Friday, September 04, 2009

National Socialist Activist Bill White Alleges Existence Of "Operation Hopeful Eagle", Intended To Replace Leading White Activists With FBI Stooges

This is potential dynamite - I broke off constructing another post to publish this. Frazier Glenn Miller has received a letter from national socialist activist Bill White, and posted it on the Vanguard News Network Forum. In this letter, White alleges that the Federal government has initiated a program called "Operation Hopeful Eagle" to target and trump up charges against all perceived "white supremacists" not on the FBI payroll, and replace them with FBI stooges. His personal belief is they are trying to put people in place to cause a major "domestic terrorism" incident, which they can blame on the "white supremacist" movement and use it as an excuse for a general crackdown, which would be fueled by manipulated "public opinion".

The letter is dated July 28th, 2009, and so refers to some current events effective as of that date. The reason for the delay is because it was sent to a P.O. Box in Springfield, Missouri that Glenn Miller does not check very often:

July 28, 2009


I am writing everyone who has been kind enough to write to me, to share news of my acquittal. Last Tuesday, Judge Alderman dismissed the Chicago, Illinois indictment against me, noting that it violated my civil rights and that I had been wrongfully imprisoned.

I have not yet been released. First the government attempted to stay my release. This was rejected Friday. Now, the government has made another argument which will be decided this Friday.

When I was arrested, I was indicted in two different districts for essentially the same offense. The Illinois indictment has been cleared, but the Virginia indictment, which, at this point, must be dismissed, is on the books until I return there. The government is arguing I must be detained until I return; we are arguing I should not be detailed on an indictment known to be invalid.

Regardless, I will be released either this weekend or in 40 days.

Hal Turner, who, you may recall, I tried to warn was under investigation, may have his case dismissed based on the precedent established in mine.

If you are still on VNN or other websites, I'd ask you to get the word out that my arrest was the first in what the government calls "Operation Hopeful Eagle" - a program to trump up charges against all perceived "white supremacists" not on the FBI payroll, and replace them with FBI stooges. My personal belief is they are trying to put people in place to cause a major "domestic terrorism" incident, ala Oklahoma City - given the FBI does nothing but cause violence and hate crimes, they are targeting peaceful people and all the informers now known to me are encouraging violence to entrap others. That seems the only rational explanation.

I would caution all white activists to be particularly vigilant in avoiding any discussion of illegal acts, as such discussings [discussions] quickly become conspiracies that carry as much time as the act themselves. The FBI is making a huge push and I do not want to see anyone else caught up in it.

Additionally, I have to apologize to individuals who have pled guilty to federal offenses - like yourself or David Duke. While I did not cooperate or plead guilty in anyway, I also suffered being labeled a "terrorist". I ___interrogation measures and isolation in a maximum security unit for two and a half months. I could have cooperated, made a proffer, and left - I chose not to.

I have retained civil counsel and will be suing for civil rights violations and wrongful imprisonment; damages are in excess of $7.5 million.

Despite reports, my company and family have survived the experience without lasting harm, and I completed a successful reorganization in Chapter II two weeks ago, eliminating about $1 million in debt and retaining essentially all my property.

Again, I thank you for having written, and please share my comments and warnings with the white community.


/s/ Bill White" (end of letter)

The latest update on Bill White's legal situation in Roanoke was posted HERE on September 2nd.

I have found no official corroboration of this claim. A Google search of the term "Operation Hopeful Eagle" returned no specific information. While I tend to discount conspiracy theories such as the claim that the 1969 moon landings were fake, or that the WTC towers were brought down by "jet fuel", Bill White, despite pushing the envelope and some of his previous provocative tactics, retains some credibility. He has never peddled tall tales about embedding dynamite in earthquake faults or tossing bodies off the Continental Shelf, as Hal Turner did.

Ironically, Hal Turner may have inadvertently corroborated White's claim about the FBI. In an August 31st letter posted on FamilyOfHalTurner, Turner claims he was an operative of both the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) and another group which he described as "a group of supervisory people who were higher up in the FBI", who wanted Hal to be an “intelligence operative”. The special FBI cell didn't want the JTTF knowing about its existence or activities. There is no indication that Hal Turner interacted with Bill White while both were incarcerated in Chicago, so collusion between the two on this story is unlikely.

Is this "special FBI cell" the driving force behind this Operation Hopeful Eagle?

These revelations now cause me to re-visit the trial and conviction of Shaun Walker, Travis Massey, and Eric Egbert (Walker was the one the Feds really wanted, and they were hoping that Massey and Egbert would shop Walker). Why were the Feds so determined to go after Walker, in particular. If the Feds were telling the truth about the so-called "bar fights", Walker, Massey, and Egbert would have been prosecuted by the State of Utah for assault. The failure of Utah to prosecute them on state charges implies no crime could be proved. Yet the Feds squandered taxpayer dollars prosecuting them on bogus "civil rights" charges and used two snitches to hornswoggle an all-white jury to convict. This begs the question: Why were the Feds so determined to get Shaun Walker out of the way?

I think we're now uncovering the answer.


Anonymous said...

Bill White wants everyone to think his imprisonment was because of some grand conspiracy instead that stepped on his own di*k.

larry said...

i find it starange that mr white is NOW preaching to his sheeple to NOT discuss anything ILLEGAL when the only ones DERMANDING illegal activity were mr white AND mr turner.

If you cannot see that these two scumbags were trained and paid for by the feds then you are stupid.

hal turner at least admits his part in ENTRAPPING innocent americans. Mr white still clings to the delusion that he is not ATTEMPTING TO entrap his sheeple.

From Alex Jones to Alex Linder these glib tongued bastards are all jail house informants making cash to get you to do something stupid.

The only stupid thing any white person has ever done in the so called "WHITE" movement was to listen to scummy weirdos like white and turner.

White people have no need to DISCUSS illegal activity. There will never be the time in your lifetime when you will need a weapon. WHY NOT? Because the move to replace will only takeplace AFTER they have the majority and white rule is only a memory.


If you really really want to do something radical, START HAVING WHITE BABIES! HAVE SIX OR SEVEN AND THEN EDUCATE THEM!

You won't do it because you believe the jew lie that white babies are destroying the earth!

hahahahahahah! suckers!

Hadding said...

I don't think that the Feds were particularly eager to get Shaun Walker "out of the way." The result of Walker's conviction was only that Erich Gliebe resumed the Chairmanship of the NA, which he had voluntarily yielded to Walker some months earlier. They prosecuted Walker because he had acquired a high profile and because he had a history that made it possible. If Gliebe had a history of bar fights it probably would have happened to him.

Anonymous said...

I always said that Erich Gliebe was a fed, look into the Hendrick Mobus case and you will see Erich Gliebe had his hand in on that one and framed Myers for it.