Saturday, September 26, 2009

National Socialist Movement Rallies Against Illegal Immigration And Day Labor Centers In Riverside, California, Opposed By Motley Anti-Racist Gaggle

Unkempt, unshaven 'Chicano' rabble attack NSM cadre peacefully rallying in Riverside

The National Socialist Movement flexed its organizational muscle on September 26th, 2009. Not only did they rally in Belleville, Illinois, but they also staged a rally against illegal immigration and day labor centers in Riverside, California.

Southwest Riverside News filed the first report on this activism, followed by KTLA Channel 5 and then the Press-Enterprise. KABC Channel 7 video accessible HERE; does not successfully embed on this blog. The NSM contingent arrived a little after 10 A.M. PDT at Madison Street and Indiana Avenue; awaiting them were more than 50 counter-protesters, news reporters, cameramen, and other observers. They formed up in front of a Farmer Boys Restaurant on Madison Street just east of Indiana Avenue, at a crossroads where men, mostly illegal immigrants, gather to seek day jobs at a day labor center on the property of Home Depot. The disgusting, degrading, feudalistic concept of day labor actually cheapens and coarsens the value of human labor, reducing ALL workers to the status of human wildebeest constantly searching for new browse to graze upon.

Members of the NSM's Inland Empire Unit had earlier said they would ”demand the immediate deportation of all immigrants that have entered our country illegally” and demand that ”American jobs … be granted to legal American citizens”. NSM spokesman Mike O'Dell, 52, of San Francisco said ”We just want to express our frustration that the laws on the books are not enforced”. O'Dell was attired in a black NSM T-shirt with the phrase ”We Are Back” on his chest. Other NSM cadre shouted phrases including ”White Power!” and gave stiff-armed Roman salutes during about 45 minutes of heated exchanges. It is abundantly clear that the NSM cadre articulated mainstream grass-roots American concerns.

Opposing them was a witches' brew of a now estimated 200 flotsam and jetsam representing elite and special interests which tend to be alien to America's national interest. Valley News described it as a "coalition of 16 pro-immigrant and pro-diversity groups"; according to this KABC Channel 7 news video, the group is called "Riverside Rejects Racism". Included in the rogue's gallery of antis were Rev. Brian C. Kent, pastor of the First United Methodist Church of Riverside as well as members of the Chicano-supremacist Aztlan Brown Berets, who are "Chicano" activists who said they came to protect day laborers from the nearby Casa Blanca neighborhood, which is predominantly Latino, from harassment. ”We just want to let the neo-Nazis we won’t tolerate racism,” said Rudolfo Zapata, 37, of Riverside. ”We are here to protect the workers, if necessary.” But they did not address how supporting and enabling feudalistic day labor constitutes "protecting workers' interests", however.

One Top Jew crawled out of the woodwork. ”These kind of people are … living in very dark places,” said Rabbi Shmuel Fuss, who runs the Chabad Jewish Community Center of Riverside. ”It’s great that everybody is coming together, not to address (the neo-Nazis) per se, but to address hate in general. You’ve got to stand up for what’s right in the community. If people were just quiet, that would not be a good idea.”

When the two sides met, the antis tried grabbing some flags, some punches were thrown, and spit flew through the air. Riverside police clad in riot gear monitored the competing protests, and witnessed some of the flag-grabbing scuffles, but made no arrests. Unarmed U.S. Department of Justice community relations moderators also stood in the scrum of drum-beating and slogan-shouting to keep violence at a minimum. After an hour, it was all over, and everyone went their separate ways.


LARS said...

Neo-Nazi Bill White going back to jail
White Supremacist Bill White is going back to jail.

Five days after a federal judge in Roanoke ordered White released on bond, three judges of the U.S. Appeals Court stayed that order Wednesday.

That means the self-proclaimed Neo-Nazi goes back to the city jail while federal prosecutors explain more fully to the appeals court why they believe White should not be released, pending trial.

White's case is set for trial in December.

The government points to White's own statements on the Web about going on a "murderous rampage" in Roanoke.

Anonymous said...

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Harry L. Hughes III said...

NSM will be demonstrating against illegal immigration in front of the State Capitol in Phoenix, AZ on November 7, 2009.

Anonymous said...

Is the NSM going to get spit on and lose NSM flags like last time and have to be rescued by the police again?