Saturday, September 26, 2009

National Socialist Movement (NSM) And Illinois National Socialist Front (INSF) Rally Against Black-On-White School Bus Beating In Belleville, Illinois

On September 26th, 2009, approximately 25 patriots participated in a pro-White rally held in Belleville, Illinois to protest the September 14th beatdown of a White student by Black thugs aboard a school bus. Media stories from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Belleville News-Democrat. Discussion on the Vanguard News Network Forum. News-Democrat video embedded below (not certain how well this embed will work; there have been intermittent problems with the BND's video player):

Most of the patriots were associated with the National Socialist Movement (NSM); however, a spokesman for the Illinois National Socialist Front (INSF) earlier proclaimed their intent to participate as well. Others participating included the White Boy Society, the Knights Party, and some independents. Jason Bonn, a leader of the National Socialist Movement in Belleville, had said his group would be joined by "a couple of different pro-white organizations". The patriots, many dressed in black and some carrying national socialist flags, also carried signs and used a bullhorn to call for hate crime charges against the two Black teens accused of attacking a White teen on a school bus. They yelled out, "Double standard!" and "White power!" Several dozen police officers in riot gear waited nearby with dogs; no problems were reported. The rally began around 11:30 A.M. CDT and lasted an hour.

At the same time, a local church group held a vigil about a half block away to call for racial harmony. The counter-protest, organized by the Conqueror's Christian Center in Belleville, displayed signs inscribed with "We Are One" and "We Love You."

There was also a third group of people present who were primarily spectators. Some booed the pro-White activists. There is considerable media confusion as to just who was a spectator and who was an anti-racist activist; the best estimates at this time are that there were 50 anti-racist activists and about 150 spectators. This could change.

Aggravated battery charges have been filed in juvenile court against the black 14- and 15-year-old Belleville West High School students accused of the beating; they've also been expelled from school for two years. A family lawyer said the White victim suffered black eyes, a cut cheek, a sore jaw and emotional trauma, and has not yet returned to classes. Meanwhile, the East St. Louis chapter of the NAACP (sometimes referred to as the National All-African Communist Party) is "reviewing" the expulsions of the two Black thugs, which really means they're trying to find a way to make excuses for them, as they generally do for any black misbehavior.

A second NSM rally is taking place in Riverside, California today, in which the issues are illegal immigration and day labor centers. There will be a separate post on this activism.


Anonymous said...

Protest is good. We need to protest but this is the wrong way. It sends the wrong message. Screaming white power isn't going to win any ground.
Instead, they need well dressed, well groomed, well spoken, assertive whites to use the obvious logic and justice of their cause to build a coalition against this sort of abuse against whites.
These clowns just look like morons.
Sorry but they've been doing it this way for nearly 50 years and haven't accomplished squat. It's time for some different tactics ....and a different look.

Anonymous said...

Matter of fact, I give serious credence to the notion that all these neo-nazi type groups are highly infiltrated with Feds and Jews. There are plenty of historical examples to back this up.
These people make us all look loony to one degree or another, just by loose association of racial awareness and I believe that is the purpose of said infiltrators. Thinking whites must and are finding better ways to fight against their enemies.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous - I can see your point, but the NSM draw media just like ice cream trucks draw kids. This shows the public that there's visible pro-White opposition on the ground. There is value simply in manifesting public opposition.

Groups like Freedom14 which don't attract media publicity are probably more effective in attracting grass-roots interest. Until we get a BNP of our own, this is the best we've got.

Sam Willis said...

Look what Bowles said about it. He's probably the most experienced NS person in America:

apollonian said...

AA Continues To Fail To "Get It" About Jews, How They Work
(Apollonian, 27 Sep 09)

AA, we white Christians don't need or want a BNP--I'm VIOLENTLY against any BNP, death to the Jews and their little BNP contrivance and punks by which whites (esp. white Christians) are ISOLATED against everyone else, white punks, paid by Jews, now enforcing Jews upon real white people, the Christian white people, this Jew imposition falsely in the name of "white" people, Jews pretending to be white--this ain't gonna fly.

Christians (hence anti-semites) are the only proper spokesmen for whites--NOT "nationalists" within which Jews hide too easily for all the non-Christianity and paganistic crap, not to mention the blatant irrationalism (a la Nietszche) as of Alex Linder of VNN ( a Jew agent of disinfo.

Thus real white (non-Jew) people are assailed fm all sides, including now fm nominal "whites" ("nationalists), certainly NOT Christian, tolerating Jews, the worst enemies of real white folk, these Jews and Jew-friendly non-Christians pretending they're "nationalists."

And I'm warning u, AA--keep up this bullshit about the BNP and we know who u're working for, comrade. U fool less and less people, I daresay.

And it all comes together about u evermore, AA: u're a "Mormon," aren't u? Mormons say anyone can become God--as I understand. So are Mormons Christian?--IMPOSSIBLE. Are Mormons compatible w. Christians who understand we're NOT God and can never be God?--no, no more than Christians are compatible with Jews in final analysis.

And all these feckless, pointless demonstrations of "whites" (but really mere "nationalists") where they're placed in positions of vulnerability to shit-races--what is accomplished? Nothing--but nothing--has ever come fm these idiot demonstrations, held in enemy territory where these enemies are allowed to upstage, intimidate, and show-up the nominal "white" folk.

So AA, u really do a good job for journalism and reporting, given ur perspective which IS NOT Christian-oriented--which lack of Christian foundation u steadily give away w. ur sympathy for Jew organization like BNP--this doesn't seem to register in ur mind, which u blithely ignore even though it's explained to u in some detail. So how "smart" are u, really? Thus ur journalism really only works, up to a certain pt., but then stops altogether.

Who are u really working for AA?--it isn't real white people if it isn't Christian, comrade.

And yes, I must admit the real "Christian" core for white organization is still to make itself definitively felt, no question about it. But the "nationalist" element, so infiltrated with stinking, filthy Jews is grossly inadequate and utterly lacking in integrity--something u fail to see with ur own compromised and inadequate Mormon nature.

[-----see below for part two to above entry--------A.]

apollonian said...

[----------here's part two to above entry-------A.]

* * * * *

For the idea is to ISOLATE Jews, AA, unquestionably the very worst enemy of all humanity, not only whites (real whites, not Jew)--which u continue to ignore like the cow blithely chewing on its cud--who do u think u're kidding? For u're only kidding urself, comrade.

So AA, I'll say again, u do well for basic journalism and reporting certain facts--but that's all u accomplish--which isn't inconsiderable. But u're NOT entirely honest as u hide ur Mormon, hence non-Christian, agenda. And u should more plainly admit U'RE NOT CHRISTIAN and that u're not working for Christians.

Which then actually poses a problem for u, doesn't it?--because then u would have to admit to the real truth--which is u're working for other than Christian interests--WHICH ISN'T GOING TO WORK, comrade. For ultimately it must come down to Christian vs. Jew. And yes, truth is also this EITHER-OR conundrum be-devils Dave Duke, James Edwards, and the Stormfront crowd too, doesn't it?

For in strict philosophic/rationalist -style terms, it is objective vs. subjective, also reason vs. mysticism. But most people can't analyze in such strict logicalist terms--that's why it requires Christian vs. Jew, or Truth vs. Lies, as Gosp. JOHN.

White people (hence non-Jew) surely need leadership and inspiration--but we're not going to get it with Mormons or "nationalist" henchmen for Jews, like the putrid, filthy, stinking BNP. I can still see that punk, Nick Griffin, in the video, sticking up for Jew monument to lies, the holohoax, so brainlessly righteous, in his stupid, punk manner. Death to the BNP and Griffin, I say.

To extent u keep pushing BNP, then u're enemy of white folks, get it straight. What white folks need is Christian--a true Christian, hence overtly ANTI-SEMITIC--consolidation--something that's yet to really happen, I'm sorry to have to admit.

CONCLUSION: So now what will take place?--simple--things economic and political will continue to DETERIORATE--until real Christians, hence anti-semites, begin to seriously coalesce fm out of the carnage and wreckage--if indeed, anyone survives at all. Meantime, the only hope remaining is for Ron Paul types to continue rallying the opposition to Jew conspirators and criminals behind present COUNTERFEIT (see, and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) conspiracy and oligarchy, anti-semites, thus true Christians successfully emerging therefrom. U're NOT getting it AA, which is becoming increasingly clear. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Apollonian - You're the one who doesn't get it. The BNP is one of many weapons at our disposal, but a valid weapon for British who are deprived of other legal weapons. Unless you personally live in the U.K., you might want to be less judgmental and dogmatic about their situation.

And as far as who I might be "working for", perhaps I might bounce that question back to you, since you continued to express support for Hal Turner even AFTER he revealed that he was an AGENT PROVOCATEUR for the FBI. Being a card-carrying member of the Hal Turner Cult doesn't promote credibility these days.

Your inflexibility and dogmatism makes you a hindrance to our Cause rather than a help. Thus I must reach the same conclusion about you that Curt Maynard (heaven forbid) and Access St. Louis did.

Honest erections and meth for the Feds. :-D

apollonian said...

Apollonian Clarifies The Controversy For White Liberation, Hal Turner
(Apollonian, 27 Sep 09)

Oooohhhoooooo, AA, u may think u're safe with quantity--but u ought to consider the quality of ur cohorts. Mestizo-man, Maynard, who insisted I was sabotaging his Jew-overseen blogspot blog by means of subtly-inserted death threats is one who isn't credible, I submit. Mating w. mestizos--and then criticizing Bill White for not being "real white nationalist"--isn't credible, I dare say.

"Orion" at, isn't too much better than his former pal, Maynard. "Orion's" problem is rather his mindless lack of intellect and analysis for which he pretends to substitute female-like emotion--he's rather empty-headed and devoid of any real analysis for substance.

"Orion" also rather cultivates the negroid, "LorMarie," and someone who calls herself "the Mad Jewess," these then consisting of the bulk of his correspondents, aside fm white nigger Christian Israelitist like "Jeff" at

Rather like a Jew, AA, u try to color ur characterization of "infelxibility," etc. I prefer consistency and integrity for my straight-forward analysis and expositions--against which u offer nothing of any substance but poor excuses. Christianity and anti-semitism must be the necessary core of the white liberation movement, consistent with all humanity against these Jew monsters.

U can be non-Christian, but u cannot be anti-Christ. We Christians are the boss, comrade--u really should face reality. This means white movement must be ABSOLUTELY anti-semitic and rationalist--in favor of reason and against mysticism, as of Satanism like Linder's of VNN.

Regarding Hal Turner, note I've made my case most clear, esp. by means of ur otherwise excellent blog, AA--u have no excuses for mis-construing--like Jews like to do, I'll note again.

It's obvious mistake collaborating w. Feds, as we know they're actually in pay and control of Jews, ultimately. "Agent provocateur" doesn't affect an analyst, strategist, and expositionist like myself--any action I take will be in self-defense, so I'm not worried--and I explained this circumstance in detail on ur very blogs, again.

apollonian said...

[------here is part two to above entry by Apollonian--------A.]

* * * * *

I pt'd out how it's obviously quite possible Hal Turner is perfectly loyal--just too greedy for that Fed money, that's all. So AA, surely u can see how ur pretended case against Hal Turner "begs" proverbial "question" for anything really wrong and terrible.

I further pt'd out Hal Turner's obvious talent which causes him to have contempt for the rest of "patriots," AA. Again, Turner was too impatient, too greedy for that Fed money as he so grossly failed to build his movement fm the ground up, starting at "grass-roots."

For the crux to entire anti-semitic movement, as well as white liberation is CONSOLIDATING THE CHRISTIAN volk for that essential anti-semitism--, not to mention rationalism, esp. against the current "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists and false-prophets in pay of Jews--as again, I've made clear over and over on ur very blogs, comrade AA.

Presently, the battle in the movement (for white liberation) regards the pure anti-semites, like myself, vs. collaborationists, like aforementioned BNP and others, like guy at who say there are "good" Jews--like there are "good psychopaths."

And I submit these collaborationists are far worse for white liberation--far worse than such as Hal Turner, provided dear old Hal just gets down to work as I've advocated, building that "grass-roots" organization and following which HE STILL COULD DO, easily.

