Sunday, August 16, 2009

The British Nationalist Website Reports That The British National Party (BNP) Main Website Is Under DDOS Attack Once Again

Update: As of August 17th, BNP main website up once again, but loading slowly.

The British Nationalist website, which is apparently the successor to the old BNP Chronicle website, reports that the BNP main website is down once again. A DDOS attack was launched sometime on Saturday August 15th. This is similar to the previous attack on May 24th, 2009.

It is believed that the attack was planned to coincide with the increased site activity generated by this weekend's Red, White and Blue family festival. BNP webmaster Simon Bennett released the following statement: “(The) BNP website is down due to another DDoS attack… I am on the case, but we could be offline for 24 hours!, it is lucky I stayed at home after all.”

The latest developments (all times in British time):

Sunday August 16th 1:30am: BNP Webmaster writes: "I cannot put up a holding page as it would take 4 hours to change the nameservers and another 4 to change them back when the new server has transferred the 300 odd gigabytes of data. It is taking longer than hoped to resolve this attack, but it will be worthwhile as we will have DDoS protection in place and far more power to deal with attacks. On the plus side, the idiots have attacked the website on a very quiet weekend giving me a great opportunity to measure and deal with future attacks".

Sunday August 16th 11:20pm: BNP Webmaster Simon Bennett expects the site to be back online in the early hours of tomorrow.

Additional discussion on Stormfront Britain. Monitor the British Nationalist for further developments.

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