Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Racist" National Alliance Flyers Distributed Near The Area Of Kentaboo & Curtis In Florence, Kentucky

Unidentified White activists distributed hundreds of National Alliance flyers in the neighborhood of Curtis and Kentaboo Streets in Florence, Kentucky. To avoid possible exposure to littering or trespassing charges, the activists attached flyers only to vehicles parked on the street. Media story published by WKRC Channel 12 in Cincinnati.

The flyers, captioned "While You Were Sleeping", warned of the dangers of non-Whites moving into White neighborhoods, and had official National Alliance contact information included. Since this flyer is not part of the National Alliance's official flyer library, this implies it was locally produced. But National Alliance units who want to distribute locally produced flyers under NA auspices must get the national office's permission before doing so, in order to ensure the flyer does not misrepresent the national organization. The National Alliance has a local unit in nearby Cincinnati which participates in Kentucky's Adopt-A-Highway program; recent publicity about this program can be reviewed HERE.

Although the Cincinnati Unit has not acknowledged that their activists distributed the flyers, Unit Coordinator Robert Ransdell did clarify some media misconceptions. He stated that "the reason many Alliance literature distributions are made in the evening is because most Alliance members have jobs and have only this time of the day to dedicate to activism". Ransdell himself has done numerous TV interviews in the past and that is as public as you can get.

WKRC news video embedded below:

Note that they went out and deliberately scarfed up two cartoon characters; a pet Latino who was shown phoning the National Alliance hotline requesting membership information, and a white grandmother pictured with a mulatto grandchild. These two individuals can hardly be considered representative of the greater community. Comments posted to the story indicate that a number of people would like to see the flyer personally and decide for themselves whether or not it's "racist", without any help from an elite captive media or any other self-proclaimed watchdogs. At the end of the news video, the anchor wanker made a pitch for the SPLC. What a tool!


rupiawan said...

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Anonymous said...

The holocaust useum shooter was connected to the National Alliance when Pierce was alive.

apollonian said...

Jews Steadily Working Against White, Christian Culture
(Apollonian, 11 Jun 09)

Good story once again, AA, esp. for ur cogent remarks directed upon the "Jews-media" treatment. Thus note we see (again), just as media and establishment are anti-Christian, they're evermore predictably anti-white--they actually have in effect a default anti-white program which is automatically triggered whenever there's incident as one u presently note regarding the National Alliance (NA) flyers.

Thus topmost Judeo-conspirators (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) desperately want gentile infighting--especially as it can be directed against white Christians, though whites, even non-Christian, are quite acceptable too (NA is NOT Christian-oriented, unfortunately).

For CFR-Bilderberg are actively working to destroy US economy, the US Dollar getting ready for total collapse, the nation about to suffer horrific inflation.

Thus USA, soon to be US of ENRON (as it is steadily looted by corrupt politicians, et al.), may attack Iran, Pakistan, N. Korea; also, it might suffer fm a horrific epidemic/pandemic; Jews want utmost chaos and confusion--to justify martial law, overthrow of US Constitution, and rule by UN, etc.

So I'd say this is time for overt Christian rallying of the volk by which people can best organize and be informed against Judaic enemy. Further, it should be most pronounced anti-semitic Christianity in opposition to presently ascendant "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist suck-alongs with Jews, especially of "Zionist" and "neo-con" variety, for JCs are foremost Jew-enablers.

CONCLUSION: These JCs are surely the greatest single problem for USA, far ahead of queers and illegal immigrants, and after only Jews themselves. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian