Thursday, July 23, 2009

Feds Railroad Two White Men In Alleged "Racial" Beating Of Black Man In Nampa, Idaho Wal-Mart Case; Federal Jury Convicts Them Of "Hate Crime"

Two white men who got into a fight with a black man at the Wal-Mart in Nampa, Idaho on July 4th, 2008 have been successfully railroaded by the Federal government. The Feds hijacked what should have been nothing more than an aggravated assault case at the most, rolled over another accomplice, turned the accomplice into a snitch, and hornswoggled the jury into convicting the first two for a "hate crime". Sentencing will take place on October 19th.

On July 23rd, 2009, a Federal jury convicted Michael Bullard and Richard Armstrong on Federal charges of conspiring to harm a black man, Raylen Smith because of his race and aiding and abetting one another in the assault. Bullard and Armstrong face a maximum of 20 years in prison. There were two others involved in the case; James Whitewater, who on July 15th, suddenly accepted a deal to plead guilty only to conspiracy and testify against the other two, and in exchange, prosecutors would drop the aiding and abetting charge. Also involved was Jennifer Hartpence, who is Bullard's girlfriend, but charges against her were suddenly dismissed on July 22nd before the case went to the jury, as it became apparent during the trial that she was just a confused bystander.

According to a July 17th Idaho Statesman article referenced for background, the black victim, Raylen Smith, has lived in southwestern Idaho all his life and had never experienced racial harassment. Smith said that the confrontation began in the Wal-Mart parking lot, when Michael Bullard approached him, asking him what country he thought he was in. "I turned around toward the front of Wal-Mart. I heard somebody say, 'Get him,' and someone say, 'nigger,' " Smith said. "I just kept running. I was just trying to get away.". Smith then said he got in a head-butt and a punch before Armstrong joined the melee, kicking and punching Smith as he lay on the ground. He then briefly blacked out, and upon regaining consciousness, found that his assailants were gone. Smith said he didn't seek medical treatment, although he was sore and bruised the next day and still has some pain in his shoulder and back.

The Nampa Police Department initially handled the case, assisted by the FBI, but soon the U.S. Attorney’s office and the U.S. Attorney General’s Civil Rights Division got involved. As a result of this attack, Michael Bullard, Jennifer Hartpence, Richard Armstrong and James Whitewater were indicted by a federal grand jury on February 11th, 2009 on charges of conspiring to harm Smith because of his race and aiding and abetting one another in the assault. They were arrested shortly thereafter. It is unclear why the state allowed the Feds to hijack the case, perhaps the lure was the fact that no state money would be spent on prosecution if the Feds did the job.

But the case is actually one of perceptions, according to Bullard's attorney, Elisa Massoth. Even though Smith believed it was a racial attack, Bullard saw the incident as an exchange of dirty looks that ended in a fight and had nothing to do with race. Massoth also noted that Bullard actually ended up with more cuts and bruises that day.

In response to the fact that the other assailant, Richard Armstong, has swastika tattoos on his chest, hand and ankle, Armstrong's attorney, Wade Curtis, explained that they are relics from time Armstrong spent in a juvenile facility in California and are not a symbol of his beliefs. This is plausible; anyone who knows anything about the California prison system knows it is so racialized that white inmates must go racial upon entry into prison, or be targeted and exploited individually by black and mestizo predators. Thus many whites temporarily become racial upon entry into a California penal facility merely for self-protection. Curtis was also attempting to make the case that Armstrong got into the fight because he's a paranoid methamphetamine user - not because he's a racist.

During the trial, Erin Aslan of the U.S. attorney's office attempted to paint a picture of Michael Bullard as the instigator, Jennifer Hartpence as the enabler and accomplice, and Richard Armstrong as the assailant. But before the jury got the case, charges against Hartpence were dismissed. The jury returned the Guilty verdicts after only four hours of deliberation.

Official reaction was published in the Spokesman-Review. Loretta King, acting Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division, said “Driven by bigotry and prejudice, the defendants brutally assaulted a young man because of the color of his skin. We are pleased that a jury of their peers has brought them to justice, as hate crimes have no place in America. The Civil Rights Division will continue to vigorously prosecute those who commit such acts of violence to the full extent the law allows.”

U.S. Attorney for Idaho Tom Moss said, “These convictions mean that racial crimes will not be tolerated, not in this country, not on any day. Idaho, like most other parts of this nation, has had inglorious moments in its past when people endured oppression and criminal acts merely because of their skin color, race, national origin, gender or religion. We are long past that time.”

Nampa Police Chief Bill Augsburger said, “The victim of these crimes was minding his own business, shopping in a store in our city which is open to the public, as all of us do, and have a right to do, every day. … Hate crimes are serious and will not be tolerated in this community.”

Note that throughout the sequence, neither Michael Bullard nor Richard Armstrong contested the fact that they were at the Nampa Wal-Mart and participated in the fight. This implies they were willing to accept limited responsibility for their actions. This further implies that they might have been willing to plead guilty to assault or even aggravated assault, thus sparing taxpayers the expense of a jury trial. A three-year stretch for aggravated assault would not have been unreasonable, considering that the victim, Raylen Smith, required no medical attention and incurred no permanent damage.

But no, the Feds just had to get involved, pile on "hate crimes" charges, and threaten them with 20 years in the slammer. What did you expect these two guys to do - just lay down and take it? Of course not - they chose to fight it, and by doing so, subjected taxpayers to the additional expense of a full-blown jury trial. In other words, the Feds decided to consume more tax dollars just to be vindictive and make a political statement. Would they have done this if the victim was white and the perps black? Dream on.

The Idaho Statesman has just filed a new report, and they are vigorously censoring any comments in support of the convicted men, deliberately obscuring them from public view, although the comments themselves have received much positive recommendation. Here are the first three comments which have been obscured; I reproduce them here in case they're taken down:

joes_revenge wrote on July, 23 11:47 AM:

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Yeah because it's not enough to just charge them with felony assault and throw the book at them.
Glad we finally have 'thought police' to keep us in line.

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Doobie wrote on July, 23 11:48 AM:

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Does it bother anyone else that we've created a class of punishments that are harsher for some, based on the exact same actions of the attackers.

While using racial slurs during an attack is horrible, why does the verbal assault make the situation so much different than anyone else who gets beaten up?

If the victim had been a white male and they'd call him profanities while beating him.. they'd all get a few weeks and probation. Now they get 20 years because of the victim's skin color. How is that justice for all?

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hanneman14 wrote on July, 23 11:49 AM:

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I bet they wouldn't have prosecuted so vigorously had the victim been a white guy, and the assailants were screaming "honkeyy" and "cracker" during the attack. Cuz we all know, only white people are racist.

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And another commenter calls out the Statesman-Review later on for their censorship:

No_More_Complaints wrote on July, 23 2:32 PM:

Replying to joes_revenge (July, 23 11:47 AM):
"Yeah because it's not enough to just charge them with felony assault and throw the book at them.
Glad we finally have 'thought police' to keep us in line.":

Wow. Apparently the 'thought police' are policing on idaho statesman too. Can't believe all the comments that are being blocked. Weak. Weak. Weak. Can't stand you johnny do gooder, no tolerance, shmucks. Probably the very same people wondering why we have so many tolerance issues in our country.


Anonymous said...

Whites are the new Niggers - keep your head down and say "Yassah" at all times or the Federal Pigs will bring you down. Does it bother White Men and Women that they are now being actively targeted by the Judaeo-Nigger System at every turn for max oppression ? Oh, vote Republican, they'll protect us, won't they? THANKS, D DAY FUCKS, YOU BOUGHT SLAVERY TO YOUR CHILDREN, GO WAVE A FLAG.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous - you unfortunately hit the nail on the head. Whites have allowed themselves to become the new niggers, except for racially-conscious folks like you and I.

What aggravates me is that so many conservatard whites who know what's going on will reject us and run away from us.

apollonian said...

[AA, here below-copied, is item I submitted to the dipshit at, but the little pussy has me blocked fm entering, evidently. Those idiots--and esp. the ones at are just jokes who prefer babbling and displaying their "sensitivity," not much different fm queers. Note "racial consciousness" is NOT the essence to it, though it is important part. Ck my (below) essay, however, for full expo. A.]

* * * * *

Patriot Leadership Must Keep Things Simple, Concrete--ISOLATING The Jew
(Apollonian, 24 Jul 09)

This "racial" activity, never doubt, is just a huge DIVERSION (see, "The Progressives," 24 July 09)--which covers the real ("ideologic") conflict, Jew subjectivism vs. Western/Christian objectivity--parallel to Truth vs. lies theme as of Gosp. JOHN again. Thus note crucial object is Jews avoiding ISOLATION, this being purpose of Obama presidency, Obama and blacks attempting to make "racism" the issue, ISOLATING whites, striving to place whites on defensive.

For note the Jew enemy crucially relies upon that sort of deception built upon confusion--esp. by means of complexity and ABSTRACTIONS covering for simplest CONCRETES. Patriot leaders do best by keeping things simple for the volk to understanding.

"White nationalists" make big mistake if they allow and accede to this attempted isolation of whites. Rather, whites must promote and lead the Christian opposition for all gentiles, including even blacks--emphasizing Christianity--against the Jew World Order and ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies.

Honest blacks and gentiles understand racial loyalty and separatism is only proper course in justice and truth.

Most strategic manner then of attacking and isolating these infernal Jews is by attacking at the very weak-pt. to Judeo-conspiracy (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy), the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist nexus, JCs teaching that Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist).

And of course, there's something else at same time, even easier, simpler, and more CONCRETE (meaning verifiable by means of sense-perception) by which to appeal to the volk--of all/any races. And that appeal then is to simple fact ZOG-Mammon empire is built upon a basic, fundamental FRAUD, that of COUNTERFEITING, pure and simple. See,, and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud. Note EVEN CHILDREN understand COUNTERFEITING.

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larry said...

Meanwhile David Duke has escaped prison in Czech:

Anonymous said...

Knew a guy that went on a routine trip to Wal Mart to pick up a few items. As he walked around he noticed that a Nego was stalking him. He thought it was his imagination first, but when he went to his car, the Negro followed him, got into his own vehicle and followed him home, but drove on by. Fortunately, it didn't go any further. I asked the (White) guy if he kept a gun in the car and he said he didn't - I told him he was lucky to be alive.As George Lincoln Rockwell used to ask, rhetorically, Who Needs Nigger ?

Anonymous said...

OMG I know this was a few years ago, but I just found this. Michael is my son I tried to tell everyone it was nothing more than a fight ,but the stupid ass nampa po;lice and the feds had to make more out of it. For all you stupid ass talking shit maybe you should sit down and read the file on this case. You would shut you moth really fast. My son was the one with a black eye a broked nose. That black guy did not have no marks on him what so ever. I wish everyone just knew the truth about what really happend.