Friday, October 16, 2009

Bay Area National Anarchists Protest Against Sodomites At The 2009 Folsom Street Fair In San Francisco, Taking Issue With Inadequate Policing

A PDF copy of this flyer is available HERE

One of the most disgusting spectacles of perversion takes place openly in San Francisco every September. And September 27th, 2009 was the day of the infamous Folsom Street Fair. Nearly anything goes there - fucking, sucking, fisting, water sports, etc. - in broad daylight, no less - so long as the participants appear to be of legal age and consenting. While the organizers nominally try to keep kids away, policing is hardly the highest of their priorities.

A mainstream story about the event was published by an Examiner. The fair covered over thirteen city blocks, and hosted over 250 vendors and exhibitors. Some rather disgusting photos were published by the San Francsico Chronicle; 860 comments were posted, most of them critical. Even more disgusting pictures were posted on SFist.

However, there was boots-on-the-ground opposition. A contingent from Bay Area National Anarchists (BANA) showed up to protest the event. According to a September 20th post, their issue is not so much with homosexuals or so-called alternative lifestyles, but with the failure of law enforcement and the event organizers to protect the public, and in particular, children, from inadvertently entering the area. BANA wants the city to pass statutes that require the organizers of the Folsom Street Fair to check ID at the gates of the event and prohibit entry to these events to anyone under eighteen years of age. This issue is further discussed on The Phora, and you can watch their protest on the video embedded below:

Here's a second video from the event:

As discussed in my September 4th, 2009 post, National Anarchists use tribalism to promote White racial consciousness. National Anarchists believe tribes can be organized around any matter of common interest - including race. National Anarchism has taken root in Northern California because other anarchists and tribalists thrive in the area; thus, National Anarchists have adopted an approach which blends in well with the local cultural background.

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apollonian said...

Anarchism Is Illogical, Too Off-Beat For Necessary Anti-Semitic Purposes
(Apollonian, 16 Oct 09)

AA, u gotta get it into ur head the necessary strategy: CHRISTIAN VS. JEW--this is the necessary anti-theses. Thus Jews must be singled out, isolated, identified, targeted, engaged, and exterminated. Jew is the problem. Christianity then is most successful anti-semitism after reason itself.

And the only way to do this Jew-extermination in practical terms is by uniting the gentile host by means of reason and Christianity. Thus Christianity is used as most practical second to HUMAN REASON, as so few humans are really capable of grasping purest reason, logic, science, etc.

Thus in general all gentiles can be united in the cause of ANTI-SEMITISM which is most compelling logically evermore, but again, for practical purposes there must usually be something of positive nature by which people are rallied and united--hence a rationalist Christianity which tolerates non-Christianity, though not anti-Christianity, obviously.

Hence then nazis or anarchists are not going to be sufficient or satisfactory to the anti-semitic problem as Jews will use them to try keeping goyim divided and infighting against one another. For example, nazis are too intimidating to other, non-white gentiles, even some whites. The object is to UNITE ALL GENTILES.

Nazis aren't bad for uniting many whites--BUT, they must be tolerant and supportive to Christians who will unite all gentiles and all whites.

CONCLUSION: Anarchism (literally, "anti-government") is just far too off-beat and indeed quite contradictory, as a governmentalistic -type force is precisely what is called-for in order to destroy this plague of queer monstrosities, these queers of course sponsored and funded by Jews. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian