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TNB On Trial: Day Two Of The Letalvis Cobbins Trial In Knoxville, Tennessee; Defense Continues To Shift Blame To Lemaricus Davidson

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On Day Two of the Letalvis Cobbins trial in Knoxville, Tennessee, the Cobbins defense team continued their strategy of shifting the blame for the murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom to Cobbins' older half-brother, Lemaricus Davidson, whose own trial is scheduled to begin on September 21st. Day One account posted HERE.

Fourteen witnesses testified during the August 18th session. Most prominent was Daphne Sutton, a white woman with two kids who moved in with Lemaricus Davidson for a while. Sutton broke down in tears on the stand as she told jurors how Davidson abused her. She said Cobbins never stopped Davidson, but did occasionally help her when it was done. She finally moved out on January 5th, 2007 after Davidson beat her once again; this may have saved her life.

Another star witness was crime evidence technician Daniel Crenshaw, who works for the Knoxville Police Department. He's not a sworn officer, but a fingerprint identification expert. Crenshaw said he first checked for fingerprints in the 4Runner, but it was wiped clean. However, he realized there was a bank envelope investigators hadn't checked. After his colleagues didn't check the envelope right away, Crenshaw said he processed it himself and found a print that matched Lemaricus Davidson's right thumb. But once he made the fingerprint ID of Davidson, it still wasn't official because, by rule, a second expert needed to verify it. As a result, once Crenshaw made the first ID, it took another day before Christian's body was found.

Also testifying was Keith Debow with the police department's Special Ops Unit. He described finding Christian's body at the Chipman Street home and helping with the search. Debow also described the capture of Davidson later at another house. Officers broke the glass in a window and pulled Davidson out of it. In addition, crime scene investigator Joe Cox took the stand as the state showed his video of the Chipman Street home almost immediately after Christian's body was found. The courtroom was very quiet as the video rolled showing bullets, a gas can, trash and heaps of clothing on the floors, liquor bottles, a TV turned on and sheets for doors. The video also showed the trash can in the kitchen that had Christian's body in it. Cox said there was so much evidence in the house a paddy wagon was needed to haul it away.

Special news video by the Knoxville News-Sentinel embedded below (7:13):

And here's a YouTube video of a WATE news report:

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