Saturday, July 18, 2009

The 40th Anniversary Of Apollo 11: Holocaust Denial Verboten, But Lunar Denial O.K.? Ernst Zündel In Jail, But Curt Maynard At Liberty?

As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 mission, in which Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin Jr. flew to the moon, and Armstrong and Aldrin actually walked on the moon on July 20th, 1969, the "Lunar Deniers" are out in force once again, attempting to convince us that history didn't happen, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Here's how Buzz Aldrin dealt with a "Lunar Denier" in 2002. He didn't run to the cops. He didn't cry to Congress about "Lunar Denial laws". Instead, he handled it like a man:

Further padding the evidence supporting the moon landings is the release of new photos, published by National Geographic. In addition, NASA has also just released enhanced videos of the moon landings. Only six percent of Americans question the authenticity of the account of the moon landings.

One of the "six percenters" is noted white nationalist propagandist Curt Maynard, who has emerged as a leading authority on Jewish supremacism. He has persistently denied the authenticity of the moon landings, HERE and HERE, claiming that they were faked. Even in the wake of the newly-released photographs, the stubborn and obstreperous Maynard continues to deny the moon landings in his latest post. Yet although Maynard has somewhat marginalized himself by his position on this issue, his freedom has not been interfered with. He has not been censored as a citizen (although Google has Tos'd a number of his blogs, primarily for telling some "unpleasant" and "inconvenient" racial truths), nor has he been jailed for questioning the moon landings.

The same cannot be said for Ernst Zündel. However, Zündel is not a Lunar Denier; he's never questioned the moon landings. Instead, Zündel is what's called a "Holocaust Denier". This means he disputes the official Holocaust dogma. And he's in jail over in Germany for doing so.

Ernst Zündel in jail for "Holocaust Denial". Curt Maynard NOT in jail for "Lunar Denial". Does that make sense to you?

Of course not, unless you peek behind the curtains. Are there are any organized entities with a vested interest in protecting official moon landing "dogma"? Of course not; there is no Astronaut Anti-Defamation League, nor is there a Central Council of Astronauts in Germany, nor a Canadian Astronaut Congress in Canada. You don't see Christian pastors like John Hagee holding "A Night To Honor Astronauts". There is no network of 25 multimillion-dollar Astronaut Museums in the United States.

In contrast, there are clear-cut organized entities with vested interests in protecting official Holocaust dogma. There is a Jewish Anti-Defamation League. There is a Central Council of Jews in Germany. There is a Canadian Jewish Congress in Canada. And John Hagee regularly holds "A Night To Honor Israel". And there is a multimillion dollar worldwide network of McHolocaust franchises and temples designed to promote and enforce official Holocaust orthodoxy. Jewish professor Norman Finkelstein, himself the son of two Holocaust survivors, refers to it as "The Holocaust Industry"

Furthermore, while there is no special country just for astronauts, Jews, through a deft combination of sly strategem and brute force, have carved out a Jewish state in the Middle East. Maintaining that state requires shekels...lots of shekels, as well as dollars, pounds, euros, etc., etc., etc.

Consequently, while there is no vested financial interest for a Lunar Protection Industry, there is very much a vested financial interest for a Holocaust Industry. The Holocaust reparations pipeline must be kept flowing at all costs. How much in Holocaust reparations has been paid to date? As documented HERE in July 2007, the German government has already paid out a total of around €64 billion (in euros, which is $88 billion based on the exchange rate prevailing on July 13th, 2007) to Holocaust survivors. However, on page 306 of his book "Jewish Supremacism", Dr. David Duke estimates the total of all German Holocaust reparations payments to be at least $150 billion both in cash and in kind, as previously documented HERE (click HERE to find out how to order your own paper copy of Jewish Supremacism).

This is a racket requiring statutory protection. And so Jewish interests have successfully lobbied for that protection, by tripping the guilt levers of European Whites and suckering them into constructing a continent-wide network of Holocaust denial and "anti-hate" laws used to selectively target and victimize dissidents who dispute official Holocaust dogma. Of course, since the truth can generally stand on its own merits and withstand criticism, this desire to grant statutory protection to a particular historical event send a powerful - and not very reassuring - message about the veracity of official Holocaust dogma.

Obviously, the purpose of this post is NOT to suggest that Curt Maynard should be jailed for "Lunar Denial". Instead, it is merely intended to illustrate the selectivity and hypocrisy of speech rules. Curt Maynard is at liberty even though he questions one historical event which is clearly beyond debate, but Ernst Zündel is in jail for questioning another historical event which is still very much in dispute and which has already been clearly shown to be exaggerated. The main difference - Jewish involvement.

As Edgar Steele would say, "It's the Jews, stupid!"


Reloader said...

Great post. It really goes to show how some people who are ostensibly white and dedicated to exposing jewish lies are not really White Nationalists or Racialists by their denial of the White Races' greatest achievement ever.

Curt Maynard is the perfect example, having mongrel kids with a mestizo. Opposition to jews is not enough to make one a WN.

Anchorage Activist said...

Thanks for the input, Reloader. I do question why any WN would consider the moon landing fake, when it was one of the greatest achievements in the history of our race. It was a White-dominated enterprise from start to finish.

But it's just another example of the hypocrisy that accompanies any discussion about the Holohoax. Only the Holohoax, for some reason, is protected against criticism. And when you connect the dots, they all lead to Big Jew.

Anonymous said...

Aldrin has a mean right hook - more Jews and ANFITA scum need the treatment.

John Taylor Bowles said...


The System has told so many lies in the last 75 years that some people are just dismissing everything it has said, "as lies". This can be very dangerous if the pro-White Movement falls into this practice because it dismisses our credibility as "truth seekers" and "truth tellers". Aryans should be proud of the moon landing(s) and push for pursuing exploring and landing on other planets.

apollonian said...

Point Is Positive Scientific Evidence, That's All--Forget The Crap And Wishful Thinking
(Apollonian, 19 Jul 09)

AA, this is another of ur interesting and creditable posts, but ur analysis is seriously flawed decisively regarding the Lunar Landing assertion--the question is NOT whether it should be "beyond debate," but WHETHER THERE'S ANY REAL PROOF. If there is proof, what is it?--and u simply can't answer this question.

And don't doubt there's excellent ostensive reason to doubt the Lunar Landing--after all, everything else about the Jew S. A. is so fakey and phony--why wouldn't also be "Lunar Landing"?--get real.

AA, u gotta get down to the "nitty-gritty" for simplest science and logic: "proof" requires ultimately perceptual verification--and there just doesn't seem to be any regarding "Lunar Landing"--u must face the facts. Like the holohoax, all u have is supposed, alleged "witness testimony," which for holohoax all turns out to be gross stupid lies by brainless, idiotic psychotics--as Finkelstein's "Holocaust Industry" attests.

Maynard, the mestizo-man pretending to be authority on "white nationalism" is nonetheless to be credited for pointing out the flaws to the "Lunar Landing" assertions--THERE'S NO PROOF. Further, the pretended circumstances to the "landing" are EXTREMELY questionable: (a) no stars showing--inexplicably--in any of the photos taken of the landing, (b) the strange lighting effects of same photos which indicated "landing" was staged in a studio, and other notations to be made.

The pt. then is there IS NO PROOF (for Lunar landing) as any self-respecting scientist would demand and require--AND THIS IS THE BOTTOM LINE. Forget all the wishful thinking for the civilization of the "white man" enslaved in the ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies--of which NASA is just another little bureaucratic department.

"Greatest achievement of white race?"--is science, both theoretic and applied, law, and economic achievements; the rocketry, etc., still remains--but it doesn't necessitate lies built on wishful thinking regarding Lunar Landing for which, once again, THERE SIMPLY IS NO PROOF.

Holohoax is obvious, proven Jew lies pushed by Jew liars, criminals, and murderers who seek merely to cover-up and excuse their own massive murders and genocides of S. Africans (during Boer War), Armenians, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Chinese, and many others too.

