Sunday, August 16, 2009

Australian Anglican Ridley College Principal Peter Adam Proposes White Australians Leave The Continent To Atone For "Genocide" Against Aborigines

How long until those of us Whites who are race-conscious realize that some of our greatest enemies lie within the White community itself? A report from the Sydney Morning Herald identifies one such person who must be characterized as an enemy of the White community. This story was first spotted on the Stormfront Downunder sub-forum.

In an address delivered at the New South Wales Baptist Union's annual lecture at Morling College in Macquarie Park, the Reverend Dr. Peter Adam, who is the principal of Ridley College, the main Anglican theological college in the Australian state of Victoria, stated that all non-Aboriginal Australians should be prepared to leave the country if the indigenous people wanted that in order to make restitution for the "vile sin of genocide". If they stayed, they would have to provide whatever recompense indigenous peoples thought appropriate.

According to Dr. Adam, his interpretation of Christian teaching requires either restitution - returning what was stolen, the land - or recompense. If those who arrived after 1788 did not leave, they would need to ask each of the indigenous peoples what kind of recompense would be appropriate. This would be complicated and extensive but must be done or the genocide would be trivialised. Specifically, he stated, "No recompense could ever be satisfactory because what was done was so vile, so immense, so universal, so pervasive, so destructive, so devastating and so irreparable".

But like a typical airhead academic, Dr. Adam could not answer the follow-up questions that undoubtedly formed in the mind of some in the audience. Specifically, where would White Australians go? Dr. Adam went on to state, "It would in fact be possible, even if very difficult and complicated, for Europeans and others to leave Australia. I am not sure where we would go, but that would be our problem". Typical of academics - expose "problems" but propose no solutions.

Dr. Adam's full speech can be viewed HERE. Not surprisingly, he also takes North American Whites to task for "genocide" against American Indians. Funny how he omits any mention about how Jews established the modern state of Israel through similar means - he does not propose that Jews leave Israel and give it back to the indigenous Palestinians.

In reaction, one patriotic Australian radio commentator predictably and commendably went ballistic. Neil Mitchell on radio station 3AW delivered a 60-second tirade against Adam, characterizing him as melodramatic and saying his remarks were a reason why no one should ever step inside a church again. While I would not go so far, it should be noted that the Anglican Church worldwide (the Episcopalian Church in the United States) has taken the lead in trading in the Gospel of Jesus Christ for a counterfeit "social gospel". The Anglicans were among the first to ordain homosexuals to clergy positions, a practice which substitutes priestcraft for priesthood. Certainly, one should consider exiting these liberal Christian denominations and look towards more conservative denominations for spiritual sustenance.

But the real danger of Dr. Adam's remarks is that they present a distorted picture about the willingness of Australians to defend their country. Case in point: Most of Australia, dominated by the Outback, is comparatively empty. In contrast, two of Australia's neighbors, Indonesia and India, are bursting at the seams. Dr. Adam's remarks could tempt Indonesians and Indians into believing that Australians might be reluctant or unable to defend their country against a massive Third World physical invasion. At the very least, Australia could end up facing a "Camp of the Saints" scenario. Third World peoples tend to interpret kindness as weakness. There's evidence that some of Australia's elite, believing Asianization of Australia to be inevitable, have advocated it be done peacefully and controllably through "immigration".

One Third World-oriented blog, Indigenous Review, has already embraced Dr. Adam's speech. But a British nationalist blogger, Lee John Barnes, takes serious issue with Dr. Adam HERE.

The attitude of Dr. Peter Adam is symbolic of a self-hating, guilt-tripping Stockholm Syndrome mentality which has taken root amongst liberal whites. These people do not advocate co-existence; instead, they want our race to surrender unconditionally. Thus they are the enemy within our "racial" gates.


Anonymous said...

Israeli Military in San francisco in mall owned by 911 WTC leaseholder

Anonymous said...

Amazing how far the moral and intellectual rot of racial Marxism has affected a segment of the White race - the man is obviously mentally ill - and you are correct - the Episcopalians and Lutherans are among the most perverted of the "mainline" Xtian churches- churches that in a decent society would be disbanded and their property used to benefit needy young White's. The English speaking segment of the White race (generally Anglo Saxons) have proven to be, as a group, a bunch of easily manipulated weak sisters. There is a sizable sub group of Anglo Saxons with more Germanic blood than Celtic and they have always formed the backbone of progressive White society in their homelands.

Anonymous said...

I picked up Camp of the Saints several months ago. While addressing serious subject matter, it's both humorous and enlightening(the bit about the arabs and the public pool and the debauchery towards the end both come to mind)

I highly reccomend picking up a couple used copies on Amazon and passing them around

Anonymous said...

Also, "the one thousand year reign is over" was very "we are the world, we are the children"-ish. Definitely ahead of it's time.

Anonymous said...

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