Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Three Down, Two To Go: Lemaricus Davidson Convicted On 38 Separate Charges In Knoxville In Channon Christian-Chris Newsom Atrocity

Update October 30th: Death penalty for Lemaricus Davidson; updated post HERE.

On October 28th, 2009, after only eight hours deliberations, a jury of seven men and five women, selected from Knox County per Lemaricus Davidson's insistence and sequestered during the trial, convicted Davidson on a host of charges stemming from the carjacking, rape, torture, and murder of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom in January 2007. The racial composition of the jury is 6 white women, 5 white men, 1 black man, and the alternates are 1 white male and 2 white females. Davidson, who chose not to take the stand during the trial, was considered the ringleader of the group which committed the atrocity.

The original 95-page charge form can be read HERE. The verdict form issued to each juror can be viewed HERE.

The complete list of 38 charges on which Davidson was convicted have been published by WBIR Channel 10, the Knoxville News-Sentinel, and WVLT Channel 8. Davidson was not found guilty of the three aggravated rape counts involving Christopher Newsom; instead, he was found guilty of the lesser-included offense of facilitation of aggravated rape. But because Davidson was found guilty on several first degree murder and first degree felony murder charges, he's eligible for the death penalty. A sentencing hearing will take place on Thursday October 29th, at which time prosecutors will argue that Davidson should be put to death, while the defense will be trying to spare his life. The jury must be unanimous in their decision that Davidson should face the death penalty before he can be sentenced to death, otherwise, Davidson could be sentenced to life in prison without parole or life in prison. Knoxville News-Sentinel video embedded below:

The News-Sentinel also provides a gallery of 22 photos HERE.

Reaction from the parents of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom was immediately forthcoming. "We finally have the justice that these kids deserves," Chris Newsom's mother, Mary Newsom, said after the verdict was read. "Chris and Channon were the victims in this murder, and they should have never been put on trial,... and I can't say this in a court of law, but they did not deserve to be put on trial, they didn't do anything wrong, and today they got justice." Channon Christian's mother, Deena Christian said. Asked about the possible sentences in the case, Channon's father, Gary Christian, said, "Death, Death, Death."

Because Davidson was found guilty of killing both Christian and Newsom, unlike his half brother, Letalvis Cobbins, who was not convicted of killing Newsom, the Newsom family will get to share their victim impact statements with the jury during the sentencing hearing Thursday.

But what really stuck in the craws of the Christians was the way that Channon Christian was dragged through the mud by the defense during the trial. Gary and Deena Christian expressed their frustrations with defense attorneys and the media concerning defense attorney claims that their children used drugs and the way media reported that information. Gary Christian said the U.S. Constitution has been distorted and defense attorneys attempted "to drag our children through the mud, attempt to make them into dope dealers and hookers. And in a court of law, my wife does not have the right to say that our children should not have been put on trial. The truth must really hurt."

The Christians also took issue with the defense's suggestion that Channon may have had consensual sex with Davidson. "Over my dead body. The next person that says out of their mouth that my daughter had consensual sex with him, ain't got but one person in this world to deal with, and that's me," Christian said. "Over my dead body." The Christians say they also have proof--drug screen results from Channon's employment--that their daughter was not on drugs.

This makes three down and two to go. On October 15th, 2008, Eric Dewayne Boyd, convicted in April 2008 of being an accessory to murder after the fact and misprision of a felony (failure to notify law enforcement of the whereabouts of someone you know has committed a crime), has been sentenced to the maximum permissible 18 years in prison. And on August 26th, 2009, Letalvis Cobbins was sentenced to life without parole for being found guilty of felony murder against Channon Christian. The jury convicted him of facilitation of first degree felony murder in 32 counts. But the jury also found Cobbins not guilty of five counts including the murder of Newsom during his rape, the murder of Christian during Newsom's rape and three counts of aggravated rape of Newsom.

Next up: Co-defendant George Thomas, 26, set to be tried Decmeber 1st by a jury to be chosen from Chattanooga in mid-November. The last suspect Vanessa Coleman, 21, is being allowed to appeal a key ruling over immunity so no trial date has been set for her.

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Anchorage Activist said...

Since there is only one black on this jury, one would think there would be a better chance of Davidson getting the death penalty.

Unfortunately, there are also six women on the jury...and women can be squeamish about the death penalty.

LARS said...

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Anchorage Activist said...

Good point, Lars. I didn't see any threads on this gal on the first two pages of either Stormfront or VNN. So I've made it my next post.

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