Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pro-White Activist Julian Lee Confronts Cowardly Anti-Racist Action (ARA) Rose City Antifa Scum In Portland, Oregon, Chases Them Off

Upon visiting The Phora, I discovered this thread where Julian Lee discusses his recent confrontation with members of Rose City Antifa, affiliated with Anti-Racist Action (ARA) scum in Portland, Oregon. These slimebuckets were plastering leaflets slandering Lee all over town, and they even bragged about it HERE. Lee filmed his confrontation with the ARA activists who were hiding their faces behind bandannas like a bunch of cowards, and uploaded it to YouTube, embedded below:

The ARA scum posted the full text of their flyer HERE. It is cross-posted below:

Flyer text:


[Photo caption: White supremacist Julian Lee currently lives in the XXXX Apartments, XXXX. Lee is responsible for the racist stickers that have appeared throughout the Nob Hill neighborhood, amongst other locations.]

Meet Julian Lee, your neighborhood white supremacist. Over the past few months, Lee has been busy plastering NW 21st and 23rd Avenues—-amongst other places-—with racist propaganda, often signed as “White Identity” or “White Identity Love Defense”. Some of the “White Identity” stickers provide an address for a website operated by Julian Lee that contains links to racist, anti-Semitic, and fascist organizations.

The NW 21st/23rd neighborhood has also frequently been hit with propaganda stickers from the National Alliance, a nationwide neo-Nazi organization. The National Alliance propaganda—-attacking “non-whites”, bisexuals and others—-has surfaced in other areas throughout the city, but it is concentrated in the area where Julian Lee lives, and is placed along the same routes as the “White Identity” stickers. Lee appears to distribute white supremacist materials several nights each week.

Julian Lee is also an anti-sex activist, responsible for a peculiar celibacy website. When the annual Portland Naked Bike Ride passed through his neighborhood, Lee, frothing at the mouth, repeatedly yelled “Get raped, degenerate scum!” at the participants. Soon afterwards, “Keep Portland decent and good” stickers appeared alongside neo-Nazi materials on Lee’s traditional routes. (We can only guess that calling for rape is “decent and good” to Julian Lee’s mind.)

We encourage all neighbors to make it clear that Julian Lee’s racist propaganda is unwelcome. Please contact Portland Anti-Racist Action if you have additional information on Lee or anyone who may be assisting his racist agitation.

Rose City Antifa / Portland Anti-Racist Action
voicemail: 971.533.7832

Note that I turned their e-mail addy back into a hot link to make it easier on those who might want to "communicate" with them.

Neither of Julian Lee's two websites, and, are "hate" sites. The second site actually contains pro-White songs which he has composed himself. After the camera chip filled up, he could no longer film, and much was missed. Some time after the video ends, Julian called the cops on his cell. The antis said to each other, "Is he calling the cops?" then ran like rabbits. A police car hunted them for a while. When Julian gave the officer his report, the officer was very supportive.

So far, the antifa attempt to stir up hatred against Julian Lee has failed. A lot of people there, including his apartment manager, know the deal. One guy riding by him on the street asked, "Did you catch them?" Stickers and flyers on his side of the argument and supporting him are showing up on the street. Most local people even mark out or tear off the antifa stickers out on the street long before he can get to them.

Antifa are terrorists just as much as "al-Qaeda" and need to be exposed and dealt with as such. Guantanamo is too good for them. Kudos to Julian Lee for standing up for himself and teaching these punks as lesson. A boot party would have even been better, but Julian is best suited to determine how to deal with these scum.


God is Vengenace said...

I have personal knowledge that Ramsey set them up, he is buddies
with Portland ANTFA!

It's that fucker Jim Ramm's fault!

Anonymous said...

Would have been nice to see Julian and a buddy kick some faggot ANTFA ass - like snakes - Reds and White haters can only be exterminated,not reasoned with.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Julian Lee is an inspiration.

Jake Featherston said...

I'm in daily contact with Julian Lee. He's pretty much the quintessential good, White man.

Incidentally, there is apparently a $500 reward for information leading to the identification of those "antifa" thugs.