Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wikileaks Posts Links To 627 National Socialist Movement E-Mails From July 2007 Through August 2009

An anonymous individual just revealed on this Nimbusters thread that Wikileaks has obtained and published 627 e-mails involving the National Socialist Movement. The e-mails date from July 2007 through August 2009, although there is a huge gap in coverage from December 2008 through July 2009. They can be accessed and viewed in four different ways:

-- Messages in chronological order, browseable
-- Messages in author order, browseable
-- Messages in discussion order, browseable
-- Messages in a single file - raw mbox/text format

The e-mails all originate from the private mailbox of the NSM Fargo Unit. Most appear to be routine organizational messages; however, some after-action reports are present, and correspondence describing the departure of Jim Ramm, John Taylor Bowles, Nick Chappell, and others in the wake of the Joy of Satan snafu are also available.

Update August 25th: Since this post, John Taylor Bowles, a former member of the NSM, has addressed this issue on his blog, bringing an insider's perspective to the story.


Anonymous said...

In always had respect for Jeff Schoep until I read those e-mails. Wow, what an imbecile!

Celeste said...

I'm confused. Mr. Schoep and his members are going to celebrate the Greensboro event; but, another National Socialist (Bowlesblog) says the 1979 Greensboro shooting spree was an ATF led action. WTF! If Bowles is right why would NS people celebrate a government sponsored/encouraged killing like what happened in Greensboro. Which one is right?

Anonymous said...

I also notice quite a few e-mails with "Black Planet," the nigger prostitution (ahem, "dating") service. The plot thickens (er, sickens).