Friday, July 03, 2009

National Alliance Distributes 250 Pro-White Flyers In Cincinnati In Wake Of Columbia Parkway Rock-Throwing Attack On Joyce Baresel By Negro Teens

Joyce Baresel, another victim of teenage Black savagery

The Cincinnati Unit of the National Alliance continues to set an enviable standard for timely and pertinent activism. Just one day after two Negro teens were arrested for participating in incidents of throwing rocks upon motorists driving on Cincinnati's Columbia Parkway, National Alliance activists distributed 250 pro-White flyers in the area.

The official news media report was published July 2nd, 2009 by WLWT Channel 5, and, as usual, leaves out any information which might portray the National Alliance in a favorable or even a neutral light. The rest of the story has now been posted on the National Alliance News website.

The flyers, entitled "Enough Is Enough", include a photo of Joyce Baresel, a female motorist injured when a rock struck her in the head, and are encaptioned, "Will you let one of these savages make your daughter or sister the next victim???". They demand that black "savages" behave properly or "get the hell out of Cincinnati and this country." The activists attached 250 copies of the flyer to poles and vehicle windshields in the Riverside Drive neighborhood where the teens lived.

Two Negro teens have been arrested. A 16-year-old boy now identified as Terren Toler was arrested on Tuesday June 30th and is charged with felonious assault in the rock-throwing incident. When interviewed by police, the teen admitted to throwing rocks, but claimed there was no malicious intent and that he and his "homies" were just "having fun". He is being held without bond at the juvenile detention center pending a July 13th hearing in which prosecutors will seek to move the case to adult court.

Joseph Burdine, 18, surrendered on July 1st after police issued a warrant for his arrest earlier in the day on charges of felonious assault. Burdine is in jail and appeared in Hamilton County Municipal Court, where Judge Richard Bernat set bond at $600,000. Burdine is invoking his right to remain silent.

The incident was one of four reported incidences since June 2nd of large rocks being hurled at traffic on the Columbia Parkway in Cincinnati, damaging more than a dozen vehicles. The latest was Monday evening (June 29th) in the 600 block of Delta Avenue, right off of Columbia Parkway. A car was hit, but there were no injuries. At least three of the incidents happened specifically between William Howard Taft Road and Audubon Street (view a map of the area HERE); the closest neighborhoods are the East End, East Walnut Hills, Walnut Hills and Hyde Park, the first three of which abut the infamous Negro-infested Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. A photo of the area shows the teens threw rocks at virtual point-blank range. Police do not believe the four incidents are related. But the attack on Joyce Baresel stirred community outrage.

The 23-year-old Baresel, of Batavia, was injured when a rock thrown by the accused perps on June 14th crashed through the window of the taxi in which she was riding and struck her square in the forehead. She suffered multiple skull fractures and nerve damage. She has since been released from University Hospital and is doing well, but still spends much of the day in bed, according to her friend, Christa Roessner. “She’s only awake for about three or four hours total a day,” Roessner said. “She’s in good spirits and doing as well as can be expected.” The community has also rallied around Baresel. Since news of her injuries became public, a pub crawl held in Mount Adams on June 27th raised $8,000 for her care. Baresel has no health insurance. Local restaurateur Jeff Ruby also announced that he would double the $5,000 Crimestoppers reward for tips leading to an arrest and hold his own separate fundraiser.

Although the local media is trying to downplay White outrage, the National Alliance reports that response to their flyer is so positive that they have set a tentative date set for a meeting of White residents who are fed up with the status quo in Cincinnati and recognize the underlying problem, racial demographics. Over two dozen Whites have pledged their support for just such a meeting, which will discuss all the relevant issues, and not merely the politically correct issues. The timely response of the Cincinnati Unit to this problem is noteworthy; just 24 hours after the arrests, they had flyers ready to distribute and activists positioned to distribute them. Excellent organization!


Wendy Smith said...

I see in VNN there are independent White citizens trying to draft Bowles to run for President again. I'll vote for him. I bet they won't throw rocks with him in the white house.

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