Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Censorship At Northern Kentucky University: The Northerner Newspaper Pulls Ad For Resistance Records After Manufactured Outrage

Update November 12th: Robert Ransdell fires off preliminary reponse; updated post HERE.

The Natallnews website tells us that censorship is alive and well in Northern Kentucky University (NKU), located in Newport. The editor of The Northerner, the school's newspaper, groveled before the gods of politically correctness and pulled an ad for Resistance Records.

WXIX Channel 19 provides the media story with video. For the past two weeks, The Northerner has published the ad in question. The ad contains about two dozens words in black and white that got some diversity-brainwashed NKU students in a tizzy. They complain that Resistance Records, operated by the National Alliance, is an online store for music made by neo-Nazi artists and white supremacist musicians. NKU freshman William Christopher said, ..."this ad isn't offensive, but I know the website would be, and it shouldn't be in a college newsletter" And another freshman, Danielle Spears, chirped on cue, "Especially if they're promoting diversity in our school".

[Ed. Note: Now just wait a minute, Danielle. If you are so sold on "diversity", wouldn't you want your school to be allowing MULTIPLE points of view? Including those with which you disagree? Furthermore, if you actually visited the National Alliance website, you would know that they promote White separatism, NOT White supremacism.]

But NKU senior Nicole Petrelli showed a more mature attitude and a greater respect for the First Amendment. "They have the right to free speech. But at the same time, whether or not people agree with it is another story. I don't personally agree with it, but they have the right to purchase a page just like any other group I guess."

Northerner Editor in Chief Tim Owens said he spent Tuesday November 10th responding to a storm of comments and questions about the advertisement, and characterized it as an honest mistake. This week's issue just hit the stands on Wednesday, and includes an apology and a hole where the ad once was. Read the apology HERE. Owens also said the man who paid a $120 for the first ad still owes the paper for the second one, but The Northerner will not accept his money. The man in question appears to be Robert Ransdell, the Coordinator for the National Alliance's Cincinnati Unit; this unit has been involved in a wide variety of local activism, to include literature distribution, Adopt-A-Highway litter cleanup, and confronting Holocaust "experts". Ransdell has opened up a discussion thread on the Resistance Forum.

Censorship appears to be a way of life at Northern Kentucky University. According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) 2009 speech codes report, NKU is a "red-light" university. A “red light” institution has at least one policy that both clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech. This means it maintains a climate hostile to free speech. You can see the list of universities in Appendix B beginning on page 27 of the report. The "red-light" category is by far the largest, followed by the "yellow-light" category, then the "green-light" category, where free speech is generally permitted.

FIRE maintains a specific page about NKU HERE. Restrictions on expressive rights are summarized HERE. Note that FIRE has held NKU under scrutiny for several years now.


Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

I do read your foolishness, and must admit that sometimes you are like the swine that finds a truffle. So this is what I posted on the comments section of the Kentucky skrewdent jewspaper comments section, Askanutzi Asswipe:


I am not a big fan of these National Alliance remnant groups because usually they are a bunch of a-theistic solipsistic whiggers who theysselfs censor the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity religious beliefs of those they consider a pack of religious fanatics, which we admittedly are.

But I approve of your act of cowardly degenerate censorship simply because us religious fanatics don't believe in 'freedom of speech' either, and you did censor one of our rivals in the White Nationalist Movement. In fact, I suspect that the reason that they put the ad in your skrule jewspaper was to get censored/banned and then use the resultant publicity to give them far more coverage than they could get if none of you fools had kicked up a stink about it. In which case they are actually smarter than I usually give the Pierce-ites credit for.

You see, when you so-called 'students' running a skrule jewspaper help destroy some of the social fabric keeping a diverse, multi-culti mighty Evil Empire together by finishing off the stupid notion that we can ever sit down and discuss our differences in peace and possibly get along together, that helps bring about what we call the Great Tribulation, a racial, religious, and class civil war which will end up destroying all the jews and non-whites and better than 90% of you dumbass whiggers. Charlie Manson would approve of what you fools have helped bring about. He wanted to start a racial civil war. You fools obviously think that you have won one by default, without a sh*t being fired. Time will tell, but I think that you have helped White victory by showing whiggers that they have no choice but to fight. Any whigger surviving this conflict will become White.

