Saturday, July 04, 2009

Australian White Patriots Distribute Holocaust Revisionist Flyers In Toowomba, Australia; Usual Suspects Kvetching About "Racism" And "Anti-Semitism"

On July 4th, 2009, the Toowomba Chronicle reports that "racist, anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi" flyers were distributed in Toowomba, and they found their designated lemming to issue the ritual condemnation. It appears these same flyers were previously distributed from the Northgate Mail Centre in Brisbane as well.

The flyers, entitled "Was there really a Holocaust" and "Chemistry of the Holocaust", allegedly deny the Holocaust took place. According to the Chronicle, the flyers stated "the Holocaust is a historical lie, a political fantasy and a financial swindle,", and also informs readers that such flyers are banned in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and other countries. They were distributed via placement in residential letterboxes (which is illegal in the United States).

Chris Townley (pictured above left), who lives in the Meringanda West neighborhood, is the media's designated lemming. He claims to be disgusted and incensed by the flyers. "I don’t know how they would have come across my address. My guess is that they’re trying to recruit people to their point of view. But whoever they are they’re not willing to identify themselves. You put a light on them and they run for cover like cockroaches", whined Townley.

Toowoomba RSL president Paddy Boxall refused to "dignify" the material with a response, while Dan Toombs, the lawyer and chief executive officer of The Advocacy and Support Centre, said the material was "absolutely appalling", and opined that it might be illegal under Australia's Racial Discrimination Act. University of Southern Queensland history lecturer Libby Connors chimed in, saying it was completely inaccurate and offensive to deny the Holocaust took place. Connors has also been active in the Queensland Greens.

Of course, had the Chronicle done its homework, it would have known that what is called "Holocaust denial" is actually Holocaust revisionism. Revisionists like one of Australia's premier historians, Dr. Fredrick Töben, do not deny that Jews were identified, rounded up, incarcerated, and some even deliberately killed in significant numbers, particularly in areas where anti-German Communist partisans operated. They simply dispute the demographics, the methodology, and, above all, the singularity Jews attach to the Holocaust. The latter is most troubling because Jews present their Holocaust as the penultimate genocide, and many minimize genocide committed against other peoples.

Surprisingly, even though Australia is located halfway around the world from Europe, they too are "privileged" to have two McHolocaust franchises. Australia's two Holocaust museums are located in Melbourne and Sydney.

No information about this activism has yet been posted in the Stormfront Downunder subforum.


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