So unless u can show some actual damage Hal Turner ever did, and evidence thereto, u still have a case to be made, comrade AA. And don't doubt if u do make a solid case against Hal Turner, I'm perfectly willing to listen. And remember, if u say I should live in Britain before I criticise BNP, don't u think same should go for u for ur praise?

CONCLUSION: Otherwise, u still need to address the substance of my argument. Don't forget, I'm not saying u're so wrong--I'm just saying u tend to be loose for ur logic, facts, and consistency, thus lacking for substance u'd otherwise achieve. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Anon number one has a very good point. I witnessed the 'demonstration', such as it was, in Belleville. The National Socialist people looked, to be blunt, like knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, slack-jawed eejits who couldn't muster up an IQ over 100 between all of them. They were the stereotypical neo-nazis that people have come to expect - thugs in black fatigues screaming 'white power' and 'seig heil', and they got laughed at, ridiculed and generally made fun of. Is that really how you want your organization to be represented? Is that how you think you're going to win people over? If you ever want to be taken seriously, you're going to have to take a long hard look at who you're having represent you and how you're having them do it. As long as you send what the public regards as 'white trash' out to represent you in public, you're not going to get any respect and few people will take you seriously.

It's time to step your game up, gentlemen. Bring your organization into the 21st century, or watch it dwindle.

Oh and Apollonian? As a medical professional, I recommend that you start taking the haloperidol again, dude.

Philip Anderson said...

And to Anony above me, how do you know thats what happened? Were you there? If I remember correctly there were tons of people in that town that showed signs of support.

If you can do better, than do it. I'm tired of all this talk from you suit and tie queers, and no action.

apollonian said...

Queers--Mere Chaff
(Apollonian, 28 Sep 09)

Anon at 5:06 pm, above, u're just a stupid queer who knows nothing and says nothing.

For if u're rational person, u'd know conclusions need be based on premises. But u're just typical queer who can't think further than to sneer--why do u even bother?

With mental capacity as u indicate, u're not gonna be any problem for extermination, "dude." Honest elections and death to the Fed.

Anonymous said...

The NSM is acting like their rally was a big victory; but, in reality it was a public relations disaster and they are trying their best to put a pretty face on it.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the NSM. I wish those dirty spics would have done us all a favor and put them out of our misery.

Anonymous said...

NSM is a courageous group - few other "patriotic" organizations have the backbone to stand up to the Jew, and at least they are a political organization. I disagree with the male nurse who claims the group appeared "blunt" - the "blunt" group were the monkoids, greasers and Whigger lackeys. At least NSM gets out in the street - keep it up ! Lincoln Rockwell had the White's in Chicago ready to revolt - persistence, persistence.

Anonymous said...

It's not courageous to get out into the streets and look like idiots when the masses of your own people don't support you or care. The NSM is stuck in gear with their tactics and thats like a car spinning its wheels in the mud.

Anonymous said...

What is courageous, Anon 12:40pm ? Calling brave men and women names who confront Jewish autonomen: Monkoids, Spics and Communist at public rally's - rally's that do get noticed by the way - or just calling them names from the comfort of your keyboard. With the depression economy throwing White people out of their jobs and homes the stage is being set for massive street confrontations that the system COPS will run from - God Bless NSM !!

Anonymous said...

Who are the people that watch an NSM demonstration ? Sympathizers of the Jews, Communist and other White Haters ? Sympathizers of the White racial survival movement - but not wanting to come under the eye of the spying Jew for fear of the consequences ? Sheeple who have seen enough Jew Hollywood motion pictures to "know" being against any White movement is the "heroic" and "good guy" thing to do, so huff away in self righteous indignation ?

Anonymous said...

It's easy to think, "Wow, somebody has the guts to get off the couch and go out and do something." But, as has been pointed out, above, if the general public thinks that the way they dress and act is repulsive, it is counter-productive. In fact, the opposition seems to benefit from the clownlike follies.

I am thinking that the Minutemen, Gun Owners, Nationalist Movement and some of the militia groups offer a bit more in terms of organization and appeal. It might be good to get involved and boost them, rather than just talking about it, though.

As has also been pointed out, the opposition has been known to promote, finance and take part in these sort of things, as a way of discrediting and manipulating the agenda.