Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pro-White Internet Radio Host Hal Turner, Charged With "Inciting Injury", Vows To Fight Extradition To Connecticunt, Bail Set At $25,000

Update June 8th: Hal Turner waives extradition, released on $25,000 bail. Updated post HERE.

The Hartford Courant reports that pro-White Internet radio host Hal Turner will remain jailed in New Jersey over the weekend and not be extradited to Connecticut until early next week. However, bail has been set at $25,000. Discussion continues on the Vanguard News Network Forum and Stormfront.

According to the Jersey Journal, Newark Attorney Michael A. Orozco, who is representing Turner and who was accompanied by Turner's wife and son, vows that Turner will fight extradition. Orozco was at Central Judicial Processing Court in Jersey City while Turner was shown on a videolink from the Hudson County Jail in Kearny. Although Turner seemed anxious to sound off, when he started to talk, Orozco immediately cut him off, advising him to remain silent. Note that the media has provided the most uncomplimentary photo of Turner possible; I doubt this is accidental.

But fighting extradition often does little more than just buy time. "In a case in which a defendant fights extradition, the scope of relevant issues is extremely limited, and the primary issue is whether the person in custody is in fact the person named by the demanding state... . It is very rare that a defendant successfully contests extradition", said Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio.

As described in my previous post, Turner was arrested on June 3rd, 2009 at the North Bergen Police Station on a fugitive from justice warrant filed by the Connecticut State Capital Police based on the Connecticut charge of inciting injury. Ironically, the focus of Turner's ire, Connecticut SB1098, was withdrawn in March 2009 after vociferous protests from the Roman Catholic community. SB1098, originally proposed by the co-chairmen of the Legislature's Judiciary Committee, Rep. Michael Lawlor (D-East Haven), and Sen. Andrew McDonald (D-Stamford), would reorganize the internal structure of local parishes to remove priests and bishops from financial oversight to replace them with boards of laypeople.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that both Lawlor and McDonald are adamant advocates of same-sex marriage legislation and appeared to be trying to legislatively punish the church for standing against their agenda. But the controversy flared anew last week when the Diocese of Bridgeport filed a federal lawsuit against state ethics officials, who are investigating whether church officials violated lobbying laws by organizing a rally at the state Capitol to protest the measure earlier this spring and not registering as lobbyists. And that's what set Turner off. Turner's post was reproduced HERE.

One legal wanker thinks Connecticut may have overstepped its bounds. Rutgers Law School Professor Frank Askin, director of the Constitutional Litigation Clinic, said that based on the portions of Turner's blog he has seen, Connecticut may not have a case. "It's probably free speech. The definition of incitement is very, very narrow under the Constitution's First Amendment", said Askin. He further explained that the legal distinction is between "advocacy" and "incitement", and he believes Turner's postings to be on the advocacy side, thus protected by the First Amendment.

Much of the White Nationalist community, which had grown to despise Turner, is now closing ranks around him, not only in deference to his previous pro-White activism, but because following on the heels of the railroading of Bill White, we recognize that the system is now trying to pick us off one by one. Thus we express solidarity with Hal Turner for the sake of the Cause. Hopefully, Turner will get an opportunity to tell us directly what help he needs and where to send it.

The anti-racist lobby is literally ejaculating with spasmodic pleasure all over their websites, particularly on the Daily Kos. Some of the less hysterical anti-racist reaction is posted on Niksnest, operated by Nicole Nichols. Many of the anti-racists are cheering for a nationwide roundup of all White activists. This illustrates that anti-racists, most of who are "progressive", have no interest in free speech. If genuine progressives were to take power in America, it would accelerate the demise of the White community.


apollonian said...

Real Nature Of Patriot Struggle: Christian Vs. Anti-Christ--Jews And Accomplices, ZOG-Mammon Empire
(Apollonian, 5 Jun 09)

This latest episode (illegal arrest of Hal Turner) is just another instance of big money and overwhelming funding backing the mass corporate Jews-media and state combining to crush individuals and patriots. What's the moral/lesson?

Heroes and leaders, like Turner and Bill White, MUST OBSERVE state and establishment will not hesitate to break the law if it enables the muzzling/suppression of dissent which state and establishment deign to be intolerable.

Thus we observe the literal TERROR TACTICS of state and establishment against the people and their true spokesmen. Homosexuals and Jew like "David Drury" are ecstatic and much encouraged.

Thus patriot leaders/spokesmen MUST EMBRACE a broader, deeper Christian foundation for people's opposition. For the real nature of this present-day great cultural struggle is Christian vs. Jew; Truth vs. lies--as per theme of Gosp. JOHN.

Bill White and Hal Turner will rightly maintain they have every perfect right to speak as they do and have, but practical facts should/must cause White and Turner pause to consider the successful Terror circumstances which indicate state and establishment are NOT IMPRESSED and will violate the law regardless--and do this successfully, the apathetic and hubris-affected people dis-abled fm reacting effectively against state and establishment.

Hence I'd say B. White and Turner have succeeded well enough for most or much of what they do and say--BUT NOT ENOUGH or sufficiently for genuine and proper patriot and Christian purposes.

Hence then patriot FOCUS must be upon real nature of Christian culture--esp. for anti-semitism. Thus Hal Turner and Bill White must realize they're merely scratching the surface for their largely irrelevant agitation of the people/volk.

CONCLUSION: White and Turner MUST CHANGE THEIR TACTICS and work to strike more deeply to UNDER-CUT the Jew strangle-hold upon the people who are still too much taken with HUBRIS and MAMMONIST greed. Real Christianity is absolutely anti-semitic, and it's this real Christianity which is ONLY THING now that will save the people who are doomed and NO HELP for White and Turner--as we now see. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

David Drury said...

I am not a Jew. I don't go along with the pity trip about Bill White and Hal Turner. I am pro-White and both of them are scars on the PRO-WHITE MOVEMENT. They set bad examples with all their threatning gestures and publicity seeking antics.

apollonian said...

"D. Drury" Is Worthless Filth, Better Off Dead
(Apollonian, 5 Jun 09)

Davey-dave, if u're not a Jew, then u're closest thing to it in gentile guise, u little queer piece-of-shit. I notice u don't deny u're pure queer.

U have no complaint against heroes like White and Turner who at least TRY to doing something, while a scummy, little, ignorant coward and incompetent like u does nothing but nit-pick, u stinking piece-of-shit.

U don't have the basic intelligence to understand u must speak for urself regarding the impression White and Turner make upon other people's minds, u stupid, little dip-shit.

Ultimately, Turner and White have to be judged upon matter of PRINCIPLE--which u admit u know NOTHING about, babbling as u do, to heck with US Constitution?--DEATH to u, u little bastard.

Ur babbling about White and Turner setting "bad examples" is nothing but ur insignificant opinion, punk, and note u don't and can't say why for any of ur little baby's opinions. Death to u, "drury." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

David Drury said...

Oh really. Well you're wonderful Bill White and Hal Turner have accomplished what? Nothing! They talk about killing and murdering and yet the feds take them like pussies (without a fight) and then cry about it from a prison block as if they are martyrs which they are not. Both crying about raising money for their immature tactics and trying to play the victim card when in fact the entire pro-White Movement is the real victim because those two nuts run away decent White people.

apollonian said...

"Dave Drury": Insignificant Queer Punk
(Apollonian, 5 Jun 09)

"Dave," u know--u still don't deny u're filthy, stinking, little queer.

So now tell us, Davey-dave, how do u "know" heroic patriots, Turner and White "run away decent white people"?--after all, what would u know about the subject?--u being a filthy little bastard of a queer urself.

