Monday, August 24, 2009

Christian-Newsom Case: No Verdict In Day One Of Deliberations In Letalvis Cobbins Case; Legal Skirmishing In Upcoming Lemaricus Davidson Trial Begins

Note: All posts on the Letalvis Cobbins trial available HERE; the most current post will appear first.

As expected, Day One of the jury's deliberations in the Letalvis Cobbins trial on the Christian-Newsom case ended without a verdict. With 38 different charges to consider, the deliberations are expected to be lengthy. Complicating the deliberations is the fact that there could be two separate phases. In the culpability phase, jurors will determine whether or not to convict Cobbins of first-degree murder. If they do, then they will shift into the penalty phase, where they will consider evidence about whether or not Cobbins should be executed. During this latter phase, prosecutors would try to show his crimes are so heinous he deserves death, while defense attorneys would try to counter with mitigating facts. The bottom line - this trial could still have a hell of a long way to go.

Although a grand total of 15 jurors remain, only the 12 primary jurors engaged in the deliberations. The three alternates were sent back to the hotel where all 15 jurors have been sequestered since the start of the trial.

Meanwhile, in a separate News-Sentinel story, legal skirmishing for the upcoming September 21st trial of Lemaricus Davidson began today. Judge Richard Baumgartner is concerned about the possibility that an impartial jury may not be found in Knox County and wants to import another jury from outside the county. However, Davidson allegedly wants a jury specifically from Knox County.

In a separate development reported only on the Vanguard News Network Forum so far, a longtime VNN activist identified as McKinley visited downtown Knoxville today, not only to demonstrate solidarity with the Christian and Newsom families, but also to determine how well-informed Knoxvillians are about the trial and to provide people with more information about black-on-white crime, its under-reporting, and the attendant causes.

To his surprise, McKinley found that several passersby weren't even aware that the trial took place, despite the almost yeoman-like coverage from the four Knoxville media outlets. Perhaps this may be in part attributable to the national media blackout on the case; too many people rely only upon CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News for their current events. McKinley then did his part to bring people up to speed on this case and on black-on-white crime in general by passing out 200 copies of The Aryan Alternative 4 during his one-hour stint near the courthouse. Among those receiving a copy were two reporters from WVLT Channel 8, who were actually there to report on a separate story about people possessing guns near city parks (they've not posted their report yet).

McKinley also edits the hard-hitting Kentuckyanna True News blog, which provides news and analysis from the pro-White perspective for Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

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