Friday, September 04, 2009

National Anarchism: Sacramento National Anarchists Collective (SNAC) Launches The "White Cross Patrol" To Provide Essentials To White Homeless People

A relatively new way to express White racial consciousness has begun to take root, primarily in California for the time being. The philosophy used is National Anarchism, and the premise is tribalism. National Anarchists believe tribes can be organized around any matter of common interest - including race.

The Sacramento National Anarchists Collective (SNAC) has organized for the purpose of promoting White racial consciousness through service to the community in general, but in particular, to the White community. The term "collective" is roughly akin to the term "unit" used by other pro-White groups such as the National Alliance and the National Socialist Movement. One of their current projects is what is called the White Cross Patrol. According to SNAC's blog, the purpose of the White Cross Patrol is to distribute essentials such as toothbrushes, razors, hygiene products, space blankets and educational materials to the homeless and needy of their area. A YouTube video brings the program to greater life:

Some previous examples of constructive activism by SNAC include beach cleanup, AIPAC protests, cystic fibrosis fundraising and march, protest and support at the Palestinian Freedom march in San Francisco, distribution of educational materials, community camping trips, Tea Party protests, and fundraising car washes. Other more traditional White activist groups such as the National Alliance and the NSM have started to adopt this more service-oriented model more and more; both organizations are involved in Adopt-A-Highway litter control programs in Kentucky (NA) and Springfield, MO (NSM).

Another National Anarchist group nearby is Bay Area National Anarchists (BANA). They engage in similar service-oriented activism in the San Francisco Bay Area; one of their most noteworthy accomplishments was their protest of the so-called Folsom Street Fair, where faggots are allowed to take over a small portion of San Francisco and openly and shamelessly engage in public fellatio, water sports (none of which are sanctioned by the IOC, by the way), fudge-packing, and various forms of BDSM. While kids are nominally prohibited from entering the area, the prohibition is not rigorously enforced, and so BANA took to the streets in protest. Another source of information on BANA is the BayAreaPerspectives blog.

National Anarchists do not have an overall "Commander" or "Chairman" like the more black-shoe organizations. Each collective is relatively autonomous. One of the leading intellects of National Anarchism is Andrew Yeoman; read a profile of him on the BayAreaNationalAnarchists blog.

Acceptance of National Anarchists by other anarchists and tribalists is conditional. A lengthy December 2008 Infoshop article provides a mainstream anarchists' perspective on National Anarchism. While somewhat critical, it is well-written and attempts an intellectual rather than an emotional approach. Some anarchist groups accept them, but anti-racist anarchists look upon them as the enemy.

Acceptance of National Anarchists within the greater White nationalist community can also be conditional. While some traditional WNs consider them a bit "too Red", more progressive WNs see the possibilities. They do take some heat in this Stormfront thread from traditionalists. National Anarchism has taken root in Northern California because other anarchists and tribalists thrive in the area; thus, National Anarchists have adopted an approach which blends in well with the local cultural background. This is similar in concept to Freedom14 in Southern California, who fits in well with the prevalent casual beach culture there. National Anarchism seems to be a valid form of White activism.


Anonymous said...

sounds like more bill white crap.

Andrew Yeoman said...

Fantastic article! You have accurately portrayed these ideas and how other people react to our activities. Thanks for bringing these ideas to a wider audience and best of luck to you!

Andrew Yeoman

Anchorage Activist said...

Andrew - appreciate your feedback. I have been following your activities for a while, but hadn't the opportunity to give you guys a boost until now.

I continue to publicize all forms of constructive White activism on this blog, regardless of who does it. To succeed, we've got to quit being so damn denominational and dogmatic about tactics, without becoming syncretistic at the same time.

White Pride World Wide, in whatever form works.

Anonymous said...

6:53 anon sounds like more wacky richard barret crap

apollonian said...