And how do u know they haven't "accomplished" anything, u damned, ignorant, lying twerp? First of all, their main purpose has always been info. But Hal Turner has made several great videos which will live forever to inspire people. Bill White was leader of the heroic Oklahoma contingent who went out and demonstrated on 16 Apr 07, at Tulsa Church against C. Hagee, who's surely a closet-queen like urself, u infernal little scum-ball.

Bill White also definitively "outed" Curt Maynard, "mesitzo-man" who has generated mestizoids, Maynard pretending he was authority upon white nationalism--what a joke.

So "Davey-dave," u're not "pro-white" at all, as much as u're really pro-queer, in all truth. And u actually hate effective leaders like Turner and White who are honest men, doing their best, not capable of opposing an overwhelmingly powerful fascist ZOG-Mammon police-state, u lying piece-of-shit, queer punk.

"Dave drury," u little queer bastard, u suck. Death to u, scum. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

David Drury said...

For those that don't remember I remember when Hal Turner openly dissed the pro-White Movement and now people like Apollonian treat him like a White Hero!!! There are good White leaders out there like Lauck, Bowles, Suhayda. The reason you don't hear of them is because they aren't jumping up and down yelling "look at me", "look at me" while doing the latest freak thing. White and Turner are moochers. So, after Hal Turner dissed the entire White Movement he is now okay because he crossed the line and broke the law like Bill White in thinking the constitution is a shield to hide behind and threaten people. Good riddance White and Turner. Perhaps, the pro-White movement can organize now without them and their clownish antics.

apollonian said...

"Dave Drury," Stupid Faggot Continues Digging Holes For Himself And Queers
(Apollonian, 5 Jun 09)

"Drury," u stinking little queer filth (as u've essentially confirmed u're nothing but a queer, u little bastard), u make no sense, as usual. Only stupid faggots talk and write the idiot way u do. But it isn't difficult to see what u're really about.

First, u say nothing for substance, giving no references, as regarding "Lauck, Bowles, and Suhayda" ("Suhayda"?--what kind of a name is that?), and the truth is these people really haven't much to say. I never even hrd of "Suhayda." So if they're "good white leaders"--why don't u tell us exactly what they're so "good" for?--is it because u don't know and can't say?

And "Drury" the queer, u indulge in wish-ful thinking as u insist Turner or White "broke" any laws--first, they haven't even had a trial, and it's obvious we no longer live in rule-of-law society, stinking little queer moron--didn't u know that? Who do u really think u're kidding?--u putrid queer scum.

Is there any doubt in ur queer's mind Obama is a usurper who is not "natural-born" citizen?--tell us, brainless queer.

I'd say ur queer tactics have back-fired, dumbass. U come on (fm, no doubt) and desperately bad-mouth real leaders of substance with ur empty comments--precisely because u fear them so much, scummy queer.

And now as u're taken-up for ur stupid lies and tepid queer's bullshit, u're shown-up for the ignorant fool u really are, capable only of weakly dropping names--u're so totally full of shit--typical queer.

U don't even have the basic brains to shut ur stupid queer's mouth as u're evermore exposed for the empty-headed idiot u really are. So I guess u and a few other queers thought u'd ck in on WhiteReference blog which doesn't censor, and by loading up comments section with ur stupid bullshit, u imagine u'll impress anyone (aside fm fellow queers) and influence them not to credit real heroes like Turner and White--typical queer's wishful thinking.

Gosh, but u queers really are so clever--no one would ever have figured it out for what u try to do. But what it (YOUR "ANTICS") really does is to indicate HOW SCARED u brainless punks and queers really are--how effective leaders like Turner and White truly are.

CONCLUSION: But now go ahead, faggot moron, "david drury," keep responding and making ur limp-wristed entries on this blog, proving evermore what idiots queers really are, thinking they can fool real human beings who do any thinking. U're such an amazing joke. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Railroading of Bill White? Are you out of your facking mind? Hal Turner is a idiot whom has been getting away with shit for years. The authorities are again doing us a favor by taking out this trash.

Hooch said...

Here is another little thing I wrote for an investors blog.

