Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maximum TNB In South Carolina: Negro Male Rodell Vereen Arrested For Having Sex With A Horse The Second Time, Faces Five Years In Jail

A 50-year-old Negro male has been arrested for having sex with a horse in Horry County, South Carolina. It's the second time in two years for him, and it was with the same horse. The most detailed story was published in the Myrtle Beach Sun News; other stories have been published by WACH Channel 57 and WPDE Channel 5. AP news video embedded below:

Rodell Vereen, 50, of Longs, is charged with buggery and trespassing after Barbara Kenley, who leases Lazy B Stables on Coates Road in the Wampee section of Horry County, told officers she had video of the suspect having sex with a horse. The videotape allegedly shows Vereen having sex with the horse for an hour and a half. Kenley found the suspect behind her barn on Monday July 27th and pointed a shotgun at his head until police arrived. They arrested Vereen the same night. Bail, originally set at $10,000, has now been raised to $30,000.

It is the second time Rodell Vereen, who works for a landscaping company, has been charged with having sex with a horse at Lazy B Stables. Vereen pleaded guilty to buggery on July 21, 2008, and was sentenced to three years' probation, ordered to undergo mental health counseling, and told not to go near Lazy B Stables after he was caught having sex with a horse on Thanksgiving Day of 2007. Vereen has also been registered as a sex offender since pleading to the buggery charge last year.

Vereen will have a probation hearing at 9 A.M. Monday August 3rd, where a judge is expected to determine whether Vereen will serve the remainder of his three-year suspended sentence for the 2007 buggery charge. He is now being charged with trespassing, probation violation, and buggery. He could be sentenced to the maximum five years, since this is a new charge.

Kenley said the 21-year-old horse, named Sugar, is being treated for infections related to the incidents. The nature of the infections was not specified. But Kenley herself has been a bit traumatized by the incident; she says that all of her insecurities are back, and she can't go out to the stables at certain times because she is afraid.

One of Vereen's family members said that Vereen was diagnosed with a mental disease more than 10 years ago. "He's supposed to be on medication but I don't believe he's been taking it," said Beulah Vereen, who is also a neighbor. "He's not a violent man, I know".

And Stormfront has picked up on this story. One Stormfront poster was astounded that the Negro would come back and have sex with the same horse more than once. This is attributable to the fact that Negro males are not universally renowned for their monogamistic attitudes. Remember the case of Latrica Ryan in Flint, Michigan? She has 10 kids. However, she's not married, so there's no man in residence to provide paternal interaction. The 10 kids have been sired by four different men. Only two of the men pay any type of child support at all. And no, the Ryans do NOT support themselves, instead accepting significant state and private assistance.


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Hooch said...

I have never met a person who can write three very long blog comments saying the exact same thing over and over with absolutely NO substance.

I read the entire thing thinking that it was going to actually get somewhere but it didn't.