Since you pretentious idiots cannot help but deny allowing White Nationalists to simply buy an ad in a student newspaper in a college mainly paid for by white taxpayers, then of course the entire college should either be shut down and privatized or the idiot editor be expelled for violating the 'rights' of Whites.

Looking at the comments section, it seems that plenty of whites have figured out the score. And this is mainly why the major jewspapers are losing white subscribers is why should they pay good money to be despised for being white, for paying taxes to public institutions that discriminate against them, that lie to them, that despise them for Breathing While white (BWw)?

I hear that the Resistance Records people didn't pay for the second ad. Have any of you nitwits figured out that perhaps them clever Nazis notified the ADL (Ashkenazi Defecation League) or $PLC (Southern Professional Liars Center) so that they would find some whining jew or negro to cum running to you fools so that they would save another 120 ZOG-bux and get a whole lot of free publicity for 'forbidden fruit' that they couldn't have received if you gliberal whigger nincumpoops had simply honored your contractual obligations?

Well, perhaps in the civil war/Great Tribulation coming, the dumber National Alliance remnants will die in the fighting and the smarter of them will pretend to be Christian Identity so that they will have religious Racial Holy-War sanction for exterminating all you multi-culti ZOGlings, be you jew mud or whigger crud. They certainly ran rings around you edjewmacated ZOGling whigger kollidge ass-clowns the past few daze.

By the way, I'll be posting this on White Nationalist forums, maybe even on those of the Pierce-ites. So censor away, ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns.

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

Anchorage Activist said...

Pastor - Our differences about Glenn Miller and VNN Forum notwithstanding, I would almost pay money to see the look on Tim Owens' face when he reads your comment. He's about to get more "diversity" than he ever dreamed of.

I'll give you credit for one thing - you seem to understand the problem with whiggers. I find that whiggers are just as big of a problem as the Jews and the muds. Whiggers do the Jews' work.

LARS said...





apollonian said...

Jews, Queers Continue Getting A Little Too Clever By Half--Again
(Apollonian, 12 Nov 09)

Indeed yes, that was excellent comment, above, by the great Pastor Lindstedt, so expressive, by golly, and he's absolutely right for his outstanding analysis of things political and cultural--the pastor has such a distinct way with words.

Of course, such censorship of whites is what Jews want, at least many Jews, in order to foment and promote the usual in-fighting among gentiles. I'm sure however, other Jews are less jubilant, as they see this consistent discrimination against whites is now becoming evermore counter-productive, the whites only becoming more united as result.

Regarding "whiggers"--I find this is mere stage as they pass finally to either queer or bolshevik for the "left," or perhaps "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) on the "right," and of course, JCs are always Jew-oriented far more than for negroidals.

CONCLUSION: For how can any white person truly relate w. pea-brained niggers for very long?--only queers, and this only briefly, I say. Ultimately "whiggers" are the property of Jews, either queer or JC--some "whiggers" surely must get tired of it and finally reject it altogether, I truly suspect. Finally, this was a really good story by WhiteReference. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

[Here, below-copied, is my own contribution to same student newspaper. A.]

* * * * *

This Anti-White Crap Cannot Continue Much Longer, Surely
(Apollonian, 12 Nov 09)

Yes, it's okay to "discriminate" against white folks, they're such passive, brainless wimps, one must admit--they enjoy it, even.

But guess what?--this go-ahead-and-knock-white folks is all going to come to screeching halt soon, esp. when things get difficult economically--as will happen quite soon. Un-employment is already above 20% in real terms--what do u want? Int. rates are way too low, and when they go up, as they must, then what's gonna happen w. un-employment? Excrement is gonna hit fan, and then traitors are going to be sorry. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian