Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anti-White Racial Double Standard At Hampton University And Baltimore: Black Must Remain Black, But White Is Always Negotiable

The racial double standard against whites is alive and well at Hampton University and in Baltimore, Maryland. You know what I'm talking about. Whenever an institution or an entity is "too white", the civil rights racketeers, who not only include blacks, but also anti-racist white progressives and Jews, ratchet up a campaign to make it more "diverse". This, of course, inevitably means forcing more blacks into the mix to make the institution in question "look like America".

But the reverse never applies. Indeed, once an institution becomes sufficiently "blackened", God help anyone who suggests replacing a black with a white. Two examples of this problem have recently surfaced.

First, the historically black Hampton University in Virginia crowned Nikole Churchill its first non-black Miss HU on October 9th, 2009, causing what the local newspaper, the Daily Press, politely called a “division on campus.” Simpson's mother is Italian and her father is from Guam. Some students walked out of her crowning ceremony, apparently unable to accept the possibility that anyone who is not black could be picked to represent the school in a pageant that centered around evening wear, swimsuit, and talent competitions.

Taken aback by the criticism, Churchill then wrote a letter to Barack Obama, asking him to visit the campus so that, in her words, "my fellow Hamptonians can stop focusing so much on the color of my skin and doubting my abilities to represent, but rather be proud of the changes our nation is making towards accepting diversity". But then Churchill backpedaled and wrote another letter, this one to the Daily Press, apologizing for having been offended and taking it all back. Go figure.

And in Baltimore, the NAACP is demanding that the Maryland state legislature strip the governor of the authority to permanently appoint a replacement Baltimore mayor, out of fear that the governor will appoint a white replacement. You see, the current mayor of Baltimore, Sheila Dixon, will be undergoing two separate trials for nine different charges she faces, including theft and perjury, and the possibility of her conviction raises succession questions. Sheila Dixon is black, and the NAACP is presuming that a white replacement could not fully represent the majority black and Democratic city.

Actually, the whole issue may be moot. According to Dan Friedman, an assistant attorney general who is counsel to the General Assembly, the governor does not currently have the authority to make an appointment. Instead, the Maryland constitution defers to the city's charter, which elevates the city council president to be mayor in case of a vacancy. And a poll conducted by the Baltimore Sun shows that 93 percent of respondents think the NAACP's concerns are invalid.

Those of us who are white nationalists are fond of saying "Once you go black, there's no going back", although we say it to discourage miscegenation. Ironic that the NAACP is saying the same thing in this case, isn't it?


Hooch said...

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