Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Three-Judge Panel Of 4th Circuit Court Of Appeals Overrules Judge James Turk, Orders That National Socialist Activist Bill White Remain Locked Up

On October 21st, 2009 the Roanoke Times reports that despite two previous evaluations by psychiatrists which showed that national socialist activist Bill White posed no danger to the community, a three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed Federal Judge James Turk's September 18th decision to release White on bond, and ordered that he remain locked up pending his December 9th trial date. Since this post was published, WSLS Channel 10 reports that White intends to appeal the ruling to the entire eleven member panel of the Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, and has two weeks to file. News video embedded below:

The Appeals Court had issued an emergency stay of Judge Turk's order back on September 23rd, but White's counsel had apparently contested the decision. The October 21st decision formalizes the emergency stay.

To counter the findings of the psychiatrists, Federal prosecutors pointed to his writings on his now-defunct Overthrow website, which he used as the primary outlet for the now-dormant American National Socialist Workers Party. White allegedly wrote in one post of fighting the urge every morning to "kill, kill, kill." In another passage, he described a "very intricate plot for the murder of about a score of Roanoke’s Negro nuisances and their annoying counterparts at The Roanoke Times." The three-judge panel was persuaded by the prosecutors' arguments.

Except for a five-day period from September 18-23, 2009, Bill White has been locked up since October 17th, 2008, when he was first arrested. His trial date has been set for December 9th. The 19-page Roanoke indictment can be read HERE


Hooch said...

Absolutely Ridiculous!

We all know why they are doing this though. The charges against him now are directly related to people who are supposed to be in fear for their lives with him not behind bars.

If he is not locked up their entire case is completely discredited.

Anonymous said...

His own words "annoying nuisance" completely sum up Mr. White. Forget the abstractions about "free-speech." The First Amendment will survive, just fine, without the distraction of his freak-show. The man deserves to be kicked out of society (preferably booted into prison) because, no matter what he calls himself (and it changes with the seasons), he is just an anti-social, self-important freak, embarrassing, misrepresenting and even endangering us and anyone else who unfortunately comes in contact with him. Throw away the key and "move on."

apollonian said...

apollonian said...

"Hooch" The Ignorant Jew Is Back Again
(Apollonian, 16 Oct 09)

It's "Hoochie" the Jew, back again to prosecute the Jew strategy of making gentiles fight one another.

"Hoochie" Jew of course doesn't let on he's Jew, but we know he is by his actions and words.

"Hoochie" Jew told us awhile ago he "doesn't know anything" about Jew Talmud, and I told him to get familiar, giving the Jew son-of-a-whore numerous citations.

So "Hoochie" Jew, u piece-of-shit, u still don't know anything about Talmud do u?--u stupid Judaic filth. Get ur ass off this blog which is for white people, not kikes like u, u idiot. Can't u see it says "white reference"?--dumbass. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

10:08 AM

apollonian said...

"...[H]e is just an anti-social, self-important freak, embarrassing, misrepresenting and even endangering us...." -"Anon" at 8:07 am

* * * * *

Jews And Queers Must Be Exterminated, Truly
(Apollonian, 22 Oct 09)

Listen to this piece of presumptuous shit, above-quoted, for a perfect example of the Jew-queer mentality. Forget first amendment freedom of speech, hey, "anon" just doesn't like Bill White, so "throw away the key," he/she concludes.

Talk about fascism--there's nothing more fascist than Jews or queers, never doubt, and everyone else only adopts fascist tactics as self-defense.

And that's what this war of life is all about, we who sympathize w. Bill White--who's honest--against stinking shit like above-quoted "anon."

CONCLUSION: "[E]mbarrassing" and "endangering us," says the Jew-queer who should really speak for himself/herself, the piece-of-shit filth--but typical of Jew-queers, without a doubt. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I know Bill White and its a blessing he is jail. Please GOD keep his retarded ass there. He discredits the pro-White movement just like convicts Jeff Schoep and David Duke do.

apollonian said...

Jew-Queers Continue To Stick-Out Like Sore Thumbs
(Apollonian, 22 Oct 09)

Anon at 9:41am, u brainless Jew-queer, u only PROVE u're a Jew-queer with ur stupidity, hailing the fascist violation of US Constitution and free-speech--not to mention fact that as anti-semite, Bill White is a hero.

