Thursday, August 20, 2009

Angolan Refugee Teresa Matos Shows Gratitude For Asylum And British Citizenship By Smuggling £5 Million Of Cocaine Aboard HMS Manchester

Our problems with immigrants in the United States pale by comparison to those experienced in some other majority White countries. At least our Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) pays lip service to rounding up some of the illegals, and we do set nominal standards for entry.

Not so in the United Kingdom. Any wog who can cook up a sufficiently heart-rendering sob story can frequently maneuver his or her way into merry olde England. One such person is 36-year-old Teresa Matos, an Angolan who arrived here five years ago unable to speak English, claimed asylum, obtained UK citizenship after working as a chambermaid, then joined the Royal Navy. And in gratitude for Britain's generous hospitality, Matos attempted to smuggle £5 million of cocaine from South America while serving aboard the HMS Manchester. Full story published on the BNP main website; other media sources include the Daily Mail, the Mirror, and the Times Online.

Matos stashed 26 pounds of cocaine in her locker on board the HMS Manchester while that ship was engaged in anti-drug training off the coast of South America, near Colombia. She was arrested in Plymouth on August 10th, 2009 after the cocaine was found in packages sewn into vests and around rucksacks. She has served in the Navy for the past two years after settling in Britain five years ago. Matos is described as a Royal Navy Wren; the term "Wren" is an acronym for Women's Royal Naval Service, officially abandoned in 1993 after women became fully integrated into the Royal Navy.

After her arrest, the investigation was handed over to the Serious Organised Crime Agency, which has since arrested three civilians from the London area in connection with the find. All suspects appeared in court in Portsmouth last week charged with the importation of controlled drugs. Prosecutor Tom Holder said the quantity of cocaine implies a large criminal enterprise involving many people. Matos has been remanded to custody and will have another hearing on September 15th. If found guilty, the Crown will be seeking a long prison sentence.

British National Party defence spokesman Peter Mullins was outraged. Mullins, a former RAF Vulcan bomber force crew member, said, “What type of admission policies are being followed by our armed services when this sort of disgraceful situation can arise? It is almost beyond belief. An Angolan who arrived here five years ago, unable to speak English, claims asylum, is given UK citizenship after working as a chambermaid and then ends up using one of our warships to smuggle one of the largest ever cocaine hauls in this country’s history. Anyone from outer space reading that story would rightly think that a nation which has allowed that has gone utterly mad”.

Of course, although mass immigration of non-whites has turned the suburb of Thamesmead, London, from what was supposed to be a model “new town” into Britain’s fraud capital and the haven of Nigerian scam artists and other criminal elements, and Her Majesty's Government continues to let in any wog who can produce tears on cue, they'll ban entry to any White person who is politically incorrect and who does not support forced multiculturalism. Americans Michael Savage, Don Black, and Erich Gliebe were among recent victims, although Savage got his ban reversed. Even more recently, Preston Wiginton, an American BNP supporter, was denied entry into the United Kingdom to celebrate the BNP's Red, White and Blue Festival.

The United Kingdom's current political leadership is driving the country to demographic suicide. The British National Party, with over 100 elected officials in country and two elected MEPs, is in the best position to confront this problem.


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