CONCLUSION: White people must NOT act like Jews with stupid lies and lying, wishful thinking, and other brainless ploys--JUST PRODUCE THE POSITIVE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE, that's all--and cut the crap. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

curt maynard said...

White reference, allowing Apollonian to comment on your blog is only going to hurt your credibility. Having said that, here is a comment I left on my blog r/t your article:

" curt maynard said...
Whitelaw Towers said...
Crikey Curt David Duke has picked up on your blog.

Crikey, David Duke has published dozens of my past essays and articles. I didn't find anything "unfair" about this one, other than "White reference," the true author of this article, didn't bother to mention that I'm a well known denier of the holohoax narrative as well, or that I deny that anyone other than the US government and Mossad were behind 9-11.

White reference is also an avid supporter of three individuals that I know are FBI informants, Hal Turner, Bill White and Alex Linder.

At this point I still admire David Duke, someone I have assisted in the past free of charge and/or expectation - hopefully I won"t be dissapointed.

White reference is correct though in that nobody is being jailed for moon landing denial, but they certainly are for criticizing and/or scrutinizing the horseshit of the holohoax. That much is very true. I have written innumerable articles about this including "Why I admire Ernst Zundel."

If anyone ever tells you I deny the "official stories" related to the following, they aren't lying, they're telling you the truth.

1. the holohoax

2. The moon landing

3. 9-11"

Feel free to condemn/criticize.

apollonian said...

Curt Maynard, Paragon Of "Credibility" Slanders White And Turner
(Apollonian, 21 Jul 09)

Mestizo-man, Curt Maynard, who pretends to be authority on white nationalists, talks about "credibility"--that's a laugh. But remember comrades, regarding truth of any proposition(s), it isn't the person BUT THE ARGUMENT itself, never forget--as true white people understand.

Long ago--over a year ago (see the later blogs on challenged Maynard, the moron, when he continued to insist Bill White was "informant." I challenged Maynard to PRODUCE HIS EVIDENCE, the dumbass. But Maynard never, ever could or would--same as now. And of course Maynard hates Bill White--WHO DEFINITIVELY "OUTED" Maynard, the mestizo-man for his mestizo wife and kids, Maynard pretending to hold forth upon white nationalists.

What an idiot--a bleeping, flaming, absolute MORON--who says he KNOWS certain people are "informants," but CANNOT say how or why he knows this. U have about as much "credibility" as u have basic intelligence, Maynard.

Alex Linder is strange creature--an anti-Christ and an anti-rationalist too--but he's probably genuinely anti-semitic, I'd say. I don't think too many patriots take Linder too seriously (not too many more than take Maynard seriously)--he's interesting to ck out (for his blog at, every once in a while.

Hal Turner and Bill White are most sad tragedies, two extremely brilliant and talented men now rotting away in ZOG dungeons, bless their souls--now having to bear the petty slings and arrows of, among others, a piece-of-shit like Curt Maynard, producer of mestizos.

CONCLUSION: Finally, once again, note all the video footage of the "moon landing" pt.s to a STUDIO PRODUCTION and staging--there's simply no way to say definitively it isn't. And there simply has never been any serious, credible, un-refutable evidence anyone ever went to the moon, much less landed there. The pt. then is POSTIVE PROOF for actual moon-landing--against mere studio-staging. The entire subject-matter is good intellectual exercise. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

here is footage of the Apollo 11 crew faking part of
their alleged mission to the Moon back
in 1969... Enjoy!

the money shot of the fakes is between 7:00 and the
end of the clip.

we can only go 300-400 miles into space in manned
exploration CURRENTLY!
How are we supposed to believe that we could
have sent men 239,000 miles to the Moon and back 40 years
ago, and with less technology than a 'Gameboy?'(What
technology was 60000% better 40 years ago than
currently?) Doesn't that strike you as illogical?
18 astronauts allegedly go to the Moon, none see a
single star?

Another gem, this is footage from the Apollo 11 post flight press conference! These guys just allegedly survived a trip to another world and back! NASA asessessed the success chances at 1 in 1000 beforehand! Instead of looking ecstatic, they just look like glum liars who have to go on with the act...