Friday, October 02, 2009

In Memoriam: Dedicated White Racial Activist James "Yankee Jim" Leshkevich, Who Would Have Turned 54 Years Old On October 2nd, 2009

Instead of posting the typical portrait of James "Yankee Jim" Leshkevich, I decided to post a picture of him doing what he did best during the later years of his life. Activism - face to face boots-on-the-ground activism, boldly engaging the White public one-on-one to bring them around to racial consciousness. The photo above shows Yankee Jim, in the center wearing suspenders, holding forth with the public at the first Christian-Newsom rally in Knoxville on May 26th, 2007. Photo taken by another dedicated activist, Expose Them All.

But rather than memorialize the death of Yankee Jim, we choose to celebrate his life, which began on October 2nd, 1955. A truck driver by profession, he grew weary of experiencing diversity up close and personal in greater NYC and moved up to the Hudson Valley. Soon after, he would find out that he had moved up into what he called the "Jew-infested Catskills". But he ratcheted up his activism, first with the National Alliance, and then with the now-defunct National Vanguard. He was a leading member of the Vanguard News Network Forum and a regular on Goyfire; read this 53rd birthday post on him for more details. When he passed on, he took a small chunk of VNN Forum with him in spirit.

But while Yankee Jim was engaged in activism, the home front was being undermined through forces beyond his control. His wife, Deborah, fell under the influence of multiculturalists at the school where she worked. Divorced harridans jealous of the fact that the Leshkevichs were still married worked ceaselessly to undermine her marriage - and ultimately they succeeded. The final tragedy was played out at the Leshkevich home on February 19th, 2008, the circumstances more fully described HERE and HERE.

Only God can ultimately render final judgment and decide upon Yankee Jim's eternal reward. But from our perspective, Yankee Jim was a true soldier for the Cause. RIP, Jim! Remembrance thread now started on the Vanguard News Network Forum.


Orion said...

I met Jim at the Knoxville rally, and heard him on numerous shows and forums. He wasn't afraid to call in and express what was wrong with the country and all I can say is he was an outstanding white patriot. I'm not going to judge what happened with Jim in Death but what he did during his life. If the warriors of Valhalla do the same, I know they have welcomed him into the great hall with other souls who fought the good fight.

See you in Valhalla, Jim!

Anonymous said...

The psychological pressures brought to bear in this Jewish Police State can break people - Whites in the jUS live in an atomized, materialistic world, they herd like Wildebeest and never act to protect their own - Yankee Jim was a brave, noble Knight who sought to arouse his sheeplike fellows. God Bless.

Family of Hal Turner said...

Rest in peace Yankee Jim. We believed in you, and your real friends believed in you

Enta said...

"Divorced harridans jealous of the fact that the Leshkevichs were still married worked ceaselessly to undermine her marriage - and ultimately they succeeded."

Also lesbians will target a co-worker for seduction. Years ago they would not dare.

YJ was good people he should have divorced the woman and dedicated his life to the race without any romantic liaisons. He would have accomplished a lot. Did not St Paul write about that in the New Testament?