Sunday, August 23, 2009

Freedom 14 Brings The Message Of White Empowerment To Orange, California; City Councilman Sends Flunky To Disperse Them

After a depressing week of covering black-on-white inhumanity as documented in the Letalvis Cobbins trial, the week ended on a brighter note when Freedom14 took the message of White empowerment to the streets once again. This time, the city of Orange was on the menu; read their full after-action report with many more photos on Stormfront.

Summary: Freedom14 set up their booth in downtown Orange. Once again, many passersby expressed interest not only in the Freedom14 message, but in finding out more about the Golden State Party. Though Freedom14 has no official connection with the GSP, I don't see why the GSP would mind Freedom14 steering some business their way. One Australian visitor expressed considerable interest and saw potential applications of Freedom14 tactics in his own country.

But as usual, there was some disorganized opposition. One anti-racist stalker drove by and snapped a few photos. Another person identified as a veteran took umbrage at the way Freedom14 was displaying the American flag, and got quite offensive about it. Apparently he may not have liked seeing the flag draped over a table.

The most serious opposition was mounted by a worker who identified himself as a "liaison" between Freedom14 and a member of the Orange City Council who he would not name. The worker informed them that they needed a permit to set up their booth in the traffic circle and that a member of the City Council had taken exceptional steps to suppress Freedom14. To avoid giving this city council member a pretext to initiate official harassment of Freedom14, the activists agreed to break down the canopy and table and move on. But their day wasn't over, as they split into two four-person teams and continued distributing literature.

Out of curiosity, I visited the City of Orange website and reviewed the City Council page to determine which of the City Council members might be most likely to try to shut down Freedom14. The four Council Members are Tita Smith, Mark Murphy, Joe Dumitru, and Dennis Bilodeau. All four appear equally White. A review of their respective biographies revealed that none of them have listed backgrounds of service with any anti-racist or pro-diversity organizations. But further investigation led me to this website which reveals that Bilodeau is married to a woman who appears to be Latina.

Consequently, it is not unreasonable to speculate that Dennis Bilodeau may be the Council Member most likely to have sent the worker to disperse the Freedom14 activists, since he may view their activism as a threat to his marriage. However, speculation does NOT imply confirmation.

Nevertheless, Freedom14 is pleased with their efforts and their next stop will be the Inland Empire (Riverside-San Bernadino for those not familiar with the area).


Anonymous said...

F14 needs to contact Richard Barret, the preeminent First Amendment rights attorney for some pointers on facing down Municipal punks who attempt to shut down constitutionally protected Freedom of Speech. They also need to form their own legal research arm - there's money to be made slapping down these system creeps, they need to educate themselves as a matter of effectiveness and survival.

Anonymous said...


Most of our members are still figuring out how to add an attachment to emails. Ha.

We're just a group of a couple dozen local activists who meet up and do our best. We'll not be forming a legal research arm any time soon. It's a nice thought, though.

I actually welcome the overreactions by our enemies. It's good that we are abused as much as we can stand, in order that people have sympathy for us.

Another great article, Anchorage. You sure are dedicated.


Anonymous said...

I just don't get it. No sooner do commies start doing something than there they are in cahoots with Richard Cohen and all the rest. Getting legal advice, going to court and scarfing up big bucks.

Then, along comes this California "14" bunch and says, no, they won't be contacting Richard Barrett or anybody else for any kind of legal-support or organization. They don't want any legal protections. No, they know it all.

I've heard that ignorance is bliss, but, in this case, I'd have to say that ignorance is ridiculous. I'm thinking that in six months or less "14" will be "00."