Thursday, November 26, 2009

Brazil's President President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva Uses Anti-White Racial Slur "Gringo" During Amazon Climate Summit

Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva used an anti-White racial slur during a November 26th, 2009 summit meeting dealing with Amazon River Basin environmental issues in Manaus, Brazil. The regional summit is considered preparatory to the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Copenhagen from December 7-18. Story from Yahoo News.

Yet the mass media is not calling Silva on the use of the slur. During the conference, President Silva was making the case that that the richer developed nations should pay Amazon nations to prevent deforestation, insisting they have caused much more past environmental destruction than the loggers and farmers who cut and burn trees in the world's largest tropical rain forest. Specifically, Silva was quoted as saying, "I don't want any gringo asking us to let an Amazon resident die of hunger under a tree. We want to preserve, but they will have to pay the price for this preservation because we never destroyed our forest like they mowed theirs down a century ago."

Not a word of outrage from any of the elite about his use of the word "gringo". Imagine the reaction if George W. Bush had used the term "raghead" to refer to Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The left would be screaming for blood. It should be noted that Brazilians customarily use the term "gringo" to refer to anyone from the Northern Hemisphere, and not just to Americans. Yet I somehow doubt that Silva considers anyone in Mexico or Central America a "gringo"; in fact, many people in those regions also use the term "gringo" to refer to White Americans and Canadians.

The real issue is not whether or not I can use terms like "nigger" or "spic" just as freely, but it's the inconsistency and hypocrisy that accompanies the issue. Once again, the national media and the elite give a non-White a free pass for behavior for which a White would be raked over the coals. This is why whenever a White commits a crime against a Black, the "hate crime" card is played first, whereas when a Black commits a crime against a White, it's never a "hate crime". Yes, I realize the term "hate crime" is a Jewish construct, but it's still useful to hoist the anti-White racists on their own petard.

It's also useful to note that Silva is yet another Third World leader who wants Whitey to pay for having opened up and developed a part of the world that indigenous people never did anything with. It was Whitey who turned the Amazon Basin into a moneymaker for many people, including the Brazilians. Now Silva wants to kill the golden goose. And other White nations are going along with it. Norway is making payments to give Brazil $1 billion by 2015 to preserve the Amazon rain forest, as long as Latin America's largest nation keeps trying to "stop deforestation". Norway was the first to supply cash to an Amazon preservation fund Brazilian officials hope will raise US$21 billion to protect nature reserves, to persuade loggers and farmers to stop destroying trees and to finance scientific and technological projects. Japan, Sweden, Germany, South Korea and Switzerland are also considering donating to the fund.



apollonian said...

Hypocrisy, Moralism--All Part, Parcel Of Large CYCLIC, Imperialist System
(Apollonian, 28 Nov 09)

AA, once again u make valid journalist-type pt.s and observations which deserve to be addressed. Hypocrisy of course is de-rigeur for any "moralistic"-type attitude entailing "good-evil," for it's a fallacious, delusional system at the "git-go." So u see, it's okay for stupid people to knock whitey--that's the entire object--but why?--what's the actual object?--what's really going on?

First note the mud-races can't be blamed for hating "whitey" as whitey has kicked the muds' asses soooooo many times, over and over and over, in so many different ways--it would be disappointing to me, as white, if these shit-race people didn't hate us--I'm rather proud of it, to tell the real truth.

Further, don't forget whites certainly DID lend themselves as soldiers and enforcers for imperialist oppression of these poor, shit-colored bastards (esp. as led by Jew financiers/bankers of last two hundred yrs or so)--so I don't blame the mud people--they're NOT the main problem. The muds don't want us whites around--and the feeling is mutual, far as I'm concerned.

In fact, knocking the white people isn't the main pt., as surely most people understand, even the muds--it's the self-righteousness which is indicated by the hypocrisy, and especially the MORALISM, AA, and I pray a mediocrity like u, though honest as u are, will someday start to begin to "getting it."

For u see my good comrade, AA, MORALISM is the way u change reality (for stupid people), esp. logic, literally, for many, many inferior, over-populated people--perhaps even most of them. Moralism thus CREATES reality, truth, and facts--this was the great "discovery" of Immanuel Kant, the founder of "German Transcendental Idealism" at the end of the enlightenment era (18th cent.).

For after Kant came his admirers and followers, esp. Hegel who then glorified the absolute state. After Hegel, of course, came the socialists and the bolsheviks--and here we are today, civilization still struggling with this MORALISM which is all-time pretext for the changing/creation of reality according to the whim of mankind--esp. as led by the topmost masterminds, present-day oligarchy. Foremost moralists of course are the Jews, the most tightly-organized of all criminal gangs--who literally control organized crime, just for one most notable example.

For by means of this moralistic pretense Jews were able to inveigle enough corrupted gentiles to institute fractional-reserve money and banking--like the present US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see and for expo/ref. on Fed COUNTERFEITING.

And this Fed instrument/weapon now is the Jews' fundamental practical weapon by which they ABSOLUTELY RULE. And it's moralism then which keeps the goyim befuddled, confused, and dis-organized, in-fighting against one another so this relatively tiny gang of deformed monstrosities, called Jews, rule and terrorize everyone else, they all clawing one another over who is most "moral."

So the answer for poor gentiles in this CYCLIC reality in which we live is to resurrect that original Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great by which gentile humanity briefly (in CYCLIC manner, once again) freed itself of the Jew oppressor--and remember, it's always a CYCLIC phenomenon which eventually always corrupts back, again and again.

[----------see below for part two to above entry--------A.]

apollonian said...

[---------here's part two to above entry--------------A.]

* * * * *

AA, u gotta start getting a clue, good comrade. Reality is CYCLIC, and u have to fall into stride with it all. There's a reason for everything that happens and has happened. Jews didn't just come up fm out of nowhere--they're a parasite disease-of-opportunity which takes advantage of corrupt gentiles addicted to irrationality (subjectivism and moralism, again)--Jews, however, are far, far more organized and knowingly motivated for what they intend to perpetrate--MASSIVE, HORRIFIC, GENOCIDE, all founded upon that basic irrationalism, mysticism, and above-all MORALISM (for practical purposes), upon which everything else for their MAMMON-empire is founded.

AA, u must heed Gosp. JOHN--the operative anti-theses are Christian TRUTH and honesty vs. Jew lies and conspiracy. This dichotomy then corresponds perfectly w. the objective Aristotelian reality vs. Talmudic subjectivism (anything goes). Next parallel dichotomy is reason vs. mysticism.

But perhaps most informative dichotomy is the DETERMINED reality accoridng to absolute cause-effect versus hubristic, perfectly "free" human will, whence stupid humans think they can control or create reality--they can't, though they imagine and insist for all their irrational obsession they can. But it's a CYCLIC relation as successful, prosperous humanity always eventually corrupts and over-produces these stupid inferiors who pretend to "free" will, thence "good-evil" delusion by which that tiny Jew gang of psychopaths manipulates them against one another so sublimely, so perfectly.

So our present purpose then is to observe and manage the CYCLE of things historic and socio-biologic accordingly--and to be patient as the inferior scum, addicted to delusion, fallacy, and heresy (Pelagianism) kill one another off. Thus as the gentile inferiors are reduced, so are the parasitic Jews who live upon them, and at some pt. we survivors will be enabled to killing the Jews when they seem weak--if we're lucky enough to be united and to striking at the right time.

For note there is historical precedent we can observe, as the first and greatest Jew-Expulsion of St. Constantine; there were others later, though they were only relatively localized in the West--but the important pt. is people were united--not by philosophy so much, as that's soooooo difficult for them, most people not being toooo swift intellectually. But folks were united according to an aesthetic (artistic-type style/mentality)--and Christianity filled that need.

So AA, try to getting a clue, good comrade--basic anti-theses again are Christian vs. Jew (aesthetic), this translating to Truth vs. lies, and then objective vs. subjective. White vs. muds is more of a side-issue, though racial exclusivity is obvious virtue--ALL GENTILES ARE OPPRESSED BY JEW LIES--and this is the basic problem.

CONCLUSION: Again, just think back to St. Constantine for the best, all-time, anti-semitic example. Whites are natural, obvious leaders, but other gentiles are capable of HONESTY too, never doubt, and the enemy of ALL MANKIND, white and non-white, are those infernal, hook-nosed kike monsters, never forget, who WORSHIP lies (like they're "persecuted," "chosen," "intelligent," etc.). Jews are psychopaths, un-questionably, but they rule in the "Decline..." stage of CYCLIC history as they're most consistent for their obsession, ironic as it may seem. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian