Monday, August 24, 2009

National Alliance Cincinnati Coordinator Robert Ransdell Confronts Holocaust Shoahmeister Werner Coppel At Sharonville, Ohio Chamber Of Commerce Meet

National Alliance Cincinnati Unit Coordinator Robert Ransdell, who leads the most active and innovative unit in the organization, is well-prepared for any opportunity to share the message of White empowerment when it arises. And when he learned that Werner Coppel, a Holocaust survivor who travels the professional Shoah circuit, was coming to his local area, he readied himself for another opportunity to share our message. You can read Ransdell's full account posted on (the spelling "Coppel" is the correct spelling).

Werner Coppel was booked to appear at a luncheon hosted by the Sharonville, Ohio Chamber of Commerce on August 20th, 2009. Robert Ransdell showed up and plunked down $35 to listen to Coppel's story and capitalize on any opportunities presented to correct any historical inaccuracies. Forty people showed up at the event. When asked what business he represented, Ransdell merely replied that he had a strong interest in history.

The short story on Coppel, as published HERE: He was born in Germany in 1925 and grew up during the National Socialist era. As a result of the passage of the Nuremberg Laws in 1935, Jews were removed from the mainstream German public school system. Yet the regime still gave them a disused factory building, where they set up their own Jewish Parochial School. This, of course, flies in the face of the popular mythology that Hitler wanted to "gas all the Jews" from the get-go, because if you wanted to exterminate a people, why would you educate them first? Shortly thereafter, Coppel joined a Zionist youth movement that was opposed to Hitler, thus making himself even more of a target.

In 1941, two years after the European war began and the same year that National Socialist Germany launched its titanic struggle with the Soviet Union, quite possibly to pre-empt a surprise Soviet attack on Germany, Coppel began his odyssey through the camp system. First he was shipped to a labor camp in Neuendorf, close to Berlin. In April 1943, he was then shipped to Auschwitz, where he was required to work in a munitions factory making synthetic rubber. Other people in Germany were working, and many soldiers were giving their lives on various battlefields, so why should concentration camp inhabitants be cut any slack?

Towards the end of the war, the National Socialists then removed prisoners from Auschwitz and marched them into Germany. Because of rumours that they were heading for a "death camp", Coppel chose to fall out of line and escaped in January 1945, after 21 months at Auschwitz, and returned to Berlin in August of that year. In 1946, Werner met and married his present wife Trudy, and the two emigrated to Cincinnati in August 1949, where they have remained.

Back to the original story. Robert Ransdell sat and listened while Werner Coppel made his presentation. Then at the end, when questions were solicited, Ransdell responded. First, he explained that he was once mystified by all this sudden hostility against Jews until he learned that the Bolshevik Revolution was a Jewish construct, with 300 of the top 350 original commissars being secular Jews. That selfsame regime went on to kill at least 40 million Europeans. He then mentioned that there were numerous claims of a "holocaust" taking place in Germany before, during, and after World War I, specifically referring to Martin Glynn's article in The American Hebrew in 1919 and the claims by the American Jewish Congress in 1920 of at least six million. Ransdell then mentioned how the death estimate at Auschwitz had been downgraded from four million to 1.5 million a little over a decade ago. He then cited other inconsistencies in the Holocaust tale, to include the Anne Frank ballpoint pen story.

And at the end, what was Coppel's reaction? Did he address any of the issues? Nope - instead he merely asked Ransdell "Do you believe in the Holocaust?" To which Ransdell replied, "I believe that Jews were put into camps and that many died". Immediately Coppel cuts him off and bails, after which he got an ovation from the crowd. Ransdell then voluntarily left the venue shortly after, although some wanker got up and made a pretend show of "escorting" him out.

Was it a success? Only time will tell, but undoubtedly Robert Ransdell planted a few seeds that could germinate in some unspecified way at some unspecified time in the future. Sometimes faith precedes the miracle. But Ransdell shares some tips as to how other activists can do the same thing:

1- Always know the facts. If it is the holocaust you are planning to tackle then there is a treasure chest of information available on the Internet as well as through National Vanguard Books ( ). Stick to well documented and well known myths that have been unearthed by the revisionists instead of claims that are not supported by concrete documentation and evidence.

Have a set of three or four questions/facts that you can bring forth without having to simply read from a piece of paper or a book. Familiarize yourself with them days before the event if necessary. Write down some key points for reference. This way you will be able to recite them properly and keep the hoaxer on his heels. Don't plan to ask the questions one by one as the hoaxer will soon sniff out that you are not the typical Goy, make sure you ask each question without pausing until you are finished.

