Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Victory!!! Federal Charge Of Incitement Against National Socialist Activist Bill White In Chicago In Limbo, Although Roanoke Charges Still Pending

The ability of the Federal government to railroad dissidents continues to erode, and took a major hit on July 21st, 2009, when U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman ruled that Bill White's speech on the Internet is protected by the First Amendment. Primary story published in the Roanoke Times; an additional story, which erroneously refers to White as the leader of the National Socialist Movement, has been posted by WSET Channel 13. Another story, with video, has been posted by WDBJ Channel 7.

White, who is still technically the Commander of the now-defunct American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), had been charged with posting the name, address and telephone number of the Jewish foreman of a Chicago jury that convicted Matt Hale in 2004. Although the post made no direct threats against the man, federal prosecutors had argued that White made the information known with the hope that it would encourage readers of his now-defunct website, Overthrow.com, to threaten or harm the juror.

White broke no laws in obtaining the juror’s personal information, Adelman wrote in a 35-page opinion, "and an intimidating context alone does not remove the protection of the First Amendment." Judge Adelman was the replacement picked when Bill White's legal team asked that previous Judge William Hibbler, who is black, be recused on the basis that no Chicago-based judge could possibly be unbiased.

White’s attorney, Chris Shepherd of Chicago, said of the ruling: "The First Amendment is at its best when it protects unpopular speech. If the First Amendment only protected us from expressing opinions that everyone agrees with, it would become useless, because that type of speech needs no protection."

Federal prosecutors were too busy licking their wounds to comment to the media. But they did file a motion to stay, so Bill White will remain in jail for the time being. Attorney Chris Sheppard hopes a bond hearing will be granted once that motion is decided.

Unfortunately, Bill White is not completely off the hook. He still faces additional Federal charges filed in Roanoke in December 2008 of using his website to make threats against a half-dozen or so targets, including the so-called "civil rights attorney" Richard Warman in Canada, the nationally syndicated black newspaper columnist Leonard "Cry Me A River" Pitts, and a small-town black mayor in New Jersey. Specifically, he was charged with five counts of communicating threats in interstate commerce, one count of communicating an extortionate threat in interstate commerce, and one count of witness intimidation. He is accused of "targeting" individuals with whom he disagreed from 2006 to 2008 for racial reasons. The 19-page indictment can be read HERE.

If found guilty of communicating threats in interstate commerce, White could face a maximum punishment of five years in prison for each count of the indictment. If found guilty of communicating extortionate threats in interstate commerce, White could face a maximum punishment of 20 years in prison. If found guilty of witness intimidation, White faces a maximum punishment of ten years in prison. Each of the aforementioned charges also entails a potential fine of up to $250,000.

Nevertheless, the "good guys" won a partial victory today, and one person who should be celebrating the most is Hal Turner, railroaded on similar charges. Turner's lawyer should try to get the case placed before Judge Adelman, if possible. In any event, Judge Adelman's decision could be cited as a precedent to get the Federal charges against Turner dismissed outright (all of this written before Turner disclosed his full relationship with the Feds).

So Bill White's legal struggle continues. If you want to help, visit the following website for instructions:



apollonian said...

Nazis And Anti-Semites Must Begin At Grass-Roots Levels
(Apollonian, 21 Jul 09)

This is great news, indubitably. But note the pt. remains Feds won't hesitate to violate the law and arrest and intimidate patriots like Bill White and Hal Turner, much feared by ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies.

Next proper step is to agitate the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.) hereticalists at their places and churches in similar manner as Pastor Carlson of Whtt.org--though of course, Carlson is much too tame for his word choice. Don't forget ANSWP showed how to do it (demonstrating) last 16 Apr 07 at Tulsa, Ok.

CONCLUSION: For note Christianity, properly understood, is absolutely anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), and first Christians were actually the first nazis. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

crosstar said...


Bill Whites skates, but is still shunned. Threat-making charges against White have been dismissed in Chicago. White, an anarchist and costumist, whose chief claim to fame had been dressing up as Hitler and sparking a riot in a Negro-neighborhood in Toledo, had been charged with threatening various personages, but a judge claimed that the First Amendment allowed threats, which did not pose an "immediate" or "real" danger. The judge cited the case of Charles Evers, a Negro, who had threatened to kill shoppers at a white store.

Although White, who had admitted to having a "mental-disorder," slipped out of the legal-noose, he did not escape approbation from Nationalists, who condemned his "straight-from-the-hood diatribes" and who had rebuked him ever since his profanity-laden rants appeared over the Internet. In a statement, Nationalists said that "while communists, anarchists, rapists, rioters, looters and gang-bangers are notorious for sticking together, upright Americans police their own ranks." Nationalists pointed out that "although pornographers, anarchists and cop-killers often claim free-speech, such vile ilk must be shunned and renounced."

Anonymous said...

I hope he's back home with his family soon.

*waves hi to Wacky Richard Barret*

Hooch said...

Fantastic news! Now the fight in Roanoke, then the Virginia Beach area as they want him too.

I feel bad for Bill getting held as a political priosoner. They all know that they can not break the right to free speech. The constitution is crystal clear in this area.

They have developed an action plan to tap him of all of his money and keep him tied up in the legal system and in Jail while they use unlimited tax payer dollars to make it all work.

And for those of you here that said that he doesn't have the right to post a jurors address and say that he should be killed, what do you have to say now???

David Drury said...

Oh come on people. The reason he was charged the second time in Virginia was because they want him incarcerated for something. If #1 railroad job fails, then #2 won't.

Hooch said...

Don't count on it. Freedom of Speech is a RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE.

Anonymous said...

We will only see "victory" When that psychopath White is pushing up daises!

Anonymous said...

Bill White cut a deal with the feds. There will be more arrests and railroad jobs of White Nationalists from the info Bill gave the feds. Mark my words!

Hooch said...

Sorry dipshit but you don't have to cut any deals when you didn't even break a law.

Anonymous said...

Why should you (or anyone else) care, Hooch? Are you one of Wee Willie's self-declared "Utopian Anarchists"?

SS said...

Victory will be when traitor Bill White the kike's worthless carcass is dangling from a meat hook!

Hooch said...

"""Anonymous Anonymous said...Why should you (or anyone else) care, Hooch? Are you one of Wee Willie's self-declared "Utopian Anarchists"?"""

No pole smoker, there is not one drop of liberalism in my blood. 100% pure conservative.

"""Anonymous SS said...
Victory will be when traitor Bill White the kike's worthless carcass is dangling from a meat hook!"""

Sorry, the actual victory will be when worthless bags of shit like yourself are all locked up by the radical left. Your meat hook comment shows ALL how much of a benefit to the movement you are.

Anonymous said...

Again- isn't the National Alliance a venture conducted by jewish intrests?