"Anarchism" Is Off-Beat, Obscure--Must Evolve Towards Christian Reason
(Apollonian, 5 Sep 09)

This is excellent story by WhiteReference; the more local efforts for white people the better--and the best connection among them all will be basic rationalist and Christian impulse--featuring the REAL Christianity--in accord w. original literature, New Testament (NT), and that basic Gosp. JOHN theology.

Note however, "anarchism" (anti-government) is very obscure concept and difficult to grasp for most people. For being anti-gov. in principle is counter-intuitive for most people who value practicality. For will "anarchism" really effectively oppose present Jew fascism?

And here's where greatest productivity is possible for rationalist Christian inspiration--why?--because it best opposes and counters the greatest and worst destruction of "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalism which is Jews' foremost weapon, this hereticalism preaching that Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist), etc.

Key then to proper Christian-Rationalist effort is theme fm Gosp. JOHN, once again, TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy, never forget.

Ultimate key to everything about Christianity and Western culture in general regards nature of human will--is it PERFECTLY "FREE"?--or is everything subject to absolute cause-effect in accord w. God's will, this general philosophy then known as "determinism."

Thus note Jews make themselves God, pretending to a perfectly "free" human will, then collectivized by Jews, these Jews now creating truth and reality, this then requiring a total, fascist dictatorship to enforce such phony, concocted, contrived Jew subjectivist "truth."

So anyway, I'll cut the analysis short here by summing it up as simply a battle, once again, of White, Western, Christian (properly understood) REASON vs. Jew mysticism, subjectivism, hubris, and narcissist collectivism and fascism. Again, it's Christian truth vs. Jew lies and conspiracy--paralleled in REASON vs. mysticism, this mysticism having taken over the people's Christianity through the centuries as we see now in all the establishment churches.

It may seem complicated, but it's simple: FIGHT THE JEWS, like u fight the devil; be anti-semitic, for without anti-semitism, there can be NO Christianity. Anti-semitism is PURPOSE of Christianity. And thus we see the easily understood imperative to FIGHT "Judeo-Christianity," once again--thus practically EVERY present establishment Christian entity, denomination, and church.

For those who have difficulty thinking, they can just continue following leadership and doing good deeds, picking-up trash, handing out food, etc. But the leaders have to strive to taking that intellectual LEADERSHIP, and Christian aestheticalist theme is outstanding weapon and way of doing it.

CONCLUSION: So anarchism is really off-beat way to start out, but as long as purpose is to help white folk, it can't be too wrong--Christian theme then is the best over-all way to gain people's general imagination and sympathy--and the truly REVOLUTIONARY inspiration is noting the anti-semitic purpose, opposing Jew mysticism (subjectivism), hystericism, and collectivist fascism. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Good response, Apollonian. From what I can see, National Anarchism is not a universal solution. It would not work well in areas that are 90 percent or more White.

However, it seems like a good solution for areas that are heavily multicultural, like the Bay Area. BANA and their comrades promote White racial consciousness and collective self-help where nobody else does. In addition, BANA blends in well with the prevalent anarchist "hippie" counterculture prevalent in the area. It's like "hiding in plain sight".

I am appalled at some of the critical comments directed towards BANA on Stormfront. Some of those Stormfront idiots have the imagination of a rock. I wouldn't be surprised if at least half of the Stormfront forum members were police agents.

Andrew Yeoman said...

It is my view that we will ultimately be judged by our actions and not the words of the ignorant.

WRT the Jewish question, we criticize Israel and Zionism much like any other Left wing group :-)

WRT Christianity I have no opinion as BANA is a secular organization, however NA groups like Folk and Faith are heavily CI.

The ideal National Autonomous Zone exists wherever a group of people pledge loyalty to themselves over any outside force. That can be a housing collective, series of farms, in the wilderness, or in temporary meeting places, there is no limit to how tribal spaces or organized as our Identity, much like our Nation, is wherever we reside.

Harry L. Hughes III said...

This is actually good news. I was beginning to have second thoughts about anarchism after a group of hostile, disruptive and anti-white people calling themselves anarchists shouted obsenities and vandalized property outside the David Irving lecture in Phoenix in July.