My advice to my separatist friends here, pay close attention to global politics and the underlying reasons for what is done that are hidden from us. This is what your friends, the Jews do. If you do so, you will be able to accurately predict the future and take advantage of what is to come prior to it happening. You will then be laughing your way to the bank WITH the Jews.

The Big Secret Behind the Economic Crisis

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a statement like this as the root cause of the economic depression.

"""The BLAME is on the people and businesses that LOANED or BORROWED TRILLIONS. The blame lies with people who lived WAY WAY WAY beyond thier means. This happened ACROSS THE PLANET."""

So the people in every single country across the planet, with exception of OPEC countries, all borrowed too much money over the same years and they all happened to crumble at the exact same time. This is called liberal economics which only comes out of the mouth of those who don’t know what they are talking about.

This is a claim that the leftist media gives and those sheep who follow them baaaaleeeeevigng that they know what they are talking about. As if the liberal media “television personalities” are economic experts while they are doing nothing more than parroting the government media complex and telling a preconceived logical story that they want the world to know.

Leftist’s philosophy and economics do not go hand and hand. Saying the word liberal and economics in the same sentence is quite comical and the liberal media is not a wise selection for your economic truths.

Now lets get to the real root cause of the economic meltdown, which is the increase in the cost of a barrel of oil. You say, how could oil have anything to do with the banking crisis or the mortgage meltdown or the automotive industry collapse, etc. Stop, don’t leave me here. Lets look at this from a standpoint of reason and logic, which is missing in the leftist distorted form of economics.

There are certain things that man today cannot go without. They include water, food, gasoline, shelter, and energy in that order. If you break a person down to a dire financial situation the number one priority is water and food for survival. Man will inherently do what it takes to survive and if all options are exhausted he will pick water and food over shelter, gasoline and standard energy.

So you may say why does gasoline come before shelter. One must get to work to buy the food that is needed for survival. Worst-case scenario a person could live in a tent or in their car. Sure the pride is smacked around a little in this situation but coworkers don’t necessarily need to know your living situation. Imagine the punch to your pride from showing up to work on a bus in a small city where mass transit is not a standard way of transportation as it is in NYC. Or spending an extra couple of hours each day waiting around for the bus and modifying your work schedule based on the bus schedule.

How about those who do not have bus transportation to work? We live in a society today that most people could not easily walk or ride a bike to work.

Hooch said...

Here is another statement from the liberal media taking a different turn.

“””It is now fairly established that the recent crisis in US sub-prime housing market is the primary reason behind the global economic melt-down.”””

Now lets get back to the rising costs of gasoline and it’s effects on the US sub-prime housing market. The decision of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was to increase the cost of oil similar to what they did during the Oil Embargo of 1973-74. Oil is used in everything from planes, cars, tanks, fertilizer, drugs, plastics, etc, etc, etc. It is also used in the method of transportation to get food and all other products to stores. Increase the price of oil and you increase the costs of all goods.

Currently OPEC consists of Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. Basically a bunch of countries that have faired pretty well through this economic crisis until just recently when oil prices started to fall. This is why OPEC got back together a couple of weeks ago to decide if they are ready for another cash pump into their economies. Other non OPEC producers are countries like Mexico, Norway and Russia which often go by OPEC’s position of the day.

A little history. In 1973 on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur, Israel was surrounded. Egypt attacked from one side at the same time Syrians surprise attacked from the other. With help of the western states, Israli troops quickly outflanked them all and later a cease-fire was established. But on October 17th, OPEC struck back by imposing an Oil Embargo on the US and all other westerners that supported Israel.

The exact same thing has happened today with our war that the Muslims feel is a war on Islam.

Here’s the answer to “the speculators created the crisis” statement. You are probably thinking, how did Wall Street respond during the embargo? The exact same way they responded today. Speculators (investors) bought oil contributing to the crisis but they did not create the crisis. Just as the banks gave risky loans that contributed to the crisis but did not create the crisis. The 1973-74 Oil Embargo ended up being the middle of the great bear market that would see the Dow go from it’s high of 1051 in 1973 to 577 by the end of 1974 or a whopping 45% decline in almost 2 years! That’s right, the economy collapsed due to the Oil Embargo.

