Thursday, September 03, 2009

Racially-Conscious White Man Fired From Job For Distributing Pro-White Literature At Work, Even Though Some Co-Workers Asked For The Literature

On this Stormfront thread, an individual identified as Leland Oswald discloses that a 50-year-old racially conscious White man was fired from his job for distributing pro-White literature on the job. The man was terminated despite the fact that he did not initiate a cold distribution, but provided the literature only after some of his co-workers requested it because they knew of his reputation as being pro-White. Neither the location nor the company name were provided, but the account is still useful nonetheless because of the lessons learned which it provides. Here are the pertinent posts from the thread.

Here's Oswald's first post:

I hope this is in the right place. If not I apologize and please move. My brother was fired this morning for "handing out unapproved literature". He had given a few of his co-workers some stickers and pamphlets from Tightrope and The National Alliance. The reason his boss said they were terminating his employment was that the company was afraid of being sued. I wonder if it was a muslim, ACORN, or La Raza supporter passing out propaganda if it would be an incident wothy of a loss of income in this poor economy. Whatever happenned to freedom of speech and freedom of association?

The boss said they had gotten complaints, but nothing was ever said to him, no progressive discipline at all. They are now hiring 2 mestizo's and a mixed breed mud to work there. For those here of faith, I would ask that you please keep him and his daughter in your prayers. He's been concerned because his daughter just started as a freshman in college, and he went through a divorce just earlier this year, so the money's terribly tight. The job only paid 8 bucks an hour, and it was a backbreaker. I told him that The Good Lord has something better for him just up the road. He's over 50, so he'll need all the help he can get. God bless you all.

Here's Oswald's second post, which clarifies some undefined issues from the first post:

I'm sorry if I misled folks. He didn't interject his point of view, but he didn't hide it out of fear. It was his co-workers who had asked him for the literature and stickers. When the boss found out, he fired him. I also forgot to mention that every morning, the whole shop prays for at least five minutes before starting work. There isn't any problem with that, though. I support the concept of prayer in the workplace, but you can't have it both ways, or can you? If he was handing out pro gay marriage material, he'd be protected. I understand the need to keep things separate, but where was the warning to cut it out? There was none. He is a proud White man, and will be till he dies, just like me. It's sickening to me to see a man have to cower to keep his job. Never been much good at boot licking. Thanks for the input from you all.

Analysis: This sounds like an "at-will employer". An "at-will employer" can terminate you for any reason at any time, without notice and without severance pay. The only caveat is you cannot tell the employee you're firing him because he's a member of a "protected class", then the employer bumps up against civil rights statutes. You can still qualify for unemployment compensation in most cases. One person speculates that an anti-racist may have deliberately asked the man for pro-White literature on the job to set him up for the termination. One other possibility is that the employer unofficially fired him because he was "too old" (50 years old) and used the literature pretext as an excuse to dump him in favor of younger workers. In an "at-will" environment, an employer can get away with it as long as he doesn't publicly say he's firing the guy because of his age.

Lessons Learned: Do not bring pro-White literature into your workplace at any time for any reason. If an employee asks you for literature, wait until you're off company property AND off the clock before giving him the literature. I will add one more caveat; don't access any pro-White websites on the company computers, and this caveat could even apply if you bring your own laptop in to work, but slave off the company's Wi-Fi network. Of course, this will not guarantee absolute protection; former National Alliance member Dan Schildhauer got fired from Cabela's in Nebraska in 2003 for distributing pro-White literature off the job on his own time, but Schildhauer had also attracted the notice of a vengeful Hispanic cop, who blew the whistle on him to Cabela's. But keeping your pro-White activism off the job will better protect you against arbitrary termination.

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Harry L. Hughes III said...

I always kept my work and personal life very separate. I didn't even socialize with co-workers under any circumstances.