Always remain civil. I can't stress this enough. While interrupting the speaker might be appropriate if you don't feel as if there will be a question and anwser session at the end, it is always worth waiting until the end as the payoff is much better. As you present your facts and questions to the hoaxer, never raise your voice above a regular audible tone and never appear overtly abrasive or "mean" while you are speaking. This will only provoke the people you wish to awake to write you off as such. Sure, most of the audience will still probably side with the hoaxer, but as I said earlier, not all at this event I attended days ago were clapping with the others as the Jew avoided the points I had made by walking away. There will be people, if only out of sheer curiousity, who will go to the Internet to check out the authenticity of your claims. And that will result in another person who finds that the holocaust is not what it seemed to them before.

Certainly don't give away your intentions or motivations to anyone at the venue prior to the speaker taking the podium. You should not start your debate with a lone audience member who might then point you out to the venue. You might get kicked out and you certainly will put the speaker on guard. Those nationalists who are of the shaved head persuasion might consider wearing a hat and of course covering all tattoos that might tip off what side you are on. After all, you can't debate a holocaust survivor when he sights a Goy with symbols on their arms that bring back visions of a free White race because that could stand to result in the old liar having cardiac arrest.

Once you are told to leave, then make your exit. I am not a lawyer but certainly asking inconvienent questions is not an offense that can get you into any legal difficulties. Simply interrupting the speaker usually will result in you simply being asked to leave. You never want to physically resist any attempt by the venue to remove you, although you can voice your desire to leave on your own accord if anyone outside of law enforcement and/or security in the venue attempts to lay a hand on you.


More than anything else, have fun!! Don't worry about anything negative resulting from your actions. Of course if the speaker is attending your employer's banquet hall, then that might be one to skip. If your worried about exposure to public scorn then simply get to the venue early and moniter those who file in. If you don't know them, then they don't know you, right? I understand that some people out there are timid regarding negative consequenses as far as your job and/or personal relationships, but I have personally "crashed" over a half dozen events and have never once seen a TV camera anywhere at the venue. As I said earlier, I wish there had been one at this recent event I attended, I am not camera shy and it was a jolly good show indeed. My point is your worrying about nonsense, get out there and reveal the hoaxer as a fraud and guilt peddler and have fun doing it.

Most importantly, Robert Ransdell takes his own advice, because he believes in leading from the front. This is why his Cincinnati Unit leads the way in the National Alliance. Another example of someone doing something that is proven to work successfully.


apollonian said...

To Dis-Credit, Terrorize, And Intimidate Jews And Accomplices, Begin At Proper Beginning: CONTEXT
(Apollonian, 25 Aug 09)

Remember the best way to condition the mind for any subject-matter or inquiry is to begin with the right, correct, and proper CONTEXT. Begin at proper beginning.

For note the easiest way to discredit and intimidate Jews is to BEGIN AT THE PROPER BEGINNING--for example, by asking the simplest questions of simplest facts--beginning w. basic nature of Judaism itself, the murder and enslavement of gentiles and all humanity for benefit of Jews who regard themselves, collectivistically, as God (see ref. note, below) and/or co-equal therewith.

According to Jews, Jews are the very reason God exists, God, the slave of Jews, God irresistably loving those hook-nosed Jews whom God cannot resist, his "chosen."

And remember, the best, most dramatic way of putting any question to anyone, Jew or not, is by beginning with, "Yes or no,...."

And Christian New Testament (NT) is a good place where Jews are understood, as Gosp. JOHN 8:44: "ye are the sons of ur father, the devil, father of lies, and his work ye will do...." Thus Jews are liars by their nature and religion--Jews WORSHIP LIES--according to Christianity and Christ, whom Jews hate (for Christ tells the dirty truth about Jews). Jews are liars by their religion as Jews think they are, collectively, God who can thus create any reality.

And to confirm Christ's description of Jews one can easily ck into Jews' own definitive document, the Talmud (see,, and for best Talmudic expo), which advocates ritualist (by means of lies) murder and enslavement of gentiles.

And remember the simplest thing to do is to ask the Jew simplest questions, like, "ISN'T THE TALMUD THE BASIC WORK OF JUDAISM?"--this simple question by itself gets Jews nervous as it sets it up for, "doesn't the Talmud justify lying and murder of gentiles for Jews?"

These aforementioned and described simple questions then establish the reason why not only Germans, but all gentiles most rightfully and justifiably hate and fear Jews--FOR JEWS ARE SIMPLY ANTI-HUMAN MONSTERS by their very basic nature, Jews worshipping lies and murder of gentiles which lying and murder Jews pretend are the commandment of their filthy devil which they call "God."

[--------see below for part two to above entry----------A.]

apollonian said...

[-------here's part two to above entry--------A.]

* * * * *

Thus note it's important to understand the BASICS for any inquiry involving Jews--BEGIN AT THE BEGINNING, the nature of Jews and Judaism itself.

Next, when considering the specific topic of holohoax, remember the criterion of proof--IT ISN'T SUFFICIENT FOR JEWS TO MERELY LIE AND ACCUSE and make their typical, habitual empty assertions. For Jews are liars by their nature, and it's absolutely necessary for Jews to prove whatever they say--which they never can do.