CONCLUSION: Shit like u always hide ur sympathy for Jew within "pro-white" pretense--FOR JEWS ARE NOT WHITE. Stupid Jew-queer scum. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

"""The man deserves to be kicked out of society (preferably booted into prison) because, no matter what he calls himself (and it changes with the seasons), he is just an anti-social, self-important freak, embarrassing, misrepresenting and even endangering us and anyone else who unfortunately comes in contact with him."""

Interesting that you think that the 1st Ammendment will survive considering your thoughts that we should make acceptions with it for certain people. Go crawl back in your rat hole you liberal freak.

"""I know Bill White and its a blessing he is jail... He discredits the pro-White movement..."""

Someone "discredits" the non-movement and they should be in jail. You fucking people have lost your mind! You losers need to RE-learn some of the BASIC fundamentals of freedom and conservatism so you can pull yourselves back out of the liberal shithole you are in.

You have been sucked into a world of political correctness where one can not even speak what they feel (no matter how idiotic it is) without worrying if they will be sent to prison for doing so. You are severely mentally damaged and you need help now.

You freaks will not enslave the people and force them to conform to what YOU feel is right or wrong. We are all individuals, and NO ONE has the right to tell another what they can or can not say.

Once my party, the radical right, gains power, we will flip the table on you and it will be you Anti American rat shit that will be locked up for your fringe anti-constitutional views.

Freedom in this country was won with Blood and there are many out there who will die before allowing the fringe left to take it from us.

Anonymous said...

I will say it again. Bill White is no hero. I know him. He brought this all on himself because of his EGO. If he is kept in jail the pro-White movement might have a chance of winning without his antics. I'm not a Jew either.

Hooch said...

You keep saying you know him and so do I. What is your point Justin?

As you said before and you said again. You yourself are a weak slimy socialist who has been severely damaged by the pro left agenda.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Anon 9:05. I "know" Mr. White through what he has said and done. His mantra is "overthrow the ruling classes." He tried to be an anarchist, but even the anarchists canned him. Then, he claimed to be a "neo-Nazi," but only as a ploy to gain attention, while touting what he called "national anarchism," a non-entity of his own concoction. Anyhow, his antics did give our enemies fodder for their ranting that we are -- well, I won't repeat their ludicrous charges. But, Mr. White being absent and incarcerated is good-fortune, for whatever the reason. Thanks to those who not only see through the guff but reject all the Duke, White and Turner criminal types. Who needs them, really!

Hooch said...

So are you actually telling me that White should be locked up because he has tried to "gain attention" and because he flip flopped around on what he felt like he was? That is your reason that he should be in prision?

And you're going to actually act as if that is ok? Come on man. People have the right to be whoever they want, even if you don't agree with it. Even if it screws up your so called movement.

I can assure you that he is NOT the reason the movement is dead like you say he is.

It is because of all these things that white supremacists seem to love to hang on to so dearly. The ridiculous costumes, the saluting to Hitler, the all out denial of the Holocaust (I'm not saying the Jews did not exaggerate it to an extreme degree), the trailer trash crap on Jerry Springer, the term Socialist in general, the term Nazi in general, and on and on.

White Supremacists have branded themselves with images and terms that the average Joe doesn't want to be associated with. And most don't even have the slightest understanding of effective marketing.

However, groups like the BNP does so at the least, it has some proven ideas that average people can associate with, but unfortunately they never will in the United States until the redneck stuff is long gone and the freakishly oversensitive Jew stuff is toned down.

I mean, some "separatists" hate the "Jew Monster" so bad that all they can think about is "Jews". They hate them so bad that it makes them love Muslims to the point of potentially wanting a fagot relationship with one. Isn't that right Appolo?

When the average person looks to see what this stuff is all about and they hear that kind of craziness they instantly reject the entire movement as something that they do not want to associate themselves with.

That is the reason; or part of the reason why. And I can assure you it is not just a small handful of people. It is a great deal of the "movement". AND, not a single person in it should be locked up because you don't like them.

ordinary said...

Interesting tidbit. White (Weiss?) has a lawyer, David Damico (Italian?), who advertises that he is the most Mexican-friendly lawyer around.

"We are the only law firm in Roanoke with a native Spanish speaking lawyer and we have a growing list of Hispanic clients."

Hail diversity (absurdity?)!

LARS said...