LDS Mormons to cooperate as U'RE NOT REALLY CHRISTIAN, are u? U need to get a clue: it's Christian vs. Jew, and THERE IS NO "MIDDLE." U can be non-Christian (rationalist), BUT U CANNOT BE ANTI-CHRIST.

Resident Jew troll of White Reference, "Hooch" Jew, will undoubtedly attempt to confuse the issue for the youth, the newly-aware, and beginners upon the racial-cultural subject by his usual lies to effect, "Jews are white" and anti-semites are really just "nigger-lovers."

AA, what we WANT TO AVOID is in-fighting among gentiles as by means of white vs. non-white; WE MUST CONCENTRATE FIRE AGAINST THE JEW and Jews' accomplices. Being "pro-white" of course isn't bad--but it's really just common sense--as the primary enemy and problem are JEWS and their culture of lies, fraud, deception, etc., as so well practiced by afore-mentioned "Hooch" Jew troll who continues to repeat ad nauseum "Jews are white," and Talmud isn't an issue.

CONCLUSION: So AA, u've got to advance for ur analysis and prosecution of "pro-white"--U MUST IDENTIFY, ISOLATE, AND ATTACK THE JEW, including then the Jews' accomplices, especially the JCs. Immediate target must be JCs, stripping away Jews' greatest weapon. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

Well, Well, Well. Apolo's favorite hero turned out to be even more of a rat than we thought.........Even though every one knew he was a narc to at least a smaller degree before he was arrested, with exception of Apolo.

I debated Hal right here on AA's site about this issue and Apolo refused to enter the conversation. Not even a fucking word. Which is highly uncharacteristic of him! Following orders of your handlers Apolo? But in a different thread he defended Hal to the point that I was starting to suspect that he has been sucking Hals dick. Or in bed with him in some manor.

Which makes me wonder if Apolo himself is a FBI rat trying to drum up some other psychos that agree with him for easy FBI identification of those who are severely mentally unbalanced. We all know that anyone that shares the beliefs of this psychopath is a potential danger to society. Not the general philosophy....just to the degree that he takes it.

Apolo, it is now time to come clean!

"""the FBI budgeted $100,000 or more a year for Turner as part of its Joint Terrorism Task Force, as well as correspondence between then-U.S. Attorney for New Jersey Christopher Christie and the FBI detailing parameters of the project, dubbed “Vahalla.”""

"""Orozco said documents show Turner was “tasked ... to use fiery rhetoric so as to flush-out crazies before they attacked.” He said it allegedly netted more than 100 federal subjects and averted 10 acts of violence. He said they described Turner as “irreplaceable” and “crucial ... to the prevention of domestic terrorism and lone wolf attacks in the United States.”""

Anonymous said...

Egypt was never a Negro culture, until the very end, when Negros were allowed into Egyptian territory after centuries of being denied access. The last Pharaohs were Negro, so you can see where the jUSA is headed. Genetically, the Egyptians originally were Euro in racial composition, but are now extinct. Note how the Marxist attempt to reduce race and genetics to "skin color". Its brain power, dumbass. The biggest racial "construct", the "Jews" are the promoters of "race as construct" propaganda, usually via a "Sociologist". Sociology is nothing more than codified Marxist ideology with no scientific basis. Even the so called "Jews" have definite genetic markers and are indeed a race of sorts, though more mixed than Euro's. The tragedy in evolution is that in the process of specieation not enough genetic differentiation occurred (e.g. you can't mate a duck with a dog )to make racial interbreeding no viable before modern travel made it possible for large populations of inferior races to swarm into the West . The Chinese impregnated a female ape with human sperm and the egg began to grow (it was aborted - or maybe it was Obama, a true Manchurian Candidate perhaps ?), so primate genetics is still very close in structure. This is why the lowest "human" primates, Negros, can successfully mate with other human species, though the results are always inferior.

apollonian said...

"Hoochie," Desperate Jew, Now Tries To Use Hal Turner Issue--Fails Miserably, Again
(Apollonian, 21 Nov 09)

Ha ha, hee hee, the "Hooch" Jew cannot resist taking bait. And it shows Jews really aren't that smart at all. "Hoochie" Jew is PERFECT example of a lower-level Jew doing his pathetic best against the anti-semitic Christian cause and patriots thereof.

Folks, all u have to do is ck earlier White Reference blogs, going back now for OVER a year, for "Hooch" Jew Troll material--which I always make it a pt. to engage, much as possible.

"Hooch" is PURE Jew, without a doubt--always, always sticking up for the Jews, the only (and necessary) concession made being to effect SOME kikes are "liberals"--which "liberalism" is ONLY thing "Hooch" the Jew has against other Jews.

