Saturday, August 29, 2009

National Socialist Movement Greensboro Conference A Success; Up To 200 Communists, Gangbangers, And Anti-Racists Counterprotest

The National Socialist Movement's August 29th Leadership Conference in Greensboro, North Carolina proceeded without a hitch, as anti-racists never found out where the conference was being held. To their credit, both the police and media kept a tight lid on the specific location of the conference. Media story published by the Greensboro News-Record and WFMY Channel 2. WXII Channel 12 claims there were only 100 counterprotestors.

Direct link to WFMY video HERE.

As many as 70 NSM members showed up at the undisclosed hotel. The conference was described by Steven Boswell, director of security, as a "closed-door meeting, members only, just kind of going over tactics and what we want to accomplish on the East Coast”. The hallways of the Greensboro hotel presented an unusual scene as NSM members milled about, some clad all in black, some with shaved heads, many wearing T-shirts, jewelry or tattoos displaying Nazi symbols. One man had a swastika tattooed into the back of his shaven head. T-shirts bore such messages as “White Pride World Wide.” The business meeting lasted from 10 A.M to 4 P.M. in the hotel’s meeting room with several breaks. A two-hour “meet and greet,” including a speech by NSM Commander Jeff Schoep followed.

Meanwhile, the hotel staff served its more usual multiracial clientele of airline crews, end-of-summer vacationers and other travelers, some of whom looked askance at the NSM members before continuing about their business without comment. A strong police presence was evident, with plainclothes officers deployed inside the hotel and patrolling outside.

Meanwhile, a rather bizarre mix of up to 200 Communists, gangbangers, and anti-racists, seasoned with a number of local mostly-white multiculturalists, held their planned counterprotest at the corner of McGee and South Elm streets. Some of the protesters were from organized groups like the Revolutionary Communist Party and the Equality Coalition of North Carolina. Local City Council candidate Jorge Cornell was on hand flanked by members of his Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation group. Political literature was handed out as speakers on a megaphone talked about racism, the health care debate and police brutality.

It should be noted that Jorge Cornell is not a law-abiding individual. On August 1st, Greensboro Police arrested him after a confrontation and charged him with one count of obstructing and delaying a law enforcement officer. He was later released under a $500 bond, and his first court hearing is on September 2nd. In a previous report, Cornell described himself as an “Inca” of the North Carolina Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation. One local black nationalist has endorsed Cornell, as one of Cornell's goals is to unite Blacks and Latinos against Whites.

One physical confrontation took place between two alleged "neo-Nazis" and the anti-racist group. Two men wearing Nazi garb rolled past the protest in their car. The men got into a "heated exchange" with protesters that led to one of the protesters denting their car door. Dozens of protesters chased after the car as it sped away. The two men called the police after leaving the scene to file a complaint, but no arrests were made. But Police Capt. Janice Rogers, who knew what all the NSM members looked like, said that the two were not NSM members. It is quite possible the two were anti-racist agents provocateur detailed by an anti-racist group to manufacture an "incident".

Of course, the Holocaust Industry was represented as well. “My mother is a Holocaust survivor,” said Arieh Salzman, 60. “Because of what these neo-Nazis believe, because of that hatred, I never had grandparents and my mother, who was in a concentration camp for four years, did not have a childhood.” Salzman and a small group of friends wore homemade T-shirts with slogans like “Remember Nuremberg” and small rainbow ribbons provided by Temple Emanuel.

Discussion available on Free Republic. No after-action reported posted by the NSM yet.


Charles wilson said...

A success? Just exactly Successful at what? Reinforcing anti-racialist stereotypes promoted by the jewsmedia?

So A handful of the worst of the worst the movement has to offer bring their vodka and satanic bibles to Greensboro and then piss on Hitler's grave. Big deal!

