Thursday, September 10, 2009

Twenty Black Thugs Mob-Assault Justin Winemiller At St. Rocco's Festival In Cleveland, Ohio; All Local Media Censor Race Of Attackers

On Saturday September 5th, 2009, an estimated 20 black teenage thugs staged a mob assault on a White teenager, 17-year-old Justin Winemiller, at the St. Rocco's Festival in Cleveland, Ohio around 10 P.M. Media stories posted by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, WJW Channel 8, and WEWS Channel 5. But not a single one of them had the gumption to mention the race of the attackers. It was only from comments posted to the WJW Channel 8 story that we learn the attackers were black. Comments to the story can be viewed on this Topix forum (no registration required to post comments).

WJW Channel 8 news video embedded below:

The St. Rocco's Festival is an annual event which takes place on the west side of Cleveland, considered the safer part of the city. Yet on Saturday September 5th, it wasn't safe enough for Justin Winemiller. Upon leaving the festival, he was jumped by an estimated 20 black teenage thugs just north of the church, at Fulton Road and Trent Avenue. The thugs are not believed to be from the neighborhood, but from either the east or south side of town. Their motive for the attack reportedly was the thrill of beating him unconscious and capturing it on tape. Winemiller, who is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds, told WJW that they jumped him from behind, "they threw me up against the wall and while they were kicking me, someone was recording the whole attack, someone was spinning around, making sure they got every angle of me getting kicked and me getting thrown to the ground."

Fortunately, for Winemiller's sake, Cleveland Police Officer Gregory Kwan, who was working security at the festival, saw what was happening to Winemiller and came to his aid. He confronted the black teens, who were so consumed in their simian savagery that Kwan had to repeatedly mace AND taser them to stop the attack and eventually drive them away. Kwan then called for medical assistance, and Winemiller was eventually transported to Metro Health Medical Center.

Upon their arrival at the Center, Winemiller's parents found that Justin was covered in blood from head to toe; he had it in his ears and in his nose. Justin now has stitches in my head, a possible broken jaw, bruises to his neck and ribs and chipped teeth, and shoe prints all over his body. He may have even suffered a mild concussion. It is now believed that the intervention of Officer Kwan may have saved Justin's life.

Justin Winemiller's sister posted the following comment in the Plain Dealer blog:

Posted by swcalibound on 09/09/09 at 10:21AM

I am Justin's sister and yes, every single one of the attackers was black. I am not a prejudice or racist person by any means, but I find it ridiculous that this is not being considered a hate crime. Why is it that racism is one sided? Only white people can be racist...that's ridiculous. That's not what was meant to come from the Civil Rights movement. Everyone was supposed to be equal, but apparently that doesn't apply and that saddens me...

In response to criticism for not reporting the race of the attackers, one of the Plain Dealer editors posted the following comment:

Posted by jkroll on 09/09/09 at 11:42AM

From the editors:

Plain Dealer Metro Editor Chris Quinn provided this response to questions asked above:

I want to correct incorrect statements being made in comments for this story.

The Plain Dealer, as a matter of policy, does not include descriptions of crime suspects unless they include enough specifics for the community to help police make identifications. Generally, that means height, weight, clothing, race, gender, tattoos and the like. In the case of the beating, specific descriptions of suspects were not available except for one person, a juvenile identified by name in the police report. The Plain Dealer does not name juvenile crime suspects unless they are arrested and charged as adults.

Nothing in the police report indicates that the beatings were race-motivated hate crimes.

That being the case, we're going to limit comments related to alleged racial motives on this post from this point on.

John Kroll
Director of Training and Digital Development
The Plain Dealer

What Mr. Kroll fails to explain is how the public is supposed to help the police find the perps if the public is not given a general description.

Natallnews reports that National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe, who continues to make his home in Cleveland, attended the festival the night before and observed first hand the numerous Black and Latino gangs swarming the festival. In fact, he reported more non-White gang violence on the night he was there. Interestingly, in the area in front of St. Rocco's Church where Chairman Gliebe was sitting, the police chased everyone away except him, as he was the only White person there and obviously not causing any problems. Discussion also taking place on Stormfront.

Here's a Cleveland "tourism" video that the Cleveland Board of Tourism was reportedly unhappy with:

Now who do you suppose made Cleveland the way it is today?


Anonymous said...

Good video.

apollonian said...

Once Again: Life Is Dangerous In This World Of Jews And Niggers--Heed The Truth, Pilgrim
(Apollonian, 11 Sep 09)

AA, this is how we all learn--the hard way. Life is war, as Homer first taught, confirmed by all the greatest white men, Plato, St. Augustine, Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes, Spencer, and Darwin--and u only succeed as u succeed in war. Thus u must be strong and able to exert this strength.