The federal government is fully aware of this. They are not stupid. They have intentionally created “stories” based on what seems to be “logical” reasons for the crisis via their “economic experts”. They feed these “stories” to the nonfunctional mass media that parrot these “stories” for the crisis as a means to not tell the world and the Middle East that the oil producing countries in all actuality are in complete control of our economy. Would you tell OPEC that they have you by the family jewels and there is nothing that you can do about it?

Hooch said...

Now how does that have anything to do with the US sub-prime housing market? By it’s own definition, sub-prime loans are loans given to borrowers who would not ordinarily qualify for credit if customary underwriting standards were applied. In trade for the risk comes a higher interest rate.

The banks for the most part lent money to people who could afford to repay their debt. But they could BARELY repay it. They were risky to lend to. They were paycheck to paycheck after a loan. But they had been determined to be able to pay the debt. Just not to have anything left over.

Now add the radical jump in the cost of gasoline and an additional $300 in costs of gas per month to someone who is paycheck to paycheck. Now add the increase in the costs of goods and food adding another $200 dollars to their monthly budget and what does the scenario look like. So what comes first for survival? Food or mortgage? Gas or Mortgage? Gas or Food? Human instincts made the logical decision. You have to eat and that is a number one priority. And you have to get to work so you will be able to eat.

Those who were not sub-prime were not affected to the same degree, as there was a margin of error built in. But as crisis continues it’s ripple effect spreads throughout all income levels, businesses and the rest of the world. But the United States crisis was not entirely the direct result of other countries economic crisis. Oil was. The domino effect. The increase of the cost of gas and everything else related to it, knocked the legs right out from the world economy.

Now we have the automotive industry crash. The auto industry works within some very tight constraints when it comes to their return on investment. Contributing factors include poor investment decisions by the executives and the crushing force of the unions.

How could a company survive when they have to pay their workers 123% more in wages than the average manufacturing worker? Compare their salary to state college professors. What exactly is so special about assembly line work? Most of them have nothing more than a high school degree.

$75 is the average cost per hour of an autoworker. That is based on a 40 hour work week - with overtime this figure gets even more ridiculous.

$1,500 to $2,000 of every car goes to pay the health care costs and benefits of UAW employees.

GM pays $17 Million dollars a year for Viagra

Quite simply put, how can a guy who makes $15 dollars an hour pay for a car that is made by a guy who makes $75 dollars an hour? Especially when he was paycheck to paycheck prior to the economic meltdown which created a dire eat or pay your mortgage situation for him.

So the question now is, how exactly has Bush’s multi billion and Obama’s multi trillion dollar bailouts helped eliminate our dependence on foreign oil? How much went to useless social programs? How much paid for the Band-aids to cover the wound but not actually fix it? I would be willing to bet that almost all of it did. And, If we spent every penny of the trillions taken from the American tax payer on developing energy solutions would we have been able to completely eliminate our dependence on oil imports?

apollonian said...

"Hooch" Jew Keeps Trying To Defending Jew Bankers
(Apollonian, 7 Jun 09)

"Hooch" Jew, what an utter brainless, babbling moron u are (again). So here u are trying to deflect fm Jew bankers who control old USA, who are now LIQUIDATING US of ENRON, Obama the front-man/spokes-flack, and trying to blame hapless Arabs and Muslims? That's typical for u, "Hooch" Jew. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

I never said that I am defending any bank. They are as dirty as it gets. I am saying that they gave loans to people who could barely afford it (which is unethical upon itself).

And when the towel heads decided to go to war economically with us via their monopoly (OPEC) the banks dirty practices became obvious as the people they loaned to that were paycheck to paycheck could no longer pay.