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Keeping The "Holocaust Bubble" Inflated: Israeli Study At University Of Haifa Shows Holocaust Jews More Prone To Cancer Than Non-Holocaust Jews

Rarely has a historical event been so meticulously and ruthlessly exploited as the Jewish Holocaust. Nearly 65 years after the last puff of smoke belched forth from the chimney of the last concentration camp in Europe, Israel continues to extort Holocaust reparations from Germany. As documented HERE in July 2007, the German government has already paid out a total of around €64 billion (in euros, which is $88 billion based on the exchange rate prevailing on July 13th, 2007) to Holocaust survivors. However, on page 306 of his book "Jewish Supremacism", Dr. David Duke estimates the total of all Holocaust reparations payments to be at least $150 billion. As existing Holocaust survivors began to die off, Israelis began to insist that the sons and daughters of Holocaust survivors were also "Holocaust victims" in order to keep the Holocaust bubble inflated. Just think - if the dot-com bubble and the housing bubble had been as durable as the Holocaust bubble, all Americans would be millionaires by now.

On November 6th, 2009, CNN reported that an Israeli study performed at the University of Haifa showed that Jewish survivors of World War II who were potentially exposed to the Holocaust were at a higher risk for cancer occurrence later on in life than those not exposed. Also reported by Haaretz, and discussed on Stormfront. Note the use of the word "potentially"; the reason for this word is because data on individual exposures of Holocaust survivors were unavailable, so exposure status was "crafted" from historical data sources of immigration dates for European-born Israeli Jews.

"Crafted"...or "invented"?

The University of Haifa researchers compared the rates of more than 300,000 European Jews who immigrated before or during World War II as the control group and those who left after the war as the exposed group. They further found a gender disparity; men who were possibly exposed to the Holocaust had as much as 3.5 times greater risk of cancer than the non-exposed group. Exposed women had as much as 2.33 times greater risk.

Two of the primary causative factors suggested include mental stress and caloric deprivation. Since Germany was engaged in a war which became transformed into an all-out life-or-death national struggle, the Germans didn't exactly have filet mignon available to feed to the concentration camp inmates. Consequently, many of them ended up subsisting on what we call "table scraps" such as potato peelings; some who escaped even turned to eating clover to survive. Caloric intake was estimated to be a mere 200 to 800 per day during this period. The researchers found that people subjected to intense caloric deprivation, especially at an early age, had greater likelihood of cancer, although similar studies using rhesus monkeys and mice suggest that limiting calories conferred cancer-protecting benefits.

Israeli interest in this issue has existed for over 40 years. In the 1970s, it was first noticed that that Jewish immigrants from Europe had much higher rates of cancer. This led to speculation that the Holocaust may have been a causative factor, and aroused the interest of the Israel National Cancer Registry. According to CNN, a 2003 demographic review estimated that about 1 million Holocaust survivors are living, with half of them in Israel and about 174,000 in the United States.

The study, entitled "Cancer Incidence in Israeli Jewish Survivors of World War II", has been published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI). The full study requires a paid subscription to access; you can read the abstract HERE. You can also read a special editorial, entitled "Cancer Risk From Extreme Stressors: Lessons From European Jewish Survivors of World War II".

Analysis: My concern is not so much the veracity of the study itself, but its potential uses. Will this be used merely to spread awareness to promote tolerance, or will it become a political weapon to be used in keeping the Holocaust bubble inflated by forcing awareness upon a greater number of people, and providing statutory protection of such "awareness" though expansion of Holocaust denial laws? The track record shows the latter to be a distinct possibility. Cases in point:

-- The creation of a worldwide network of Holocaust Museums, 25 in the United States alone.
-- The expansion of the definition of "Holocaust victim".
-- The expansion of Holocaust awareness training down to the kindergarten level in schools.
-- The expansion of Holocaust denial laws worldwide.
-- The continued prosecution of perfectly law-abiding citizens who sole "crime" is to publicly dispute Holocaust dogma.
-- The continuation of the reparations pipeline from Germany to Israel.

Organized Jewry has transformed the Holocaust from a historical event into a full-blown religion, replete with "temples" and an "inerrant theology".


Hooch said...

It is most likely to be used at first for statutory protection and "awareness" as you mentioned.

But the bottom line is always about the dollar. Who is going to get paid. What federal tax payer funds will be put in place for "awareness" and how the money will be spent and peoples pockets will be lined on the back side.

One must understand Chicago politics to get the full understanding of fraud in the United States.

The first thing you do is get some city councilmen elected in your area like Tony Rezko, William Ayres and a number of others did when they put Blagojevich and some city councilmen in office and had Obama as a point man for their non profits.

They are your puppets (Obama, Blagojevich, councilmen), you are the puppeteer. You then get federal grant money for any number of programs. Lets use the Rezko low income housing complex for an example. Rezko tells the puppets that he would like to build a multimillion dollar complex for low income housing and he will cut them some money for getting things properly zoned and possibly even buying the existing dilapidated property with city funds or flat out taking it.

This property is then handed over to Rezko to "help the people" buy building this multi million dollar project complex.

Rezko's path is now clear, he got the property for nothing or little to nothing, and uses the extra money from the federal grant for land acquisition to buy a big chunk of land somewhere else.

Lets say now he is down to 50 Million. Now he gets a contractor to build it for 45 million while writing a contract with him for the 50. Once complete, he will pay the taxes the contractor would have to pay on the 5 million and the contractor would get his full 45 mil and hand over the 5 mil with maybe 4 left because of taxes. That 4 million goes in his, William Ayres, and the other puppetmasters pockets and we are now a year or two down the road.

Rezko has held that origional land now for a couple of years and it appears that he did not buy it with that money he just got. It was bought at or just prior to the start of construction. And now he doesn't want it. So he sells it to Obama for $300,000. But it is worth 1 million. A year down the road Obama turns around and sells that 1 million dollar property for 1 million and he profits 700,000.

And that is how you put together a fraudulent Rezko, Obama land deal.

The exact same thing happens to almost all money that funnels through federal, state or local town governments. And the beneficiaries are those who own the non profits (the puppeteers) and the upper level government elected officials who miraculously become millionaires on a meager salary.

Now down the road there are big problems with Blagojevich who got caught wanting to sell Obama's seat. And to make matters worse Obama's chief of staff was caught on the phone helping with the decision on who to sell it to.

Then Rezko comes into the trial as key testifier against Blagojevich. Blagojevich refused to leave office because he knows he has stuff on all of them. And they have threatened him that his knowledge will put him in prison for the rest of his life because he participated. So a very touchy trial goes on.

So, now I have just disclosed to you the way the "Jews" handle business. But the reality is that it isn't just Jews. I have personal knowledge of this crap happening right here in Roanoke VA which is presently being run by the NAACP councilmen and a group called Total Action Against Poverty TAP which has councilmen on their board of directors.

And now you can emulate this "Jew" that you think is behind everything and make your own money.

apollonian said...

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Hooch said...

Spamming the exact same thing over and over.

Hooch said...

Spamming the exact same thing over and over.