So strength then begins with facing the necessary facts and truth. But then, "what is truth?" asked Pontius Pilate (Gosp. JOHN 18:38).

Is reality objective ("God-given" according to Christianity)?--or is it just what u or I or anyone wants it to be (subjectivism)?

And that's the basic conflict according to Gosp. JOHN, TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy. For Jews say truth is what they say and insist it is, which Jews then apply and exert collectivistically with least conflict among themselves, which such collectivism then makes them so dominant and all-powerful, the gentiles, poor fools, all fighting amongst one another, lacking cohesion, unity, etc.

For next question then, after objective-subjective, is more precise nature of reality--is it determined according to absolute cause-effect, the will of God?--or again, is it (reality) just what we want it to be by means of perfectly "FREE" human will?--is there really any such thing (perfectly "free" human will)?

And this, comrade AA, is how Jews so sublimely fool and mis-lead stupid, over-populated gentiles in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--by means of illusion/delusion/fallacy/heresy (Pelagianism) of PERFECTLY "FREE" human will--by which we supposedly pretend to achieve "good."

For we can never be "good" enough, as such hopeless sinners, to seriously expect to be able to DEMAND God admits us--to Heaven, for example. Only God's grace and mercy can suffice for our salvation--according to the necessary theology, parallel then to necessary logicalist philosophy, DETERMINISM (absolute cause-effect--NO perfectly "free" human will).

So there is no real, hence objective, "good-evil," like there is no perfectly "free" human will--thus we must heed the laws of reality, thus truth, guarding against lies and liars--like Jews, the most brilliant, successful, ruthless liars who ever existed, as they're so brilliantly organized, collectivistically, as they are, gentiles so individualistic, fools as they naturally are.

CONCLUSION: Niggers then are just the tools, creatures, and play-things of Jews, who do what Jews tell them in their hubris and self-righteousness, the fools. So perhaps, God-willing, poor Justin, bless his soul, has learned a hard lesson: be armed, be aware, and be strong--and heed the truth, most of all. Good story AA, as it confirms and re-teaches us all necessary, useful lessons about life which all can well appreciate. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Harry L. Hughes III said...

When I think of Cleveland, the first thing that comes into my mind is BLACK.

It disgusts me that race is omitted when reporting on crime. Although it didn't really matter as I already instinctively knew what color these savages were as soon as I heard the story.

Soon, these attackers will be elevated to civil rights heroes just like the Jena 6.

carl said...

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Anonymous said...

I guess the Winemiller family has learned a hard lesson in Diversity and legal double standards - heterosexual Whites do not receive the same protections under the law or by the Jewish press - that's one thing I like about the Russians - when some asswipe "Journalist" paid off by the CIA starts some shit they wind up with their head blown off in elevators or suicided.

carl said...

must see video!
james traficant's first interview!

Wally said...

Why do white supremacists broadcast their thoughts and actions in the simplest manner? You know East Asians, especially Chinese, are making gains on us yet they keep everything very quiet and in coded language. You would get much farther if you did the same. Teddy Roosevelt said "Talk softly and carry a big stick."

Why do white supremacists tatoo their body with black ink? Why do they tatoo themselves at all? Once again it's an issue of broadcasting.

Why are all white supremacist symbols black?

LARS said...

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Anonymous said...

Wally - what White Nationalist symbols are Black ? Are you referring to the color used in the symbol or are you claiming White activist look to Negros as role models ? If the latter, can you provide some examples. Most of the symbols use the color black because it stands out well against a white background, whereas the Reds use the typical red banner. Niggers like black on green, but the effect isn't as stark. Young White activist with tattoos are in part following a youth fad and are probably frustrated by the cowardice of their elders, so they want to stand out. The Chinese are operating on a governmental level to advance the cause of their race, but they aren't near the threat that the Negros and Jews are, so why play the Jews alarm game and start worrying about the Chinese - I hope they best this sick, Jewed, Republic anyway !

LARS said...

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On Tuesday, Turk ordered a local psychiatrist to examine White before he decided whether White should be released on bond. A defense psychiatrist who had previously examined White said he was not an imminent danger to the community, despite White's writings.

White faces charges in Virginia of threatening a syndicated newspaper columnist, a New Jersey mayor and several other people by e-mail, telephone or online.

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A Chicago judge dismissed that charge in July on First Amendment grounds, and White was returned to Virginia.

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