Who needs the SPLC when these drunken, satanic morons are doing their work? Poor Morris! Schoep will soon put him out of business!

larry said...

we hold meetings almost every week. We have NEVER, NEVER, NEVER had a protestor, policeman, pro-immigration rally at our meetings. WHY NOT? Because we don't go crying to every news reporter in sight.
Our meetings are not for PUBLIC consumption. We have learned to work individually, one on one to awaken neighbors and friends.
groups like the nsm are attention whores. they thrive on confrontation.
the only hope whites have of survival is stealth collectivism. They know we are here but they don't know who, what, where, when, only WHY!
i suggest all groups organize around this principle. then, when its time for white people to make their voices heard there cannot instant mass round ups.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you nazi scum. Your organization is a total joke and you barely have any members.

LARS said...


Duh... said...

Here's a lesson that should have been learned:

Different areas of the country require different tactics. That's reality. One tactic doesn't fit all. What might work in California may not work in Michigan and vice-versa. Sometimes one tactic will work and sometimes requires two or more tactics intertwined with it to get the point across.

apollonian said...

Historical, Theologic Principles For Large Context NOT Being Covered, Addressed, Analyzed
(Apollonian, 30 Aug 09)

AA, urs is good site for news about these "racialistic" events, I guess, but there's problem for serious analysis--for what's actual pt. of these meetings? What was discussed by our NSM subjects?--why/how are they significant and in any way news-worthy? For again, the problem is things regarding these events are so vague.

The anti-racists are puke, and we don't too much need to know more about them, they being anti-white, hence anti-rational and anti-Christ, naturally. But then are the anti-racists merely a way of calling attention to NSM?--a subtle advertising?--are these people actually working together?

And what about the NSM people?--what are they about?--what do they say?--what do they want to do?--there's not too much reported about that substance.

Presently we're in quite a bit of a very ominous lull, economically--trains and buses are still running, so far, but inflation is on its way in face of horrific budget deficits and borrowing, dollar getting ready to collapse--and that means we're in for disaster quite soon.

So in general, I'll just note once again we patriots and white people need to revive that original Christian anti-semitism, but this Christian "new wave" needs to be informed for its RATIONALITY-AGAINST the preceding "Christian" mysticism and anti-reason, which mysticism immediately preceded and made way for present "Christian" anti-antisemitism by which Jews have bought "Christian" establishment, so horrific for Christian people's morale.

For remember again, that's most notable thing about present-day "Christianity"--the lack of effective anti-semitism--and this anti-semitism is precisely what must be revived within Christianity--THIS IS THE MAIN CULTURAL TASK which could and should be addressed by "nazis" and "White nationalists" (WNs) as I noted.

Problem then is nothing particularly constructive seems to be happening--AND U'RE NOT REALLY COVERING this for proper analysis, AA. So pt. then is ur setting journalistic "standard" isn't then a very high standard for best analysis of things, I submit--even though it's bettr than nothing, I'm sure.

Otherwise, I note again main problem is the Jew--the other races are mere diversions, many, many of them actually potentially useful as anti-semitic soldiers themselves--AND WE SHOULD REMEMBER THIS. "Nazis" and WNs are actually mere leadership cadres for larger ANTI-SEMITIC movement, hence Christian coalition--but so far, very, very little is happening for this anti-semitic urgency. Gentiles continue to merely "tread water."

Don't forget ALL Gentiles must be organized anti-semitically--not just whites.

So world and esp. USA continue to go to heck in hand-basket, and nothing gets done for proper, constructive anti-semitism, hence Christian movement.

The great mental/psychologic/cultural key which waits to be picked-up is that sublime union of REASON with Christian sentiment/aesthetic, lost now for so many centuries by which Jews effectively TOOK-OVER Christian churches.

CONCLUSION: Such historical, theologic, and psychologic aspects for back-ground and context IS WHAT U'RE NOT COVERING, AA--and it's not being addressed by these "activists," however creditable they are otherwise. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I'm following both yesterdays NSM and ANP events. Both are complete opposite one another in results and tactics. Thanks to A.A. we know what the NSM did. Bowles just published what happened yesterday in SC regarding the American Nazi Party with pictures. I take neither side.

LARS said...


11:14 AM

Anonymous said...

Ever consider that you aren't reaching white people, as seen by the fact that the majority of people opposing you dumbasses in Greensboro were white people? You don't represent white people, just your stupid ass selves.