Wednesday, July 01, 2009

U.S. Magistrate Michael Shipp Refuses To Grant Pro-White Blogger Hal Turner Bail A Second Time, Considers Him Too "Dangerous"

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On July 1st, 2009, a Federal judge in Newark, New Jersey refused once again to grant bail to a conservative blogger charged with threatening to murder three federal judges who upheld handgun bans in Illinois. U.S. Magistrate Michael Shipp ordered Hal Turner to be transferred to the Chicago area to face the charge, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. Media stories posted by the Newark Star-Ledger the Jersey Journal, KYW Channel 3 in Philly, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Hudson Reporter.

Bail was denied at Turner's first hearing on June 25th, but Judge Shipp allowed Turner's attorney Michael Orozco to request bail again because the arrangements weren't complete. His second bail hearing on Tuesday June 30th was postponed because an explosion of a transformer in a nearby manhole knocked out power to the area. But hopes were high that bail might be granted, since Turner had tentatively agreed to a series of onerous conditions, including putting up his mother's house as collateral, house arrest with ankle monitors, and denial of Internet access, to include no computers in his home. Turner had even taken down his TurnerRadioNetwork website.

However, Assistant U.S. Attorney L. Judson Welle immediately argued for continued denial of bail, claiming that Turner's blog continued to operate after he was jailed. Welle also said Turner recorded a nine-minute message via telephone that was posted on his blog and identified the three FBI agents who questioned him after his June 24 arrest. Turner's recording included the statement that "Everybody can be gotten to. John F. Kennedy proved that. What are a few lives in the grand scheme of liberty?" Welle concluded, "This poses an extreme danger if he continues to name potential witnesses." The Jersey Journal is also reporting that a pretrial report said Turner has mental health issues. Orozco countered that Turner's website was taken down Monday and that recent postings were made primarily to seek money to help in Turner's defense, but the judge bought the prosecution's arguments, saying "I'm not persuaded that the defendant is not a danger to the community,"

Hal Turner is charged with threatening to assault and murder three Federal judges there because of their ruling upholding a handgun ban. The 12-page Federal complaint is posted HERE in PDF format.

The Hudson Reporter disclosed one other fact which might have influenced the judge's decision. On Friday June 26th, U.S. Attorney's Office Spokesperson Michael Drewniak confirmed Turner’s June 23rd initial court appearance, it was disclosed that there was a stockade of weapons at Turner’s residence. They included 200 rounds of ammunition, of which 150 rounds of hollow-point bullets, a shotgun, and three handguns. Perhaps if Turner had expressed a willingness to keep guns out of his house as a condition of bail, he might have improved his chances. But considering that he is a White man in a Hispanic-majority neighborhood, he'd be jeopardizing his family's safety if he gave up the right to bear arms.

An additional issue is the establishment of another Turner-related blog operated by his mother. The blog, FamilyOfHalTurner, is strictly controlled by his mother and Turner has no posting privileges, but perhaps the judge believed that she could be too easily influenced by Hal, so that may have also persuaded him to deny Turner bail.

Another message by Hal Turner, posted HERE, clarifies a family issue he previously raised. Turner had previously claimed that he and his wife were "no longer playing on the same team". This was because it had appeared to him that his wife would not use the house to bail him out. But it turns out the lawyer told her that when a wife uses the house to bail out her spouse, if the spouse is convicted, the government can seize the house for the fine, which would leave Turner in jail and his wife and kid homeless. That's why she wouldn't put the house up. So Turner now assures us he and his wife are a team once again.

If convicted on the Federal charges, Turner could receive a maximum of 10 years in prison. This would be in addition to an additional 10 years state maximum if convicted on the separate Connecticut charges. Discussion continues on Stormfront in two separate threads; the big thread HERE, and a more recent smaller thread HERE. VNN Forum thread HERE.


apollonian said...

Patriots Must Grow Some Brains: JCs Are Weak Pt. To Judeo-Conspiracy
(Apollonian, 1 Jul 09)

Of course the piece-of-shit judge WOULD consider Hal Turner "dangerous"--as the judge is such an enemy of the people, hence an enemy of a great champion of the people, Hal Turner.

Thus Hal Turner is suffering for his championship of the people and their rights.

Gad, but I wish comrade Hal could have used his brains--of which he has considerable amount--to have anticipated this obvious fascist terrorism of the state, ZOG-Mammon; this is just the thing they WOULD do--why couldn't Hal foresee? So now Hal manages to let himself be isolated and picked-off, and now people are without leadership--way to go Hal--what brilliant foresight and planning.

Thus we need an army--we need the people. Hence we need absolute Christian foundation. And the way this Christian foundation is provided is by getting out and preaching in Christian manner and fashion upon Christian themes and subjects. Thus Christian soldiers must consolidate their natural base.

And the juicy, inviting, obvious target is "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who enable and facilitate Judeo-conspiracy (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) and de-moralize and dis-inform potential real Christians and general volk who so desperately need that anti-semitic encouragement, inspiration, and organization.

"Nazis" need to grow some brains and see this JC buttress which needs under-mining and treatment. Even ANSWP had the wit, back 16 Apr 07, to protest and demonstrate against Charles Hagee at Tulsa, OK--THIS IS WHAT MUST NEEDS BE DONE, MOST OF ALL--against JCs, WEAK-POINT TO Judeo-conspiracy.

CONCLUSION: For God's sake people, get a clue--it's Christianity which is being attacked, and Christian people who are being victimized. JCs must be obvious target for counter-attack--do it like ANSWP did it over two yrs ago. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Jeff Schoep said...

Good riddance to this fat foul mouth punk. Hal is a idiot, a fool and will die in prison and I don't give a shit.