Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Racist Cervical Test In New Zealand Free For Women - Unless They're White, As Sandy Dobson Found Out

Here's an example of what is called "positive discrimination" in Europe and South Africa. Only it's taking place in New Zealand. And it's only positive for non-Whites.

According to the Marlborough Express, Sandy Dobson of Blenheim, who is White, recently visited her doctor to get a cervical smear test. Imagine her surprise when the doctor asked her if she had any Maori, Polynesian, or Asian blood. When she asked why that was important, the doctor told her that if she was a minority, her test would be free.

Otherwise, she would have to pony up $25.

And she was justifiably wrought up. "I was absolutely livid. I found that very racist, and I'm not a racist person", said Dobson. She then rang the Ministry of Health's National Cervical Screening Programme helpline to ask why, and she said they would not give her any information. She feels the government is being prejudiced against her for being White.

However, Nelson Marlborough District Health Board's general manager primary and community Peter Burton was more forthcoming. He said the free test, which has been available since July 2008, is there for those women with the highest risk of cervical cancer. The Ministry of Health followed up by e-mailing a response to The Marlborough Express that said Maori and Pacific Islands women were twice as likely to get cervical cancer and three to four times more likely to die from it than European/Pakeha women. One reason for the disparity was because fewer Maori and Pacific Islands women get tested. The screening rate is currently around 50 per cent for Maori and Pacific women compared to 80 per cent for other women. Asian women have similarly low rates of coverage. The ministry email also said research has shown that around 80 per cent of women who get cervical cancer in New Zealand have either never been screened or have been screened infrequently.

On this basis, the National Cervical Screening Programme decided that a priority group of women would be entitled to free smears including Maori, Pacific and Asian women, all women over 30 years who have never had a smear and all women over 30 years who have not had a smear for five years. So White women are not excluded altogether, but they are held to a harsher standard than others. This bias is also reflected in the Marlborough Express story; click back on the link and you'll see that while they capitalize the first letter of the other racial categories, they don't capitalize the "W" in White.

Redwoodtown Doctors practice manager Ruth Vause confirms those last two categories might cover people like Mrs Dobson, but the Marlborough Primary Health Organisation also subsidises the cost of smears to a degree. If the women were registered with a GP, the cost of a smear test would be partly covered by the general subsidy, she said. The free tests were for those women who were not registered or who were harder to reach.

The Minister of Health is a white man, Tony Ryall. I designate him white with a small "w" because he runs a program which discriminates against Whites. You do not deserve to be considered White if you actively perpetrate discrimination against our community.

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Anonymous said...

I know all Aussie/New Zealanders are not idiots - ruled by the Jewish Board of Deputies - well -but the apathetic White's better start considering themselves "racist persons" if they're going to survive.That $25 charge isn't just for her health care - it's paying for the Niggers too. How much more of White's income is taxed to support Wog families and the police state apparatus the Kikes have set in place to enforce these genocidal laws ?