Monday, August 03, 2009

Freedom14 Shifts Focus To Newport Beach, California; Distributes Pro-White Brochures Face To Face To The White Public, Get A Positive Reaction

Freedom14 activists spread the word in Newport Beach

Freedom14 is certainly not resting on its laurels. Their confrontation with bandannaed anti-racists in Huntington Beach on July 18th, 2009, as well as another successful confrontation with anti-racists on July 25th which sent the embarrassed and humiliated antis scampering home with their tails between their legs, merely whetted their appetite for further activism.

And on Saturday August 1st, they were back at it again, this time just down the Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach. As described on their website, they formed up down at the Newport Pier and distributed several hundred trifold brochures focusing upon the non-quantifiable effects of illegal immigration. They kept partial track of the reaction, and reported that only two out of 100 people rejected the flyers. A number of recipients actually responded with a smile, a sincere “thank you”, or a handshake. Many immediately turned to the back of the pamphlet for a quick summary about the group and its message, and some returned to engage the activists in further discussion.

Some of the participating Freedom14 activists also opened a discussion on this Stormfront thread, since they're eager not only to report on their activism, but also to solicit constructive input from other White activists who've had experience. One thing of note - they generally don't waste time giving flyers to those who are obviously non-White, preferring to concentrate only upon people who obviously appear White. Giving pro-White literature to non-Whites is just as much a waste of time as trying to post our message on a Jewish or Black discussion board - it just pisses them off.

Alas, the more personal one-on-one approach employed by Freedom14 has not attracted any media publicity yet. The last media coverage of Freedom14 I saw was a hit piece posted July 23rd on a blog in the Orange County Weekly, a typical hippie newspaper better used for cat litter or birdcage liner. Registration not required to post comments, by the way. But while media coverage is helpful to the Cause, getting our message out through one-on-one action can actually have more lasting value. Besides, the growing White media is not without reach.


Anonymous said...

Hey, buddy. It's Tom again. I just wanted to say, on behalf of Freedom 14, we love the articles.

I know all the guys follow them, and they're appreciative.

We've already got plans lined up for this weekend and the next.


Anchorage Activist said...

Excellent, Tom. That's one reason why I do this - to motivate folks like yourself to continue. This is the best use of "Internet" activism - to support and promote street activism, regardless of the organization that does it.

In SoCal, your strategy of blending in is working great. In the Bay Area, BANA's strategy of using national anarchism is also productive. In Illinois, the INSF strategy of using national socialism is working there as well.

If activism is legal and productive, then it is worthwhile.

apollonian said...

White Racial Efforts Must Be Linked With Christian Aesthetic
(Apollonian, 5 Aug 09)

Hey Tom (fm 7:38 pm entry, above), now that u indicate we can or might communicate w. u by way of outstanding WhiteReference Blog, I'd like to ask u about ur efforts and the Christian Theme.

Don't u think this Christian theme is absolutely ESSENTIAL for symbolic purposes? For isn't struggle of white race in general that of TRUTH vs. Jew lies--as in Gosp. JOHN?

If u could comment upon this Christian theme as I've noted, it would surely be most instructive and informative for all the fans of the large "movement" effort in general, including ur own efforts, and WhiteReference too.

CONCLUSION: Thanks much, and by all means, keep up ur outstanding efforts. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian