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Hard-Hitting Pro-White South Africa Sucks Blog To Close Down Permanently Effective November 13th, 2009 (Re-Opened Shortly Afterwards)

Update July 5th, 2010: The old South Africa Sucks blog has since been replaced with a newer version, South Africa Sucks.

I have just learned that one of the few hard-hitting pro-White blogs telling the unvarnished truth about life for Whites in post-apartheid South Africa is shutting down permanently as of Friday November 13th, 2009. On that day, the South Africa Sucks blog will go out of business.

The chief editor of the blog, Uhuru Guru, has encountered constant opposition from day number one. Three previous versions of this blog hosted on Blogger were ToS'd. Each time Uhuru Guru rebuilt the blog. Finally, he rebuilt it on the current host, which was less politically correct.

But Uhuru Guru also encountered some recent legal trouble, described in this previous post. He was arrested on an old 1993 warrant, but then suddenly released after 26 hours. He fears further retaliation from the state. Thus, he no longer believes he can justify subjecting his family to these continued threats.

Other relatively uncensored news about South Africa, updated frequently, can be found on Jan Lamprecht's African Crisis website. Here's Uhuru Guru's full post explaining why he's taking the site down (after the jump):

The End of the Road for SA Sucks

Dear readers, bloggers and fellow Whites

This will be the last of many thousands of posts & articles we at WSAS sweated so much blood & tears to bring you over the years. I am shutting down this ground-breaking blog on Friday 13 November.

As you’re aware, the situation has become utterly untenable. I am no longer willing to put the welfare and safety of my family, and the families of other SA-resident bloggers at risk. It is heart-breaking, and a tough decision I struggled with (but was in denial about) since my arrest and detention last week. Your incredible support really moved me. So did the support of so many other bloggers, friends and comrades, locally as well as overseas.

I know some will call me a coward, a quitter, a yellow-bellied traitor even. So be it. I can no longer look my precious daughters, or my long-suffering wife in the eye, see their fear and sheer terror every time there is a knock on the door and continue to ignore it. I am torn between on the one hand my duty as a father & husband to ensure the safety and security of my gorgeous family, and on the other my duty & loyalty to my magnificent, beautiful White race.

It really hurts like hell that the worst betrayals came from within our own ranks. Not that I am a stranger to it either - over the past four years of this blog’’s existence, we’ve had to fend off far more vicious attacks from those on the right claiming to be our racial brethren, than any number of sellouts, liberals or misguided & brainwashed race traitors spouting their pre-programmed propaganda memes on this forum.

The SA Sucks blog was symptomatic of a wider phenomenon: that of Whites throwing off the oppressive chains of political correctness and needless guilt. As the race which spearheaded civilization, technology, art, music and ‘high culture’ we have so much to be proud of. South Africa was a glittering beacon in a sea of African darkness, now it is rapidly fading away. Internationally the pendulum is swinging to the right as our people’s infatuation with multi-culturalism turns into apprehension, disgust and finally, rejection. Lets hope our racial awakening is not too late. Sadly in SA, it is.

The rise of the internet rates on par in our history with the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press. It broke the media choke-hold on our minds, and became a tool with which we can set ourselves free from the endless demands of the parasite races leeching off our decency and artificially, needlessly instilled guilt.

The closure of SA Sucks is not the end of the world - excellent websites and blogs already exist where you can continue to read uncensored, hard-hitting news, commentary and insights. I implore you, dear reader to support especially those we have linked to. I also implore you to take the baton from us, go forth and create your own blogs and websites. Please carry on the momentum, and learn from the foolish mistakes I made. Trust nobody, guard your online identity with your life, and above all, stay true to your heritage.

As the Negros in America have their proverbial “Uncle Toms”, so we dwinding Whites in SA have our “Uncle Freds”. Watch out for them, guard against them and remember the prophetic words of Cicero:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murder is less to fear.” Cicero Marcus Tullius
106-43 BC

As of last week, I entered a rather forboding, dark and grim phase of my life and what the future holds is suddenly quite uncertain. Pandora’s box opened rather abruptly last Wednesday. The endless death threats to my family are no longer limited to my email and comments pages, but are now trickling through our home & cell phones. Although I always considered it an extremely remote, paranoid possibility that my door would be kicked down as it was, I never really expected it to come to that.

If you’re still in SA, please heed the message of this blog since its inception - get out, get out get out, while you still can! You’re not “running away”. You are carrying out the only rational, logical option open to you. This ship is sinking fast, either you jump or go down with it. Secondly, depriving the murderous parasites of your brains, your skills, your taxes, your participation in what formerly was a fantastic country to live in, will not only set you free - it is also the ultimate sanction - depriving the parasites of a host. Let them have their land, and their renamed towns, their crumbling roads, cities, collapsing power utilities, schools, hospitals, their corruption and their savagery. Shrug Atlas, shrug!

Folks, I sincerely thank all of you for reading and participating in this blog. Without our core of readers, we would have been nothing. To my fellow bloggers - Doodler, Dark Raven, Uncle Cracker, Gonville, Bantu Ed, Foxie, Cynic, Grumbleguts, HODD, Eli the Bearded, Knorrig, Real Realist, Truthsayer USA, Adriana, Diamed - thank you for your fantastic work and your tireless efforts to get the truth out about South Africa.

To those whom I insulted, argued with and belittled over the years, I apologise. Some of you deserved it, some not. Bygones now. I wish you all well, and hope some day we’ll all be back here. Always remember, we’re not the last of a dying breed, but the first of a brave new world.

Goodbye my dear friends, go thee well.

Uhuru Guru

11 November 2009

This blog was dedicated to the Sons and Daughters of Europe Wherever They Reside.

“In the end all will be forgiven except treachery to the race”

It is a tragedy that this valuable resource will be lost. But Uhuru Guru deserves a hat tip for keeping it up as long as he did under relentless pressure from all sides. Including, unfortunately, our own from time to time. Some foreign White nationalists, ignorant of the unique conditions prevailing within South Africa, would criticize SAS for not "naming the Jew" enough. They failed to recognize that, in a country where Whites are outnumbered by Blacks 9-to-1, Whites would not have an incentive to reject a white Jew simply because he is a Jew. Sometimes you must take your allies as you find them.

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Uhuru Guru is a fellow-traveler with the Jewish Supremacists. FYI