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German Patriot And NPD Deputy Chairman Jürgen Rieger Passes Away After Suffering A Stroke; A Life Of Service To The Fatherland

On October 30th, 2009, The Local and the Earth Times report that the Deputy Chairman of the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD, or National Democratic Party of Germany), Jürgen Rieger, passed away on Thursday October 29th after suffering a stroke nearly a week beforehand. The 63-year-old Riegen, who was also a Hamburg lawyer, had been in a coma since Saturday October 24th, when he suffered a stroke at a meeting of the party’s leadership in Berlin. Although promptly rushed to hospital, doctors found a blood clot in the brain, after which his condition had steadily deteriorated.

Rieger was characterized as extremely hard-working. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), a government agency that professes to monitor extremists, said Rieger’s death was a serious blow for the far-right movement. The BfV’s Lower Saxony president, Günter Heiß, said on Friday that Rieger’s death would leave a hole in the far right scene that could not be quickly filled. “I don’t see any such prominent personality,” he said. “Rieger was a one-of-a-kind phenomenon in right-wing extremism, because he was hyperactive in many areas. He was on the go, around the clock, on right-wing extremist issues".

Rieger has been a defender of German patriots since his law school days. He has drawn the ire of the Holocaust Enforcers by winning the 1981 Zündel case in Stuttgart against the false claim that Zündel had published "hate literature", and winning several cases against the German vassal regime who had confiscated Zündel's postal bank account, unfreezing DM 30,000 in the process. He also managed to regain for Zündel his confiscated German passport -- after a six-year legal battle. Rieger was attacked and beaten unconscious in broad daylight after leaving a Hamburg courthouse and had to be airlifted, near death, by helicopter to the trauma unit of the hospital of Hamburg University, where he lay unconscious for days. The assailants escaped after their assassination attempt.

Rieger was a key fund-raiser for the cash-strapped NPD, which was slapped with a €1.27 million fine in May 2009 for accounting irregularities. Rieger was also thought to have contributed several hundred thousand euros to far-right causes, but it is unclear whether any of his assets, estimated at about €500,000, would be bequeathed to the NPD. His surviving family members may be trying to distance themselves from the NPD; Rieger’s son Harald said the family was considering a cremation or a burial at sea because they did not want his grave to become a neo-Nazi pilgrimage site. They also said only close relatives would be invited to his funeral.

The NPD website has an article HERE; the English translation is HERE. Another English translation reveals that a memorial march for Rieger was planned for 2:00 P.M. Central European Time in Wunsiedel on November 14th, but this may uncertain since a court has imposed a ban on such marches. Here's a YouTube video tribute to Rieger:

Here is an English translation of an official obituary published by NPD Chairman Udo Voigt:

We grieve for our fellow

Our comrade died in October, lawyer Juergen Rieger at the age of 63 years from the effects of a stroke. Juergen Rieger was most recently Vice-Chairman of the NPD and the state chairman of the NPD in Hamburg and as a supporter and promoter of national ideas and forces far beyond the borders of Germany for a fixed term, a rock of our turbulent times.

Juergen Rieger traveled last weekend, specially from Sweden to the meeting of the party in Berlin. He then suffered at the beginning of a very harmonious and comradely running session on Saturday, a stroke, which he did not initially perceived as such. Juergen Rieger himself initially believed the symptoms would probably disappear soon. His friend and comrade, Thomas Wulff Rieger immediately brought to a nearby hospital.

There, the doctor on duty said that Rieger had probably come in time, and Wulff, meant that he could drive, he in the investigation and treatment should not be present.

The further course of events are described as follows: The investigation revealed a blood clot in the brain, whereupon it was decided to relocate Juergen Rieger in the hospital after brain surgery Neukölln. The journey time to the ambulance there is less than 15 minutes. In Neukölln, he was expected on the same afternoon by a surgical team.

On Monday, I visited him with two of his children and his partner in the intensive care unit, was able to speak briefly with the doctor and say goodbye with a firm handshake, but the Rieger could say no more about him. No one will know whether he has heard the words that I said goodbye to him in tears: "Dear Jürgen, fight! Be assured that the struggle will continue, at our Germany! "That's all I brought out.

The NPD lose by Juergen Rieger, a political head and a friend who always ideologically with his help, advice and stood to the side. Personally, I not only lost one of my deputies, but also a true friend and comrade, in whom I could trust at any time. We all have lost an upright and relentless fighter for a better Germany. We will remember him forever, and it will be for us a model of deployment and performance of duty. Our deep sorrow that we share with his family.

Berlin, 29 October 2009

Udo Voigt

NPD party chairman

Jurgen Rieger had his own website HERE (English translation HERE)

A short but succinct tribute to Rieger can be found on Northwest Nationalists. A more moving tribute has been posted on the NPD Landesverband Baden-Württemberg blog (English translation).

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