Monday, July 20, 2009

Freedom14 Continues Pro-White Activism In Southern California, Squares Off Against Cowardly Bandanna-Wearing Anti-Racist Twinks

Freedom 14's next event at the HB Pier on July 25th. You must contact them in advance at contact at freedom14 dot org if you want to participate, otherwise you will be turned away

During the past several months, a group of racially-conscious Whites in Southern California who strive to fit in by looking and talking just like the local population have been building a reputation for solid, pertinent, and law-abiding pro-White activism. They've even attracted the attention of the local chapter of the Anti-Defamation League.

The group calls itself Freedom14, and discusses its latest round of activism in this Stormfront thread. Their latest rally, called a Rally for Sovereignty, which they held on Saturday July 18th at the customary location by the Huntington Beach Pier, was not only designed to promote awareness and stimulate more pro-White activism amongst the greater white community, but also to smoke out and expose cowardly anti-racist activism. And they fulfilled the latter objective in spades. Many anti-racists showed up, but unlike the Freedom14 activists who showed their faces to the public, the anti-racists wore bandannas around their faces. Consequently, members of the public could immediately see which side was willing to show the courage of their convictions - and once again, the pro-White activists won hands down. Even one Asian bystander was more impressed with the courage of Freedom14. Here's a video featuring the anti-racist losers and twinks who showed up (originates from the Golden State Party's YouTube channel):

One of Freedom14's preferred tactics of verbal discourse is "re-direction". Here's how it works: Someone comes up and asks them if they're "Holocaust Deniers". One of the Freedom14 troops might respond with the following: "Of course not! The record clearly shows that at least 50 million unborn babies have been ruthlessly slaughtered in the name of choice during the ongoing American Holocaust against the Unborn, in full swing since Roe v. Wade in 1973". Or they might refer to some other outbreak of genocide, such as the Armenian Holocaust. Then the interlocutor comes back and sputters something about "the Jews", which opens the way for Freedom14 to show how Jews have copyrighted and personalized the term "Holocaust" to promote a false image of victimhood for a sub-group that is economically more prosperous and dominant in key industries than the Gentile population at large. Here's a video of an exchange between a Freedom14 activist and a "reporter":

Nothing like hoisting anti-racists upon their own petards.

Another secret of Freedom14's success is protective coloration - they blend in with their surroundings, looking and talking like most other people. This is NOT a slam against uniformed activists - groups like the NSM and the INSF use uniformed activism as agitprop to attract the attention of a mass media addicted to sensationalism. Uniformed activists immediately show that there is visible opposition to the agenda. However, because of anti-racist and Jewish supremacist indoctrination, many whites have been taught to hate and fear the swastika. So they're less likely to approach and engage uniformed activists than they are to approach ordinary-looking activists like the Freedom14 cadre. Both uniformed and non-uniformed activists contribute to the Cause - but Freedom14 can reach people who might shy away from the swastika and other unconventional symbols.

And the anti-racist lobby has noticed Freedom14. On June 22nd, 2009, the Orange County/Long Beach chapter of the ADL published an op-ed online, entitled "Wave Of Hate Washes Over Region", in which they mentioned Freedom14. However, they deliberately embedded the reference to Freedom14 amongst references to numerous individuals and groups who were tagging various areas of Southern California with swastikas, in order to create a false picture of what Freedom14 is all about. It is common for the ADL, as well as the SPLC, to portray misfits who use white nationalism as protective cover for personal hooliganism as typical of the entire white nationalist movement itself. The ADL's op-ed piece was so biased against Freedom14 that the Orange County Register refused to publish it.

Freedom14 activists also attended a July 4th Tea Party rally in San Juan Capistrano. One of their political allies is the Golden State Party, a BNP-style party designed to run candidates in California. Because of the prohibitive expenses of getting a national alternative party registered and certified in every state, a state-based approach may be a sounder approach to pro-White party politics.


Tom said...

Great article. We didn't know about the ADL article, so thanks for that.

While I don't know anyone who would be offended by someone professing that White people should continue to exist, F14 has this to say about its name (taken from the F14 website):

"The name Freedom 14 is the product of a meeting in which 14 nationalists came together to form a group dedicated to inspiring our people. When it came time to identify the group’s ultimate goal, Freedom was the unanimous response."

Clearly, the terror organization, the ADL, is again trying to incite violence against ordinary Americans.

-Tom, F14er

Anchorage Activist said...

Appreciate the feedback, Tom. You guys look like you're doing some good work in the belly of the multicultural beast.

The ADL's op-ed was so biased that, even by their own admission, the OC Register wanted no part of it. But then again, the ADL is endemically both anti-White and anti-Christian. When you attract attention from the ADL, it means you're scaring them. And that's a sign of effectiveness.

Anonymous said...

Excellent review of our event.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Interesting group, needs some "tweeking", best to be honest about
World War II, as anti- Hitler persons of various political/religious persuations , as well as Jews were interred, etc,etc.
Those actions were done by Nazi's of that generation.
I do not believe Nazi's of todays generation have done such deeds, so why hide what was done by others ?
Move on and represent modern issues and leave the past in the past.

zack malone said...

What is this I hear about getting rid of illegals? Where else am I going to find someone to mow my lawn for 3 dollars an hour? Hmmmmm?????? That's right the true genocide is going to be against my house plants.