Thursday, June 11, 2009

National Socialist Movement's Springfield Unit To Protest June 14th Springfield 2009 Gay Pride Fest

The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of the Ozarks (GLO) will be celebrating their annual Pride Fest this month. On June 14th, between 1 P.M. and 9 P.M., they'll be hosting the Springfield 2009 Pride Fest at 518 E. Commercial Street, near Blaine Street.

But this year, there'll be pro-family opposition. The National Socialist Movement's Springfield Unit intends to show up during some point of the event to protest against the display of homosexual pride, as well as the continuing promotion and protection of the homosexual lifestyle taking place nationwide. The rot is spreading; five states have now legalized gay marriage.

Already one local is crying the blues. A pastor named Roger Ray (who speaks only for himself and not for his church) has written a column opposing the presence of the NSM at this event. He cites a 2001 incident in Springfield in which a local black man, Maurice Wilson, was stabbed by so-called "neo-Nazi skinheads" in a Denny's restaurant. The attackers were members of the Midland Hammerskins. Ray claims the Nazis are going to Commercial Street to try to terrorize gays into either leaving town or going back into the closet. This completely ignores the fact that members of the NSM Springfield Unit have committed no crimes, and even participate in the Adopt-A-Highway program.

The NSM Springfield Unit has published the announcement of its participation HERE. Contact them if you want to stand with them on June 14th. Many complain about the NSM, but few are more active.


Anonymous said...

If the NSM members protest that gay event. Won't it be a conflict of interest with them (haha)

Anonymous said...

To 10:51 Anon - no it won't - though the NSM will one day bundle your Queer Ass off an appropriate camp - time for White's to unite under the Swastika - tired of faggot Christians, insufferable Jews and criminal Niggers - then join the noble political fighters of the NSM ! God Bless commander Shoep !

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the NSM are really there to celebrate diversity and gay pride...

Anonymous said...

The National Socialist Movement does not represent true National Socialism in America. The true party is the American Nazi Party led by long time NS activist Rocky Suhayda. Jeff Schoep isn't nothing but a whore hopping gangster.

Anonymous said...

Word is going around the NSM people chickened out from this event.

Anonymous said...

Lot's of FBI/COINTELPRO posting on this one.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the entire anti-gay event fell on its face. The NSM took the announced event and everything about it off their website to avoid emabrassment and hope everyone forgets about it. Seems the Holocaust museum shooting and the recent allegations in the newspaper by one of their former members about Satanist recruitment in the NSM has scared people away from them (AGAIN).

Anonymous said...

Actually there was a good turnout, the fags, anti Whites and FBI stooges were really disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Well if there was a good turnout how come the NSM took it off their website and no mention in their forums? Huh? Because it flopped you lieing bitch.

David Drury said...

NSM=chicken shits and liars!

The NSM no longer plans to protest near the park

By Laura Rice
Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 5:19 p.m.

TOLEDO -- NBC24 Exclusive Story:

UPDATE: The National Socialist Movement tells NBC24 they no longer plan to hold a demonstration in Sandusky.

Original story ran as follows:

A Neo-Nazi group plans a weekend demonstration around Northwest Ohio.

NBC24 wrestled with bringing you this story, not wanting to fan the flames.

We do want you know the event is planned in Sandusky.

The Nazi group is targeting an unofficial gay pride day at Cedar Point.

So for families planning a Father's Day outing at the park we want to make sure you will be safe.

We do not have to remind you what can happen when two sides clash over a racially-charged demonstration.

But Cedar Point assures us that will not be the case this weekend.

Local law enforcement gave the park a heads up about the demonstration.

"We learned there may be a demonstration in Sandusky but it will not be at Cedar Point," said Robin Innes, Director of Communications for Cedar Point.

Cedar Point says they have the right to turn away anyone acting inappropriately and that swastikas and threatening print are against the dress code.

"Cedar Point is private property, privately owned," said Innes. "We do not allow any type of demonstrations to be held at the park on any day."

The Anti-Defamation League website says the Neo-Nazi event is planned in protest of a gay pride day at the park.

NBC24 found references to the date on several websites.

But Cedar Point says that is not park-sponsored either.

"Cedar point does not promote, we don't host, we don't sponsor any tope of official or unofficial gay day at the park," said Innes.

It appears Sunday will draw a big crowd in support of gay pride and may draw another crowd protesting.

But Cedar Point says it will be just another day at the park.

"We want people to come out, have fun and it's our job to make sure that they do have fun and we're going to do everything we can to make sure that happens," said Innes.

NBC24 attempted to contact Sandusky law enforcement along with the National Socialist Movement, the Neo-Nazi group that appears to have planned Sunday's demonstration, but as of air-time Wednesday night, we had not heard back from either.

Anonymous said...

David, David, why so angry - did the NSM threat spoil your Gay Holiday ? The park is private property so the fags have a clear shot at showing their butts without opposition.

Anonymous said...

Word has it the NSM Ohio resigned.

Anonymous said...

AT least the NSM has a public face - the COINTELPRO agents seek to create dissension amongst the disparate factions - we all must keep working - hopefully together for the greater good to defeat this utter evil !

Legion 88 said...

If we chickened out then how come we have video and pictures of the whole thing?

Yeah, we really chickened out.

And to the person who said that we do not represent National Socialism, we are the national socialist movement and we are growing. Can you say the same for yourself? We fight for our rights! We fight for our people!

I don't see you with a prison out reach program, viking youth, missing children awareness program, people on the boarder, a man who have gave his bone marrow to a dieing child to save his life even though he didn't even know the child, Springfield unit adopted a highway to clean up, My husband and I have personally shaved our heads to send hair to sick children to make wigs out of them, and many other things. Yeah, we don't do anything.

Hail the NSM, Hail Shoep, Hail Hitler! Sieg Heil!