And note this ignorant "Hooch" kike has no further analysis for such "liberalism"--he can't say anything about it for moralism, or subjectivism, or statism--NOTHING, the ignorant Jew piece-of-shit.

And again, note "Hoochie" Jew's entire case and argument summed up: (a) Jews are "white," and other whites shouldn't be "anti-semitic"; rather they should be willing to work with kikes and take kike money--hence do what kikes tell them. Whites need kikes to stand up to niggers.

(b) If u're anti-semitic, then u're just a "nigger-lover." That's it--that's "Hoochie" Jew's entire argument. Otherwise he likes to intimidate, calling names--that's his entire "shtick," so to speak. But "Hoochie" Jew will soon be deservedly dead, mark my words, a bullet through his brains, surely.

"Hoochie" Jew's strategy, consistent w. all Jew strategy, is to infiltrate, pretending to be non-Jew, and to thus instigating dissension among real patriots--which now "Hooch" Jew imagines he can do w. Hal Turner issue, which issue I've already dealt with conclusively on earlier White Reference blogs.

What "Hooch" Jew predictably leaves out is regardless Hal Turner's taking FBI money, it doesn't in slightest preclude Hal Turner being genuine patriot--which I still think he was and is. And no one has proven anything against Hal Turner--NOT THE SLIGHTEST LITTLE THING.

So Hal took FBI money--SO WHAT?--note no one can say anything for any substance whatever.

And I further think good old Hal Turner WILL BE BACK, strong as ever--u know why?--because there's still a great place for a strong, committed patriot--like Hal Turner can be, has shown himself to being, AND CAN STILL BE, without any doubt.

For we still need, as I've always preached, people to getting out and speaking and demonstrating at "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) places and churches to effect PURPOSE OF CHRISTIANITY IS ANTI-SEMITISM--contrary to what these idiot JCs are doing, thinking, and preaching.

For JCs are the WEAK-PT. to Judeo-conspiracy, the very crux. Remove the JCs and build a real Christian, hence anti-semitic, movement, and that's the whole ball-game right there. Jew-Expulsion requires a vibrant, strong, healthy, genuine Christianity, and anti-JC is good way to going about building such genuine Christianity.

CONCLUSION: So u see, u might otherwise wonder why "Hoochie" the idiot kike continues to make such a brainless fool of himself here on White Reference--but he's actually quite desperate--like all the kikes, and he figures if he just stays with it, he can maybe discredit mighty Apollonian in eyes of at least a few people, ha ha ha ha ha ha. Keep it up, "Hooch" the kike; sucker, u're just GRIST for my "mill," stupid yid shit. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

Whatever narc boy. Keep running your mouth like your told to do by your handlers.

There are FBI or those working for them in EVERY single "racist" organization. This one included. And you have made it really clear that you are the one here.

Their tactics are well known. Get someone to shoot their mouth off with statements just over the edge where the government considers free speech ends and let them feed back to the FBI who agrees with them to draw out the people they consider a danger to society.

And you're that guy here.

apollonian said...

Kike Troll Now Accuses Patriot Of Being "Narc," FBI Plant, Etc.
(Apollonian, 21 Nov 09)

Right "Hoochie" the kike. I guess that's just another thing kike trolls like "Hoochie" do--anyone who disagrees w. them is a "narc," FBI informant, etc. "Hoochie" the kike. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

"""Right "Hoochie" the kike. I guess that's just another thing kike trolls like "Hoochie" do--anyone who disagrees w. them is a "narc," FBI informant"""

Very interesting, considering that anyone who disagrees with you is a Jew, Kike, etc.

Shut your mouth while you're still ahead Apolo or I will fully expose you. Kikes get insider information as they are the handler of the FBI.

apollonian said...

Jews: Stinking Filth
(Apollonian, 22 Nov 09)

"Hooch" Jew: u have every opportunity to present any info u have--as u have had opportunity for over a year now as u've been posting on White Ref. blogs, as everyone can verify for themselves.

CONCLUSION: And all the info confirms u're Jew troll as I indicate above, scummy Jew filth. Have u ever noticed no one ever defends u kikes when I say u're all such scummy puke? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...


Hooch said...

"""Have u ever noticed no one ever defends u kikes when I say u're all such scummy puke?"""

Why would anyone think I need to be defended from a psychopath that's all talk, NO ACTION?

apollonian said...

"Action" On Its Way
(Apollonian, 24 Nov 09)

Don't worry "Hooch" the kike: action is on its way, soon, very soon now, Jew piece-of-shit that stinks. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian