Friday, August 14, 2009

National Socialist Movement To Hold Regional Conference In Greensboro, North Carolina On August 29th; The Truth About The 1979 Greensboro Shootout

Update August 29th: NSM Conference proceeds without incident. About 200 protestors gather downtown, led by Communists, gangbangers, and anti-racists. Updated post HERE.

Update August 25th: NSM spokesman interviewed by the Greensboro News-Record. Updated post HERE.

Update August 24th: An organized anti-racist response is now expected. Updated post HERE.

In one of the more professional reports about the National Socialist Movement (NSM) I've seen from the mainstream media, WFMY Channel 2 reports that the NSM will be holding a Southeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference on August 29th, 2009. The Greensboro News-Record has also published a story. Also read the official release on the NSM national website.

The NSM, correctly described by WFMY as a white civil rights organization, is inviting NSM members from the states of PA, DE, MD, VA, WV, NC, SC, FL, AL & GA to the one-day event. The conference will include a training session from 10 A.M. til 4 P.M., a meet-and-greet from 4 P.M. til 6 P.M., and entertainment later in the evening. NSM Commander Jeff Schoep is also scheduled to attend. The precise location will not be disclosed until the last minute in order to make it more difficult for anti-racists to disrupt the event.

The Greensboro Police Department also plans to monitor the conference. "We've only known for a very short time that it was going to be here at all," said Janice Rogers with GPD. "We will remain unbiased and protect all parties that come to this city and protest or have some type of meeting." This is prudent; although trouble is not expected, racial trouble is part of Greensboro's past.

On November 3rd, 1979, a now-infamous shootout between White patriots and Communists took place in Greensboro. According to Time magazine, about 100 blacks and whites associated with the Maoist-oriented Workers Viewpoint Organization gathered for a "Death To The Klan" march among the grimy brick duplexes in Greensboro's Morningside Manor housing project. Most of the demonstrators were dressed in jeans and blue work shirts; some wore hard hats. Suddenly a mustard-colored van and several cars pulled up. They were filled with Klansmen and supporters who shouted racial slurs. The marchers responded by beating on the cars with sticks. Then a dozen whites leaped out of the van and began firing pistols, shotguns and at least one automatic rifle at the demonstrators. When the smoke cleared, four people, all Communists, lay dead and nine were wounded.

However, former White Patriot Party leader Frazier Glenn Miller was there, and tells a slightly different tale. According to his account published in Chapter 3 of his book, "A White Man Speaks Out", it was the Communists who fired first, but since they were using small-calibre weapons, this got lost in the information shuffle. Here's the pertinent part of Miller's account:

After what seemed hours, but was actually only a few minutes, we arrived in Morningside Project. Dawson stopped his truck two blocks from the communist's rally site, and spoke over the CB. "OK folks," he said, "there are the communists just ahead of us, let's go." I could plainly see a large group of people in the street and on the sidewalks, and I started shaking a little in nervous anticipation. There were only forty or fifty of us, and there were hundreds of them.

As we closed in on the Communists, I yelled out, "My God, I don't have a damn thing but my hands to fight with." Melano Caudle, sitting in the back seat grinned at me, and handing me a wooden night stick, said "here, use this Glenn." I felt better.

As we drove slowly through the crowd of Communists and local Blacks, they didn't immediately recognize who we were, and moved out of the street to allow us to pass. But then all Hell broke loose. One Communist recognized us and screamed, "It's the Klan, Death to the Klan." His screams were followed by dozens and then hundreds. "Death to the Klan, Death to the Klan, Death to the Klan," they yelled.

My fear quickly turned to burning hatred, and I stuck my head out the window and screamed back at them, "Niggers, Jew-Kikes, Communist bastards... you ugly Jew Yankee bastards... Death to the Communists."

Jerry continued to drive slowly through the screaming Blacks and Communists for about 150 feet past the main crowd, down the narrow street. This street was not only very narrow, but was also one way. It was impossible to pass another vehicle or to turn around.

Just as I was beginning to believe we'd all get through the Communists without a fight, the unbelievable happened. Eddy Dawson stopped his truck, preventing any escape, since there was no room to pass. I couldn't believe my eyes, and I screamed at him to drive on. He just sat there.

I looked through the station wagon's back window and saw dozens of Blacks and Communists swarming over the trapped Klan vehicles. Some were on car roofs jumping up and down. Others, with long white clubs were beating on the sides of our vehicles. The cries of "Death to the Klan" were louder than ever. And we were trapped, unable to go forwards or backwards.

Melano Caudle yelled, "We've got to go back and help those in the rear, my son's back there!" Melano's 16-year-old son was riding with another Klansman in the rear of our convoy.

Frankly, I just wanted to get away from the Communists as quickly as possible. But, I was not willing to act cowardly, so I said, "let's go," and jumped out of the station wagon swinging my night stick and ran 60 or 70 feet toward the rear, thinking the three others were right behind me, but they weren't. They just stepped out of the station wagon and stood there viewing the scene. As I ran down the sidewalk, a White male communist wearing a plaid jacket and hard hat appeared 40 or 50 feet directly in my front, pointing a pistol at me. And he fired at least two shots. I saw the smoke coming from the pistol barrel and heard the cracks of gun fire. I then performed a mid-flight turn around and headed rapidly back toward the station wagon. There was gun fire now from both sides, and Melano yelled, "they're trying to kill us... every man for himself... let's get the hell out of here!"

Dawson's lead pick-up truck was gone by then so we all four jumped into the station wagon and sped away. Jerry drove down one block and hung a right, trying to find a way out of this Black neighborhood. None of us were from Greensboro, nor did any of us know our way around. No more than three blocks from where all hell had just broken loose, a car driven by a young Black male and meeting us head on, tried to run into us, but Jerry swerved and avoided the collision. How could that Black man have known so quickly what had just taken place, or that we were involved in it? I'll never know the answer to that, but I do know that he was willing to plow his car into ours head-on doing about 40 mph.

We were then safely away from the battle zone, but many others were fighting a battle to the death behind us. Based on later conversations with many Nazis and Klansmen, from newspapers and TV reports and from court testimony, I'll describe what transpired following my departure from the battle scene.

Because Dawson trapped our convoy in the midst of those enraged Blacks and Communists by stopping his truck, more than a dozen terrified, highly armed White men did what they thought they had to do in order to survive. Many others, unarmed, fought the Blacks and Communists with clubs and fists.

Those White men were justifiably scared half to death. They were trapped and surrounded by hundreds of screaming Blacks and Communists in the heart of a Black neighborhood. And the Communists not only attacked them with clubs, many were firing pistols at them.

Of the thirty-nine gun shots fired that day, nineteen were fired by the Communists themselves. Police ballistics tests and TV film footage proved that at the trials. The Communists not only started the fight by screaming "Death to the Klan!" at us and by beating on cars with clubs, they actually fired the first gunshots, when one of them fired at me.

Unfortunately for the Communists, they only had small caliber hand guns. The Klansmen and Nazis had high-powered rifles and shotguns. Also, many of the Klansmen and Nazis were military veterans, while the Communists were for the most part, intellectual city types, with little or no training in firearms. The Blacks simply ran, hundreds of them. This is why all the deaths and serious injuries were suffered by the Communists.

One windowless van in the convoy contained about a half-dozen Klansmen. They had sat quietly, unable to see outside the van, but could hear the "Death to the Klan!" shouting by the Communists, and their van being beaten upon by clubs, and what must have sounded like a hot Vietnam firefight. Being unarmed themselves, they were content to sit the whole thing out peacefully, until one of the Communists yanked the van's back door open and screamed "Death to the Klan!" at them. Then, with the instinct of cornered tigers, they poured out of the van and began fighting the Communist mob hand-to-hand. Several took clubs away from the Communists and began beating on them. Film footage of this club and fistfight was televised later over the whole country. Also televised, was Nazi Wayne Wood and others getting their rifles and shotguns out of a car trunk and firing at the Communists. Wood was shown with a grin on his face and a cigarette dangling out of the corner of his mouth. One unarmed Klansman actually took a firearm away from one of the Communists following a violent struggle.

Since this took place only 30 years ago, the memory of this event is still fresh. So the Greensboro Police Department wants to be prepared. But they obviously don't expect a recurrence of 1979; only a nominal force is expected to show up and monitor the NSM event.


LARS said...

Unfortunately in America today white people cannot even have a simple meeting without first REGISTERING with the government.

The problem with the "WHITE MOVEMENT" is that it is consumed with criminals. We don't need messers Black and David Duke's ex-wife as baggage around our necks.

We need to distance ourselves from the kooks and trouble makers just as the obama distanced himself from jesse jackson and louis farakhan.

Its time for a new start in the "WHITE MOVEMENT." Its time for educated, factually based presenters to move the cause forward.

Frederick Toben associated with known terrorists. David Duke is a convicted felon of his own admission.

We need to disavow any and all association with nazis, socialists, communists, marxists or any anti-american group.

saying you are against violence and displaying nazi storm trooper symbols is counter productive.

I don't know COMMANDER Schoep(sp)
but i have learned ONE thing, about white people organizing. It should be done under a PRETEXT not associated with RACE!

Mark Potok's own words can be used against him.


Just look at how the BNP has achieved success! They focus 100% on the BRITISH PEOPLE!

I strongly SUGGEST the conference be modeled after the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY! SUITS AND TIES SHOULD BE MANDATORY.

The conference should avoid all mention of the PAST trouble. DON'T GO LOOKING FOR TROUBLE!



truthfully i'm sure COMMANDER(of what?) will have usual posturing BEFORE the meeting and will arrive with clubs and sticks. "LOOKIN TO BEAT UP SOME NEGROS!"


as i have said many many times, you don't have to go looking for war, WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED ON YOU! it will come to your front door.

as an old old man i can only make suggestions based on what we talk about here in the old folks home. old white people love america. we pay our taxes(we don't like it but we pay it) we love law and order and we don't like hooliganism, needless violence or lynchings. we love God, Jesus Christ and we will give a break to anyone who works hard and minds his own business.

good luck to the conference.

Sally Grant said...

I was going to the NSM event; but, instead going to the American Nazi Party and IKKK event in Laurens, SC instead. They will have Commander Rockwells flag there that day and other stuff of Rockwell.

Anchorage Activist said...

Sally Grant: Unfortunately, both events do occur on the same day, requiring people to make a choice.

What's really important is that you've chosen to get involved in the first place.

David Drury said...

I wonder if this NSM is going to flop like their picnic did yesterday when they expected 40 and got only 12 and their Unit leader resigned and didn't show up.

Anonymous said...

The NSM probably called the police themselves for protection.

Anonymous said...

Why does Taylor Bowels post as Sally Grant and David Drury? Does the old thief/arsonist have a homosexual identity crisis going on or what?

The NSM has a strong turnout at most every event like the 120 people that marched in ST. Louis this year, where is the online group ANP and why no pictures, oh is it because it has no members? Hmmm, I was at the NSM Detroit event this weekend and there was about 30 local people there. Why would a net Crew want to attack a real group unless that group is fake? I checked out both NSM and ANP since I am in the Detroit metro, and ANP would not send one person to meet me, the NSM welcomed me at their event this weekend, and I was treated with respect. The ANP exists only on the net or they would have met with me. 88

Anonymous said...

And did you enjoy being around all those NSM Satanists in Detroit this past weekend?

Corey said...

I guess the NSM did welcome you easily this weekend. They are hard-up and want your money. I'm surprised they didn't give you one of their dime-a-dozen ranks and feed your ego which apparently needs to be fed.

Anonymous said...

Most likely, the NSM will be meeting and staying in Winston-Salem, NC since it is only a 30 mile drive to Greensboro. Just my opinion.

north said...

I'm trying to get to Greensboro from Nashville for the conference. When is the open meet and greet?

Al said...

Since protestors will be in Greensboro most likely I just changed my plans to go to the National Socialist event in Laurens, SC.

Anonymous said...

East Coast White Unity all the way! Hands down the best thing going FOR the people of the North East, BY the people of the North East. God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

May teh white national front be peaceful!