Sunday, August 16, 2009

Freedom14 Takes The Pro-White Message To Burbank, California, Introduces People To The Golden State Party

Update: Posted corrected information as to the location of Burbank. It is in the San Fernando Valley. I thought Burbank was east of Glendale. I should have known better; I lived in Orange County from 1962-69.

On Saturday August 15th, 2009, Freedom14 was back in action once again. As planned, they did visit the San Fernando Valley, specifically the city of Burbank, where they set up a covered booth, distributed several hundred flyers promoting awareness about the ill effects of mass immigration, and introduced people to the Golden State Party. The full after-action report with photos is posted on this Stormfront thread.

While there were much fewer White people present in Burbank than down in the beach communities, many of those who passed by were receptive to Freedom14's message. This is no surprise; since Southern California is in the belly of the multicultural beast, Whites there will naturally be more responsive to a pro-White message. But in response to those who expressed interest in transforming awareness into activism, Freedom14 activists also introduced them to the Golden State Party. The GSP's YouTube channel is HERE.

The premise behind this party is interesting. Attempting to start a national pro-White party and securing ballot access in multiple states at this point would be prohibitively expensive and require more activists than what would be available at this time, with virtually no chance of success. So instead, the decision was taken to start a state party which could concentrate the effort on one state alone for a greater likelihood of success. It would be easier to get the Golden State Party on the ballot in California alone than to try to get the American National Party (for example) on the ballot in all 50 states. Here's a video providing California voters with instructions on how to register with the Golden State Party:

This approach could be replicated in other predominantly White regions. Pro-White state or regional parties could launch in the Intermountain West, Texas, the Appalachian region, the Upper Midwest, and even upper New England. Once each party became self-sustaining, they could then unite into a national pro-White party, driven by the momentum which would attract more supporters and financing.

The Golden State Party's comprehensive platform is available HERE. Their policy on immigration is quite straightforward: expel all criminal and illegal aliens, immediately halt all immigration, except in special cases, like in the case of asylum seekers from South Africa, and give generous cash grants to struggling recent immigrants who have both an inability and a desire to return to their respective countries of origin.

The next step for the Golden State Party is to recruit candidates. They must decide whether to put all their support into a single symbolic candidate for Governor to shotgun the message out to the entire state in one fell swoop, or else place a few John Ubele or Derek Black-type candidates in carefully chosen city council and school board races, and perhaps even a couple of state legislative races. The latter alternative may be the more effective grass-roots choice. But it's their party, their state, and their decision.

And if they're willing to go that far, those of us not in California need to consider reaching into our wallets and helping them out. Their fight needs to become our fight. We need to quit donating to drama queens who are on the FBI payroll and redirect our donations only to those entities who are competitive and serious-minded.


LARS said...

I am all in the GSP!
it is a s close to BNP as I have found.
IF however, the crazies show up, I'M OUT!

Master Duke, his ex-wife, Prince Black, Bill White the KKK, or any of the agent provocateurs who foment violence have already done enough damage to the white race.

We do not need or want them.

America needs tyo know our TRUE HISTORY! America needs to be educated to see that BEFORE the 1965 laws of CIVIL RIGHTS AND IMMIGRATION REFORM, America was 95% WHITE, safe, well educated, hard working, God loving, Church going, financially secure and well DEFENDED!

Today,45 years after Civil Rights and Hart-celler, America is 45% white, crime ridden, atheistic, non-church going, violent, drug addicted, BANKRUPT, overcrowded, in three non-winnable wars, and HEADED DOWN!

That history is alive for all to see!

JFK was assassisnated to harnedd national grief to pass both the Civil Rights Bill and the Immigration Reform bill, both of which 75% of Americans OPPOSED!

The social experiment has FAILED!


Anonymous said...

Active Israeli Military at SF Mall owned by WTC 911 profiteer

Anonymous said...

A brilliant movement - may the Almighty see them to victory and raise the leader we need.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for yet another fantastic article.

We should be featured in the OC Register here shortly, which is a fairly large paper.

I'm sure it will just be them giving us their blessing. Ha.