Note then when one inquires about holohoax, it's first necessary to establish the context, Jews liars by nature and religion, Jews murderers and criminals by their very nature. So obviously it's only most natural, understandable, and justified that Jews are hated and feared by all gentiles, esp. those gentiles who KNOW anything about Jews, who have had any actual experience w. Jews.

Thus Jews are the founders and leading practitioners of that COUNTERFEITING scam called "fractional-reserve money and banking" (see,, and for expo/ref.) which presently continues fm the year 1694 in England with the Bank of England, by which Jews steadily buy everything and attempt the take-over of the world, the communist-bolsheviks being merely their enforcers, these Jew-bolsheviks having murdered millions of Christians in Russia yrs before Hitler gov. in Germany even came to power.

Thus the easy CONCLUSION is Jews never can PROVE their lies about holohoax, merely asserting and repeating with the help of their flunkies and accomplices among gentiles whom they bribe and extort by means of their COUNTERFEITING scam, the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) which they've operated now since 1913.

So again, one merely needs remember necessity of CONTEXT, circumstances, and history in any and all efforts for debunking the holohoax; it really is easy when one is properly educated by means of scholarship. Experience and practice then perfect one's technique.

CONCLUSION: Greatest mistake is when and if one forgets at outset that Jews are monsters and liars by their very basic nature--if u don't know this at beginning, u cannot wonder u'll have difficulty with these master liars, Jews. But everyone learns, sooner or later. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

LARS said...


Within 10 years ALL survivors of ww2 will be dead. The holocaust will become a memory. Attacking an 80 yr old man only serves to make one look INSENSITIVE.

No one who paid $35 to see this man can have their mind CHANGED by an aggressive questioner. The audience that this gentleman needs to target are NOT JEWS, they can't be changed, but the NEXT generation.

Today the battle is for WHO controls history. White people are basically lazy. For 60 years WE have rested on our hind quarters basking in the riches our fathers and grand fathers accumulated for us.

We as a race are so LAZY that we won't even fight for OUR children and grand children.

Part of the problem is the jewish owned media who have placed 90% of us in a TRANCE, but the bulk of the problem lies in our own LAZINESS AND STUPIDITY!

Television and movies have hypnotized us into a deep slumber to accept the MULTICULTURALISM that has destroyed every nation that ever attempted it.

the 1960's drug invasion of LSD, Hemp, Hashish, Cocaine, meth and mescaline worked to weaken the gene pool that had already been weeded down by two UNWINNABLE wars, Korea and Viet Nam.

The entire nation was SHOCKED into submission by the killing of JFK by a RACIST.

As the nation mourned JFK, the point that WHITE MEN ARE EVIL was driven home by the killing of King, Bobby Kennedy, Malcom X, and the other assorted scum.

Using national grief, the DEADLY "CIVIL RIGHTS" AND "IMMIGRATION" laws were passed. These laws joined together opened America's borderes and forced EQUAL treatment for the invaders.

SUDDENLY, White people were EVIL! The heroes were the army of JEWS who invaded the south and found RACISIM!

As the young generation attempted to EDUCATE itself, our college campuses were inflitrated by scum who preached the EVILS of America.

We sat by while our kids were taught by colleges that the WHITE SYSTEM WAS EVIL! Suddenly, the people who had won the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, The Spanish American War, The Mexica-America War, WW1 and WW2 were EVIL.

Our own Courts forced safe, prosperous white neighborhoods to BUS their babies up to 100 miles to sit in a room full of sub-humans. WHY? TO DESEGREGATE THEM!

Planned Parenthood preached non-stop that to SAVE the world we had to NEUTER our daughters. Our only salvation was the killing of UNBORN babies.

Our birth rate dropped to 1.4 children. That is UNSUSTAINABLE. there are now 50% LESS children than there are parents.


This is the battle for the white race. Fighting 80 year old men is STUPID! You can't win. It makes one wonder why someone would think they LOOK smart. They don't.

Oh well, at least you and I know the truth. Our white daughters won't mind being porked by those black muslim men. Hell, its only skin color. Inside we are all the SAME!

Ahh, just think, not black, not white, not brown, not red, not yellow, just a nice shade of BROWN!
Did you hear, there are some great new tv shows this year. ENJOY!


Think for one moment. THINK! THINK! THINK! Did George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams fight to found a new MEXICAN state?

Did Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark fight and die for a safe place for women to wear BURQAS?


Anonymous said...

Superb performance. The NA should produce a course in exposing the Holohoax and promoting White empowerment, advertise and conduct sessions for the public, for a modest fee. It would be a great recruitment tool. As an organization this would provide them focus as well as a critical propaganda point ton confront the enemy. With the availability of so much inexpensive multimedia there's not excuse.