Wednesday, July 08, 2009

National Socialist Movement Distributes "Racist" Flyers In Greater Charleston, South Carolina; Hanahan And James Island Targeted

The National Socialist Movement (NSM) enjoyed a productive weekend in South Carolina. First, on Sunday July 5th, 2009, a number of residents living on Old Dominion Drive in Hanahan found flyers from the NSM wrapped up inside newspapers and deposited in their driveways. All the flyers were all imprinted with a swastika. Media stories from WCBD Channel 2 in Charleston (with video), and two separate stories from the Charleston Post-Courier on July 7th and July 8th.

At least three different types of flyers were distributed. One was entitled “Wake Up Whitey“; another entitled “It’s Tax Time Whitey“, and a third entitled “The Truth About Illegal Aliens Flooding into America’s Border Daily“. In a humorously ironic twist, the latter flyers were inserted into copies of El Informador, a Spanish-language newspaper. The editor of El Informador is reportedly upset that her publication was used for that purpose. [Ed. Note: Perhaps someone ought to tell the editor of El Informador that WE'RE upset that there's even a market for her newspaper in South Carolina in the first place.]

WCBD news video embedded below:

The Hanahan Police Department is investigating, but they say they aren’t sure any crime has been committed, other than possibly littering. They are attempting to lift a fingerprint off one of the flyers so they can identify the distributor and "talk" to him/her. Hanahan is an upscale suburb of Charleston, north of town. With a population of 15,580, it's 80 percent White, 13 percent Black, and 3 percent Latino.

But Hanahan wasn't the NSM's only stop. Residents of Oak Island Drive, a neighborhood off Folly Road located on James Island south of Charleston also found flyers wrapped inside free real-estate magazines. Kristina Walle said she found a flyer outside her house and saw similar ones around the neighborhood. Walle said that the flyer delivered a message about joining the fight against non-white races and had a swastika on it. And she was appalled. "I couldn't believe it, to see a swastika," she said. "Who would do something like that? I just got appalled."

James Island has a population of 37,363, 80 percent White and 19 percent Black.

The nearest NSM unit is located in Greenville, SC. They have not taken public credit for the flyer drop; perhaps their employment would be at risk if they became publicly known. However, they might want to be cautious about wrapping their flyers in other publications in the future; many publishers are getting their dander up over this tactic. An obscure weekly newspaper called the Rhino Times actually sued the Knights Party for wrapping their Klan literature in Rhino Times newspapers; they recently were awarded a $25,000 judgment against the Knights Party. Be aware.


Anonymous said...

This goes to show how retarded and stupid the NSMers are. It's only a matter of time before their stupid antics gets them busted and Schoep is in a cell next to Turner and White.

Anonymous said...

Like flyers make a damned bit of difference! I have distributed thousands and never saw one new member from our work! What a waste of time...