Friday, June 12, 2009

Maryland Jewish Groups Attempting To Tie Holocaust Museum Shooter James Von Brunn To The National Alliance As A Scapegoat

The system has been desperately seeking an organizational scapegoat for James Von Brunn's shootup at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. They can't handle the distinct possibility that he was a lone wolf who decided he'd had enough. They want to have an official "hate group" to blame it on.

And a number of local Jews near Annapolis, Maryland where Von Brunn lived may be helping them out. According to HometownAnnapolis, some members of the local Jewish community have strong suspicions that James Von Brunn was also behind the distribution of white supremacist leaflets dispersed throughout the city and county in 2005. Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, an Annapolis resident and president of an international nonprofit organization, The Israel Project, said she believes the 22-page leaflet of white supremacist propaganda left on her property in December 2005 can be traced to Von Brunn.

Furthemore, some blogs and news reports on the Internet have alleged von Brunn was closely affiliated with leaders of the National Alliance, a West Virginia-based group that espouses anti-Zionist and pro-White propaganda. The literature distributed in 2005 was produced by the National Alliance. So Mizrahi has been seized by the notion that there's a National Alliance connection to the Holocaust Museum shootup.

"I don't have a membership card from him, but I do know that the flyers had National Alliance on them and he was very closely linked with them," Mizrahi said. Mizrahi also explained that in 2005, she found the material from National Alliance - all 22 pages of it - rolled up in a plastic bag and lying next to my local paper. On the outside of the handouts appeared a photo of a blond-haired, blue-eyed child with the headline 'Missing' blown up and written in bold. When she first saw it, she opened the material thinking it was to help an innocent child. However, what she saw were the words "A Future For White Children Is Missing". Within the pages, Jews were described as "kikes with hook noses". [Ed. Note: The complete library of National Alliance flyers is available HERE.]

Mizrahi is not alone in thinking von Brunn's residence here and the distribution of the fliers is not a coincidence. Rabbi Ari Goldstein of Temple Beth Shalom in Arnold issued a statement on June 11th reflecting his concerns:

"It is with extreme sadness that we reflect upon yesterday's shooting ... The death of Stephen T. Johns, as he heroically protected the museum visitors, is a terrible tragedy to everyone who values life and peace. It is also with great disappointment that we realize that James von Brunn, the man who committed this heinous hate crime, is the same man and the same organization that spread racist and anti-Semitic pamphlets on the properties of Annapolis and Arnold residents", said Goldstein.

This story has also been picked up by WVNS Channel 59, which replicates SPLC propaganda claiming that Von Brunn was also a close associate of National Alliance founder Dr. William Pierce, and that the association dated back to the 1970s. There's no indication that either media outlet attempted to contact the National Alliance to get their reaction to this story, so it is possible that Chairman Erich Gliebe is totally unaware of this new development.

To tie the National Alliance to the shooting in Washington D.C., based on a literature drop four years ago, is ludicrous. The National Alliance does not require you to be a member of their organization to distribute their literature. Anyone can view and order their literature through instructions posted HERE. Thus this is clearly an attempt to set up the National Alliance as a possible scapegoat and use it as an excuse to launch a nationwide repression against White activists at first, but then spreading to pro-family activists, pro-gun activists, and even immigration reform activists as well. White nationalists are used as a test bed by the government to determine how much repression they can get away with. The 2007 show trial of the Shaun Walker trio in Salt Lake City was a test bed for the now-catastrophically failed Ted Stevens prosecution, a failure which also has caused the related cases of Pete Kott and Vic Kohring to be remanded back to the original trial judge for re-consideration.

What is done to the White nationalist movement today will be done to others tomorrow.


David Drury said...

In A Maryland newspaper:

Sheriff: Von Brunn defaced books
By STEVE NERY News Editor
Published: Friday, June 12, 2009 7:39 AM CDT
EASTON James W. von Brunn may never have faced criminal charges while living in Talbot County, but former Sheriff Thomas G. Duncan once brought him into the office after von Brunn was caught writing white supremacist rhetoric in books at the Talbot County Free Library.

Von Brunn, an 88-year-old former Easton resident, remained in critical condition Thursday after being shot at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum a day earlier, but not before he allegedly killed security guard Stephen T. Johns with a rifle upon entering the museum. Should he survive, von Brunn faces charges of murder and carrying a firearm on federal property as well as potential civil rights or hate crime charges, an FBI spokesman said Thursday.

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Alan Lisnop said...

I was in and noticed that pro-White 2008 presidential candidate John Taylor Bowles posted a message regarding the museum shooting and other stuff. At first, I just read it and didn't think much about it; but afterwards after thinking he makes more sense than anyone else. He needs to get out front and get this pro-White movement back on track. Here is what he posted:

"Apparently, I seem to be a leftover dinosaur nowadays and my approach is opposite regarding tactics that some pro-White activists are using, for example:

* I don't want abortion doctors killed because they will be employed when we assume political control to remove mixed-race children out of the wombs of healthy White woman that were either involved with a non-White or raped by non-Whites and made pregnant.

* I don't want Holocaust museums shot up and destroyed because they will be converted to White Holocaust museums.

* I don't want pro-White activists misusing internet radio as a means to violate the law and encourage murder of elected officials because it's a good means to presently reach a White audience without censorship.

* I don't want to see Satanism mixed with pro-White politics because it is linked to evil and has no place in this struggle and only confuses and distracts from the goal.

Just because America seems to have lost its sense of direction doesn't mean the pro-White Movement needs to do the same."

apollonian said...

Judeo-Conspirators Are Positively Hysterical--But Patriots Continue To Waste Time, Effort
(Apollonian, 13 Jun 09)

Excellent report AA, I agree Judeo-conspirators (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) are desperate and absolutely hysterical on the Von Brunn story--thus they "protesteth too much," and only call attention to themselves.

For note one faction of these disgusting Jews are intent upon destroying USA with up-coming two Trillion dollar budget deficit, "hate-crimes" suppression of speech and info, "gun-control," and more illegal immigrant invasions of USA.

But the other main faction, the Zionist and Israel firsters, at least through their shill, Alex Jones ( and, is attacking CFR-Bilderberg and Federal Reserve Bank rather ferociously. For what good then would destitute USA be for blood-sucking Israel terror-state?

But the best way to destroy Jews, I submit, is to hit at the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists and cohorts, the main facilitators and enablers of Jews, who teach lies and false prophecy to effect "Jesus was Jew" (hence Talmudist), for example.

CONCLUSION: Hal Turner should consider this anti-JC route as he could surely make effective videos, rather emulating Pastor Carlson of But I'm afraid it rather looks like "patriots" would rather sit passively as disaster inexorably closes in on USA, the consequence of cultural hubris, degeneracy, and gross mystification of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I think the little faggot Morris Dees sued National Alliance several years ago, but I've forgotten the details. Nationalist groups would do well to cultivate a "legal machine" of their own. For example, the ADL is vulnerable - it libels people daily and in one case it paid in excess of 10 million dollars to a White couple it slandered and libeled in Colorado. A neighborhood squabble between a nest of Jews and a White family turned into a major event when the Jews called in Big Brother, ADL - who even got the local chickenshit prosecutor in on the feud. But by the time it was over, it was the ADL writing a big fact check and the squirrely prosecutor was back in his cage.