Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pro-White Activists Associated With The Vanguard News Network Distribute 400 Copies Of The Aryan Alternative #4 In Windsor, Virginia

The local media in eastern Virginia reacted slowly to this story, but they finally reported it. Approximately two weeks ago, pro-White activists distributed a reported 400 copies of The Aryan Alternative #4 in the Windsor, Virginia area in Isle of Wight County. Media stories published on June 24th, 2009 by the Tidewater News and by WVEC Channel 13 (with non-embeddable video). The video has now been uploaded to Podblanc and has been embedded below:

But out of the 400 households which received a copy of the newspaper, only two residents have filed a complaint. One unidentified complainant reportedly went into his neighbors’ driveways and collected them, while another complainant, an older white guy named Leroy Arthur who, after finding one in his driveway, decided to become the official "anti-racist" superstar for the media story and bitch on camera.

But Police Chief Robert Porti confirmed that no crime has been committed and no prosecution will be sought. Porti added that there was a similar incident in the Smithfield area several months ago, but this is the first time it has happened in Windsor, and he warned against giving the incident too much attention. The individuals claiming responsibility discuss the action in this VNN Forum thread, which is where I found out that 400 households received the newspaper.

The Aryan Alternative #4 can be viewed HERE in PDF format (may take about two minutes to load). An extensive discussion thread on TAA #4 is available HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I predicted this would happen to Turner. I'm celebrating that retard Bill White and violence-prone mouth Turner are going to be put away a long time. The White Race has got rid of it's two greatest retards.