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Center For Responsive Politics 2008 Congressional Net Worth Analysis: Are Jews In The 111th Congress Richer Than Other Members Of Congress?

On November 4th, 2009, the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) published the results of their analysis of the median wealth of members of Congress. They found that, while current congressional members' median wealth (net worth) dropped nearly 5 percent in 2008 when compared to the prior year, there are still 237 millionaires still serving in Congress. This constitutes 44 percent of the members of that body; in contrast, only one percent of all Americans are millionaires.

The complete analysis is accessible HERE. However, it does not provide a list of all members of Congress; instead, it merely provides a list of the top 25 members of Congress in median net worth. The top 25 senators are shown HERE, and the top 25 representatives HERE.

To find any other member of Congress:

-- Download the full list in either CSV, XML, or JSON format.
-- Go to the Database Search Page, and select the member of Congress of interest.

A short explanation of their methodology: It is difficult to gauge what a lawmaker is worth based on what they file because the disclosure forms do not require exact values. Instead, the lawmaker reports the range of value into which an asset, for example, falls. As the values increase, the ranges get broader. To calculate net worth, shown here, CRP added together the lawmaker's range of assets and then subtracted their range of liabilities. CRP then calculated the midpoint of the resulting range and used this figure to rank the filers according to their median net worth.

Consequently, I decided to find out if Jewish members of Congress tended to be richer on the average than other members of Congress. Based on my previous list of Jews in Congress, I present the list below, arranged in rank order of their median net worth. Note that this does not imply that they accumulated their net worth while in Congress; in most cases, they brought it with them.

(1). U.S. Senators

-- Herb Kohl (D-WI): Rank 1st in the Senate, $214,570,011
-- Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ): Rank 5th in the Senate, $74,744,094
-- Dianne Feinstein (D-CA): Rank 6th in the Senate, $72,380,637
-- Al Franken (D-MN): Rank 26th in the Senate, $6,213,028
-- Ron Wyden (D-OR): Rank 29th in Senate, $4,817,513
-- Arlen Specter (D-PA): Rank 38th in Senate, $3,548,005
-- Barbara Boxer (D-CA): Rank 42nd in the Senate, $3,208,504
-- Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD): Rank 45th in Senate, $2,505,544
-- Joseph Lieberman (I-CT): Rank 49th in the Senate, $2,055,541
-- Carl Levin (D-MI): Rank 50th in the Senate, $2,018,547
-- Charles Schumer (D-NY): Rank 77th in the Senate, $701,510
-- Bernard Sanders (I-VT): Rank 91st in the Senate, $219,504
-- Russ Feingold (D-WI): Rank 94th in the Senate, $83,501

Finding: 10 of the 13 Jewish senators are in the top 50 in net worth.

(2). U.S. Representatives

-- Jane Harman (D-CA): Rank 2nd in House, $244,796,667
-- (Q) Jared Polis (D-CO) Rank 3rd in House, $158,173,566
-- Alan Grayson (D-FL): Rank 6th in House, $54,451,021
-- Nita M. Lowey (D-NY): Rank 11th in House, $33,835,578
-- Steve Kagen (D-WI): Rank 27th in House, $13,338,542
-- Shelley Berkley (D-NV): Rank 34th in House, $9,942,615
-- John Yarmuth (D-KY): Rank 35th in House, $9,400,004
-- Eric Cantor (R-VA): Rank 68th in House, $3,945,577
-- Steven R. Rothman (D-NJ): Rank 75th in House, $3,805,536
-- Steve Cohen (D-TN): Rank 111th in House, $2,053,033
-- Allyson Y. Schwartz (D-PA): Rank 119th in House, $1,774,020
-- Susan Davis (D-CA): Rank 122nd in House, $1,682,523
-- Brad Sherman (D-CA): Rank 129th in House, $1,582,007
-- Howard Berman (D-CA): Rank 148th in House, $1,367.020
-- John Adler (D-NJ): Rank 152nd in House, $1,339,522
-- Paul W. Hodes (D-NH): Rank 164th in House, $1,100,519
-- Ron Klein (D-FL): Rank 167th in House, $1,043,046
-- (Q) Barney Frank (D-MA): Rank 174th in House, $972,150
-- Henry Waxman (D-CA): Rank 178th in House, $945,512
-- Bob Filner (D-CA): Rank 197th in House, $781,011
-- Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ): Rank 205th in House, $727,017
-- Adam B. Schiff (D-CA): Rank 233rd in House, $560,508
-- Gary Ackerman (D-NY): Rank 234th in House, $556,006
-- Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL): Rank 302nd in House, $258,501
-- Jan Schakowsky (D-IL): Rank 332nd in House, $181,512
-- Anthony Weiner (D-NY): Rank 370th in House, $83,506
-- Eliot L. Engel (D-NY): Rank 384th in House, $56,502
-- Steve Israel (D-NY): Rank 394th in House, $32,501
-- Jerrold Nadler (D-NY): Rank 420th in House, -$29,000
-- Robert Wexler (D-FL): Rank 426th in House, -$63,499
-- Sander M. Levin (D-MI): Rank 435th in House, -$452,998

Finding: 21 of the 31 Jewish representatives are in the top half of the House in net worth. Overall, Jews in Congress tend to be richer than other members of Congress.


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